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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 169 - Prophecy of the True Savior by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (vegetarian)

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“If you wish to raise your whole self to the Divine realm, repent of the heavy sin which enfolds your body and heart, ask the Spirit of Mizu for salvation, and purify your heart so that it becomes whiter than snow. Be sure not to miss the ship of salvation through negligence: May you not gnash your teeth in regret.”

In today’s episode, we will once more enter the realm of fascinating prophecies told by the Japanese vegetarian prophet Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi.

Last week, we discovered that the Divine Savior is known in the Heavenly realms as the Spirit of Mizu. Thanks to this Merciful God who willingly takes on the karma humans escape severe punishment, both on Earth and in hell. According to Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi, the Spirit of Mizu’s salvation extends across the realms:

“The Spirit of Mizu [Savior] is a boat of salvation not only for this world but also for other worlds.”

With boundless compassion and infinite power, Supreme Master Ching Hai is the Way of salvation not only for beings in this world but also for all other worlds.

(Master, when You are here physically, is it also possible for You to come down physically in a different physical universe at the same time? For example, what happens if more than one planet is in crisis and requires the highest power to come to save them?) Yes. (Wow!) Yes, we can! (Wow! Incredible.) There are multiple omnipresent bodies.

(May we know, are You currently on other planets physically, as well?) Oh, man! What for do you want to know so many things? If I say yes, how can I prove it to you? (We believe You, Master.) Okay. Just for the fun of it. Yes, okay. Yes, I do! The Master’s soul is not limited to one location. It’s pervasive. The higher the Master, the more pervasive the soul can be. (It’s amazing, Master.) Well, it’s normal.

(Master, may we know how many physical planets You are currently at right now?) Oh, man! A lot, a lot, okay? A lot, a lot.”

(Master, You said that Your level has risen so high, and that as You go through each and every dimension, You ‘will be more available.’ Could Master please explain a little more about what ‘being more available’ means?)

Okay, like available here now instead of being in Heaven and connecting only spiritually, it makes it easy for me to help when the Master Power is available in some form in different dimensions. It’s just like a king who has offices everywhere personally instead of working through representatives.

So even if the Master doesn’t reincarnate again on the planet, or in any other planets, physically or astrally, the Master still truly is there to help. And then like a string effect, like She will be always from one level to another, all the time connected.

(And Master, whenever You have a mission on a physical planet like Earth, does that mean You are absent from the Original Universe during that time?) No, I am here and also there. The body is here but there is a connection with the soul or with the Great Self. I’m not absent anywhere.”

Anyone who follows the Savior with pure hearts will become dwellers of the Divine Kingdom and obtain limitless happiness and life.

“While thus is the physical world ephemeral and impermanent, eternally prosperous and never perishing is the Divine Kingdom. The Divine Kingdom is where people can attain endless life. The Divinity who leads the people to the Divine kingdom is the Spirit of Mizu [Chief Savior].”

“(My mom passed away, and Master took her to Heaven, to the Fifth Level. Master blessed my 12-year-old niece, so she observed it from the beginning to the end. After my mom died for about one year, my whole family contacted my mom in Heaven.)”

“(My father died in 1985. For 2 years, I practiced diligently in the camp and had many inner visions. Master took me to see my father in a realm that I felt was quite miserable. I didn’t know what realm it was.

As soon as I got to that place, I told my father, ‘Please don’t worry. I have been initiated by Master, who is a living Buddha, so you will certainly be elevated someday soon. You will be liberated to go to another world.’ Then my father said, ‘That’s right. Your Master has helped me a lot. Maybe I’m getting ready to leave.’) You see?”

“(Hallo, Beautiful Master, During meditation, I learned that a friend of mine many years ago had committed suicide in a very bad way. Her soul came to tell me in tears that she didn’t know what to do and where to go…

I told her to recite ‘Supreme Master Ching Hai’ with me. As soon as she pronounced the words ‘Ching Hai,’ we saw flowers rain and a large ray of light cast down from the sky and heard sweet music. She was overwhelmed by such beautiful scenery. We hugged each other to bid farewell. Her soul then followed the light and flew up.)”


“Follow this Guide, then, with pure hearts, become dwellers of the Divine Kingdom, and obtain limitless happiness and life.”

We believe that Supreme Master Ching Hai is the Savior promising to lead all redeemable beings to the Divine Heavenly Kingdom.

The following is a testament to this, coming from one of our fellow Association members who was recently led to Heaven by Master just after passing from this Earth. Brother Tsai was a sincere Taiwanese (Formosan) disciple of Supreme Master Ching Hai. For most of his life, he devoted much time to diligently doing God’s work, including as a cameraman for Supreme Master Television. On April 22, 2021, two days after he had left this world, Brother Tsai contacted a fellow Association member in order to share an encouraging message with her and the other initiates who knew and prayed for him.

“(Sister, Hallo! Thank you all for your blessings. I am already in Master’s New Paradise. I was unwell the day before yesterday. And my breathing was not smooth. I was immediately taken to the New Paradise by Master. The greatness of Master’s Power is far beyond any admiration in words. I can be a witness. The New Paradise of Master is incredibly glorious and splendid. I want to encourage fellow practitioners to practice diligently, till we reunite again in Heaven. I have no body. I really want to go back to the world again, because I want to contribute. It’s a pity... resignedly...

I would like to sincerely advise fellow initiates: Cherish the time in the world. Meditate hard to store spiritual food for yourself. When time is up, leave the world as easily as I do, leave the world as easily as I do, without any attachment to the world. The world is the best place to practice while you still have a body. Train yourself well. OK, there’s not much to say. Thank you, Sister, for being willing to pass on my heartfelt words. Master takes care of everything! Sincerely, by Brother Tsai”

It’s too precious, your breath, your life, your days, your years here on Earth. Use it just so that when you go up, you smile. ‘Oh, I’ve done my best for my spiritual practice. I am where I am because I earned it.’ And don’t just cling to all this little temptation in this world and a little comfort in this life, and bypassing the spiritual chance to go to the higher level. Master Power can bless you, but if you just use it for any other thing, (if) you abuse the power just for a little mundane gain or little pleasure, then you lose it. And then after you die, you just sit somewhere in maybe Astral or Second Level or Third Level, seeing all the other disciples flying by. Then you’ll feel sorry that you shouldn’t have clung to this world so much.”

Who can actually be redeemed in this special time period of our planet? Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi revealed that those who sincerely repent and ask the Savior for salvation would be saved and elevated to the Divine Realm.

“If you wish to raise your whole self to the Divine realm, repent of the heavy sin which enfolds your body and heart, ask the Spirit of Mizu for salvation, and purify your heart so that it becomes whiter than snow.”

“If you repent and wish to improve yourself, you are already favored by God. May he who drowns in sins take the ship of salvation as soon as possible and reach the shore of the Divine realm. Be sure not to miss the ship of salvation through negligence: May you not gnash your teeth in regret.”

“‘Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future.’ No one is hopeless. It is just that they don't know that they were great, that they could be great again. As long as they are convinced and if they find someone who shows them what to do, how to find their greatness, everyone can do it. Even the one who killed 999 persons and wanted to kill the Buddha to make up 1000, he became an Arhat, he became a Bodhisattva after Buddha accepted him and initiated him into the order.”

Just turn vegan, repent, that’s all they need to do. (Yes, Master.) And I promise I can help them. Just turn vegan, U-turn, and everything else will be wiped out. I will have the power to do that. I will wipe out everything. (Thank You, Master.) Whatever they have done before, it will be all forgiven. But I need them to cooperate. That’s all. Just turn vegan and repent. That’s all I need. That’s all I need as an excuse to help. (Yes.) Then they would never have to go to suffer in hell.

Even if they might not have enough merit to go to Heaven, they can be reborn again and enjoy humans’ life, in health, happiness, and a sufficient life. (Yes.) But I can take them all to Heaven if they just be vegan and repent. This is not a big condition, is it? (No, it’s not.) Normally they should do that already anyway. (Yes.) They should be vegan.”

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