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Whatever Belongs to Caesar Must Be Returned to Caesar, Part 1 of 5

Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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Today, we would like to present an Aulacese opera entitled “Whatever Belongs to Caesar Must Be Returned to Caesar,” which emphasizes the values of honesty and loyalty. “My name is Chu Thiên. I was an orphan at a very young age and endured a very hard life. A few days ago, I was peeking into a classroom to listen to the words of the sages. I couldn’t help myself from stealing a few books and was beaten up by my master (boss) so badly. I ran away, yet knowing I had nowhere to go. Having no food for a few days, I could barely drag my feet.” “I have a rice field, a buffalo, a thatched house, but unfortunately, my parents just passed away. I live alone in my house; I come and go all by myself. Under a thatched house, I am aspiring to a high goal. If you don’t mind, please stay and live with me. You are older than me, so may I call you my elder brother. And my name is Trần Địa; I was born in 1954. On this auspicious encounter, and since we’re at this shrine, let us vow to the deities to become sworn brothers.”

“We have been brothers for three years already. I worked on the field so that Chu Thiên can study I don’t mind suffering hardship, to make sure my elder brother has enough blankets for the cold night, and between crop-period, he still has rice to eat. Enough paper, pen, ink, and his clothes are always ready. To provide for his trip so he can take the exam, I am willing to trade my labor for the loan money.” “Greetings, Canton chief. My brother Thiên is going to the capital to take the exam. Please kindly let me borrow 600 VND.” “Chu Thiên is going away to take the exam, isn’t it lonely for you to stay home by yourself? Why don’t you sell your land to me and stay at my place and work? And your labor wages will be used toward paying your total debt…”

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