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Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 18 of a Multi-part Series

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“Since I came from Israel and as a child I experienced the conflict, it’s really important for me to send a message that the young generation, all they really want is to live in a peaceful world.” “And together, I think English and all those Persian scales could make it. And it was beautiful. This song in particular, I believe my vision on it is, when you think about the Supreme Being, God, that is in everybody’s hearts, it really goes beyond anything else. All we have to do is seek in our heart and we will find it.”

“We hosted a recording session today for ‘Loving the Silent Tears,’ a fantastic new musical. (That was spectacular! That was wonderful. I just want the essence of your voice here. Even better, even better.)” “But ‘Loving the Silent Tears’ is a unique challenge because the energy of the show is… it’s a one-time event. But I think it’s going to be a beautiful set, a magical space. Vincent has taken the idea with the writers of a journey on a train. And it’s a kind of journey that is of the imagination and of a spiritual level. It’s always a surprise.”

“My idea of projections is to take it and stretch it, and use it as graphics and as unreal as possible and more theatrical. And the closer you are to the light, the bigger your shadow is, the bigger it looks from farther away, and so on.”

“I am the sound designer for ‘Loving the Silent Tears.’ John’s train was really intricate and unique. So, it had a lot of different whistles. There were a lot of really unique things about ‘Loving the Silent Tears.’ First, the Shrine has 6,000 seats approximately. There were just a lot of microphones. Shows average between four and 12. And on this one, we were almost to 30. In a normal show, they tend to be much more unified. Whereas here, every song was completely unique, a completely different mix for the engineer. So, it was a wonderful challenge. It was a great team of people and a lot of support.”
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