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A Journey through Aesthetic Realms / The Musical

Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 22 of a Multi-part Series

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MEDIA COVERAGE ON LOVING THE SILENT TEARS “This new musical has certainly made its presence known in Los Angeles.”

“New musical directed by Michael Jackson’s longtime collaborator will send a message of global peace.” - La Opinión “Upon reading the beautiful poetic verses, 2-time Oscar-winning composer Al Kasha was inspired to create this musical phenomenon.” - Beirut Times “Inspiring International Event” - Primera Edición [Argentina]

“New Musical in L.A. Stars Jon Secada… Latin American superstar teams up with Hollywood, Broadway for ‘Loving the Silent Tears.’” - Hoy “Now, you have a song that you wrote specifically for this musical? (Yes. The lyrics are written by Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai]. A song that reflects love - love to the world, love between ourselves, love to what the universe is. And it is a really nice message. It is a message, as well, of what the organization is about.)”

“Legendary Persian singer is proud to represent Iran in new Broadway-style production… The next soul-uplifting experience.” - What’s Up Iran “Liel, how is your performance in the musical related to the peace message? (I think that the three of us together on one stage performing together a song is a very powerful message. So, for me to be able to sing with singers from Iran and Lebanon is something that I’ve never experienced before, and it’s going to be a very, very powerful moment for me.)”

“Grammy-Winning Jody Watley… will represent the inherent majesty and grace of African culture.” - The Africa Times “(It’s like having words come to life. They range from enlightenment to peace. I wouldn’t be doing ‘Loving the Silent Tears’ if it wasn’t something that made me feel excited and passionate.)”

“Reggae legends Black Uhuru in a new Broadway musical...” - South Florida Caribbean News “(First time representing Jamaica.) I feel honored. It’s precious. It helped me to go within myself. It was really inspirational.”
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