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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 173 - Prophecy of the True Savior by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (vegetarian)

Language:English,Japanese(日本語),Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“No matter how continuously sorrows and calamities may come near, the Savior never cares and carries through His principles consistently and thoroughly...”

Today, let’s explore some more interesting prophecies from Japan’s great clairvoyant, Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi, to further affirm the identity of the world’s True Savior. As mentioned in the previous episode, this extraordinary Being would “illuminate and utterly destroy the society of darkness and villainy.” We believe that this global transformation is being fulfilled today by the True Savior of our era, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Through Her every benevolent deed, truthful word and loving thought, Supreme Master Ching Hai is able to help our world in myriad ways. However, the sorrowful reality is that in exchange, a hard price of suffering and persecution is demanded relentlessly of the Savior.

“Accepting various persecutions and sufferings, the Savior helps the world…”

“At the moment, for a few months now I keep running from one country to another because of different reasons, mainly safety reasons. I cannot tell you the details. Details, I can write a hundred books. You see all these very exciting, thrilling movies? Suspense movies? My life, ten times, fifty times, a hundred times more than that. Sometimes nothing’s so scary, nothing’s so thrilling, like my real, my real, real, real life, my real physical life.”

But this universe is like this. If you want to rescue the souls, you have to suffer for them, in return. Because as I told you last time, they don’t care who suffers as long as the karma is paid. They don’t care who pays as long as it’s paid. They don’t care who dies as long as somebody died for some certain cause. I don’t ever think that I’m doing sacrifices or anything. I am just doing it.

Even (though) the Masters in this period are not to be killed, I mean officially. But They are killed every day, by suffering inside and outside. Or ill, or sickness, or being slandered. Being humiliated. What is death to you? It’s nothing! Death is a blessing compared to all that.”

“(Master, I was seriously ill a week ago. I was supposed to have an operation. However, I recovered miraculously. That’s because I called Your name when I was in great pain. I heard that, for this kind of pain, Master has to bear it for us, physically. I want to know, since there are so many disciples, do You have to take on the illness for each of us? How can You possibly endure this?)

It’s all right. The Master can do it. Suppose a Master can carry 100 kg, while you can only carry, for instance, one gram. The Master is different. She’s different. She’s supported by the inner power. She is different. So, you don’t need to worry. She’s very willing to do it. She’s willing to carry some of your pain, as much as She can carry. It’s just that sometimes, She can’t carry all of it, due to the rules. Otherwise, She doesn’t mind, even to die for you.”

“(...In recent months, another Covid-19 pandemic outbreak happened in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), causing many deaths and society to fall into chaos. I also feel very worried. In my meditation, I saw Master’s transformation body came to Âu Lạc (Vietnam). You went everywhere together with the disciples to save the Covid-19- infected people. Each time moving from one place to another on a bus, I saw Master was exhausted. Your feet were so muddy because You had to travel all over to bear the karma of the people. It was so heart wrenching for me to see Master like that. I love Master so much! ...)”

“(Several months ago, I was in SMC (center), helping to organize and remove some of Master’s items. Suddenly I noticed Master’s walking stick. I picked it up and began to brush off the dust that had gathered on the handle. As I did so, this immense energy and powerful feeling of Love emanated through me. So great, so pure, but with feelings also of pain, sorrow and suffering: Master’s taking of the karma of our brothers and sisters, all humans and animal-people, etc. The highest Love for every co-inhabitant on planet Earth. I burst into tears for the profound suffering that Master has endured, and the ultimate real Love Master has for us all.)”


“Today I was thinking to myself, oh, how have I survived all these years? All these decades. (Yes, we wonder.) Dodging bullets and running from knives, and… (Yes, we can’t imagine.) And even having to endure body searches in the airport (Wow.) all the time whenever I’m out of the country, any country.

I mean, avoiding gunpoint is something, and avoiding bullets is another thing. And moving houses for security also. And running from one place after another, just to keep myself safe so that I can continue my work. (Yes, I don’t know how You do it, Master.) And all this defamation as well. Also all kinds of problems in the world, and even disciples’ problems, etc.

And of course the attack of the astral beings, astral hell level, and disciples also. Some hell level disciples attacked because they are working for hell. As well as those demons and ghosts, always try to make trouble. Sometimes really serious. And I have to deal with spies that are planted in our circle, inside and outside, and also with these jealous black magicians’ wicked, wicked magic and all that. And more. I can’t remember all well. I also don’t know how I’ve done all that, all these years.”

Despite the unfathomable difficulties and dangers of living in this crude, cruel and stubborn world as an enlightened Being, Supreme Master Ching Hai remains courageously determined to continue Her noble Mission for the sake of helpless beings.

“No matter how continuously sorrows and calamities may come near, the Savior never cares and carries through His principles consistently and thoroughly...”

“I could have died, several times. (Oh no…) And if it’s not by others’ hunting, then by karma of the world. (Thanks God, Master is still with us.) If I can stay, it’s also all right, because then I can work. (Yes.) I can help some people to understand more about the true religion, and true faith. (Thank You, Master.)”

“If one person like me suffers however much so that many others become happy and liberated, which they surely are if they follow the teaching, you know well, then it will be worth all the pain.”

“And I am trying all my might and still am trying and will be trying to help them, despite so much difficulty, obstacles and harm done to myself by the karma of all that.”

“Mountains, rivers, grasses, trees, birds, even insects will help the Pure Water and Fire [the Savior] who has the power of Words.”

I owe my life to all the animal-people. They keep telling me all day. The bee-person just goes straight to my face and stands still like a helicopter, stands in mid-air and tells me that, in the dark, midnight already. (Oh, wow.)”

“I said maybe I should move to another place, more peaceful. So the spider-people came, a couple of them, told me, ‘Stay! Stay here. It’s safer for You.’ (Wow!) And the bird-people even. Hundreds or thousands, I don’t know. Suddenly from nowhere, they came and were chirping all over outside. They told me, ‘Don’t go! Don’t go! Please stay here.’ I said, ‘What then?’ And they told me, ‘If You go, the negative is waiting to harm You on the road.’ (Oh, my goodness.)”

“I saw a skunk-person (Yes, Master.) that came into my area and told me the same messages. Like, ‘Don’t leave, stay.’ And then other different things, even frog-people came. (Wow, Master.) I’m so touched and feeling so overwhelmed with love. They comfort me a lot.”

And the trees also warned me many times, like, ‘Be careful,’ or ‘Go away, don’t stay here. Some bad people are coming,’ or like that. ‘Saw danger.’ Stuff like that. Many times, otherwise I probably have been burned sometime in the forest already. (We thank all these beings that help You, Master.) I thank them all the time, that’s why I have to defend them. (Yes, Master.) Because they do nothing but being good and sacrifice for humans.”

“Every time the Savior meets enemies and devils, His heart becomes more and more steadfast. His faith grows more fervent each day…”

“I need to concentrate. I need to keep all my strength in order to help the world, to help the animal-people. I’m determined to live for the animal-people. The way they torture them, I cannot just ignore and say, ‘No problem.’

Before, I couldn’t care less if I live or die. But that day, those pictures really forced me to awake. And I said, ‘My life is not just my life. It belongs to suffering beings, especially the animal-people.’ I said, ‘I will have to live. I will live. I will take care of myself, protect myself. I have to live for you. I would not forget you. I will not forsake you, as long as I breathe.’ And I really meant that and I’m determined still.

Every day I suffer so much because of them, because I suffer with them. (Yes, Master.) Like if I’m them. I feel it. Humans have become so demonized that they know nothing, feel nothing anymore. If I’m here, there is still hope.”

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