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Loving The Silent Tears: The Musical, Part 4 of a Multi-part Series

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“(Spiritual insurance. For your soul.)” “(My soul needs insuring? Somebody’s stealing my soul?)”

“The Master is more than just Kind. O friends, I could never have enough time, to tell you of His boundless Grace. Only in the remote corner of my heart, I humbly shed tears! When Thou appearest, the Sun seems to fade! Thy being shining as thousands of stars and countless jewels. Thy holy and youthful glow brighten the darkest corner of my soul. Oh! My longing heart. Overfilled with joy! While bathing in Thy infinite Splendor. All worldly burdens and sorrows, depart! There is none in this world, who’s so full of Love and Mercy. It would be my great honor, to be just a swallow, standing on one leg. Singing praise, Life after life.”

“O Lord, You have numerous disciples. I have only You! Who is the most faithful of us two? I pity myself openly! I complain openly! Does anyone hear me? Master, You must have forgotten to use Your human eyes. Now that the heavenly one is no longer shut. That’s why You do not see me in my lonely corner, longing to see You. You embrace the glory of the higher worlds, it wouldn’t matter if I am groveling alone in this dark domain!

Master! Do You have ears at all? You must! In order to hear my desperate call. I think, I’ll buy a pair of human ears for You tomorrow. I suspect that You’ve lost Your heart somewhere, while ascending the heavenly abodes! Or else You’d recognize my feeling, as my heart is forever hanging on my sleeves, dying to make itself an offering! Dearest Master, In the case that You’ve lost the human heart, take mine!”

“The World is full of troubles only I’m so full of You! If You were placed within the world, all the troubles would be removed. If the worldly people know how to love You, their pains and sorrows would cease. But I have discovered, dearest Master, they’d rather love their pains and sorrows!”
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