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Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 20 of a Multi-part Series

Language:English,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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THE SPEAKERS “What a great event ‘The Real Love’ musical was last year. And I knew that it was about Supreme Master’s life. This time, I’m not just going to be sitting in a chair in the audience. The overall production values I know are even higher than last year, which means that this could be mounted on Broadway if it needed to be.” “They specifically asked if I was a vegetarian because the whole organization is animal lovers, and I am. So, it worked out great. I get to emcee the event.” “I’m very honored that I’ve been chosen to come and represent and be a part of this extraordinary event celebrating the 19th anniversary of Supreme Master Ching Hai Day. It’s amazing, all these beautiful countries and continents. It’s a true representation of world peace and all beings being one, together as one, living in peace and harmony. Lovely, and I’m a vegetarian. 27 years! Welcome to the family. It’s peace and love to all beings on this planet.”

SHOW DAY “Good theatre is always about something spiritual. You experience something, I hope, that when you leave the theater, something inside of you, some DNA has altered a little bit so that maybe when you step outside of the theater door, you can create some positive fragment of energy that would act as a ripple effect and kind of pass that on throughout the world.” “I believe that each person will have a big change of heart. Their love will be awakened. Perhaps they will realize, ‘Oh, I am not a little human being, but I am great. Then I have to search for that greatness.’” “It’s been a very special experience, such generosity and love from everyone in the organization.” “I met wonderful people and it changed my life in so many ways.” “This is what we leave behind. We leave behind the love, the good deeds, the art, the joy of music, the joy of song, the joy of dance, the joy of poetry. It goes beyond mere speaking.”

"To all involved in this musical event, blessed be your dedication to make this world a more enjoyable place, cheering up the masses and giving thanks to Heaven and Earth in this way. Love you!"
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