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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 171 - Prophecy of the True Savior by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (vegetarian)

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“With boundless compassion as warp (vertical weave), and infinite wisdom as weft (horizontal weave), The Savior makes the teachings so clear and easy that even the small and the weak will understand thoroughly and promote it.”

Today, we’ll continue to explore the impressive predictions left behind by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi, a distinguished early 20th-century spiritual teacher from Japan who had a remarkable gift of clairvoyance. According to Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi, the prophesied Savior of the World would perfectly evaluate any matter in the spiritual and physical worlds. The Savior’s wisdom transcends all the knowledge exhibited by intellectuals and so-called authorities of society and religion.

“The Savior encompasses the true wisdom for the salvation of all, transcending all sophists and scholars, and all authorities…”

Any teaching of any Master, real Master, has benefit, has the blessing power, but only thirty percent. The real blessing is from inside, from the connection inside, with the real Master. So you have to try that. The more we read different theories and philosophies, the more confused we become and the more we are entangled in this intellectual plane and argumentative kind of existence, and we will not reach above that.

The mind is already full of garbage and running around in all directions already. And you continue feeding it with different kinds of information which you do not understand by self-realization, then how can you reach above the mind level and go into deeper and more glorious inner planes of existence? If reading philosophies and teaching of the Master can bring you to the inner plane, all the Buddhists would have gone to Nirvana (the highest paradise), all the Catholics would have gone to Heaven already. No need for any Master to come again, again and again. We have tons of books with different philosophies and religions. If reading books is enough for you, I don't have to come here and answer your questions or give you initiation – just read my books.”

“Only the one from Heaven, direct, within yourself, and transmitted by the Master, that is the real teaching, without talking.”

“(Master was talking and I sat there, kind of mesmerized, kind of transfixed by the brilliance of what She was saying and Her incredible wisdom. I felt that I had come in direct contact with the Almighty Power of God that I knew from books, but I had never actually physically experienced. The intellectual portion of my mind was in an ecstasy of satisfaction, at having found the true source of wisdom. I had come face to face with the all-powerful, the all-knowing aspects of a true living Spiritual Master, and my higher self had recognized it.)”

“(The Quan Yin Method isn’t just a discipline or a formula for spiritual practice. It’s the magnificent Power originated from the universe for our enlightenment and to allow us to enjoy it every day.)”

“([…] Now this is from the Sikh scriptures, and I would never, ever have understood this until I got initiated by our great Master. And I hope anyone who is listening out there who knows the scriptures or who doesn’t or who have read it, please, please, please hear this, that I didn’t know either and the best thing that you could ever do in your life is to get the Naam from a great living Master like my greatest, greatest Master of all time. Thank You, Master. Thank You so much.)”

“With boundless compassion as warp (vertical weave), and infinite wisdom as weft (horizontal weave), The Savior makes the teachings so clear and easy that even the small and the weak will understand thoroughly and promote it.”

“(…I am a 13-year-old girl. … My family watches Supreme Master TV every day. I and my sister want to have initiation as early as possible because we want to help others and save the planet. ...)”

“(…Master, I am 15 years old, and I want to be initiated. That’s why I’m watching the videos (of Master’s lectures). And I must say that they have given me knowledge, happiness, admiration, and devotion for You, which are indescribable.)”

“(…But one thing I know for sure is that God will take care of me and the Dearest Supreme Master Ching Hai is always with me. One day I will definitely be initiated by You, and that is my greatest wish. …)”

“(…Master has also pointed out the direction for humans on Earth, i.e. Be Veg, Go Green, 2 Save the Planet! I hope all children in the world become vegans, because the vegan diet is good for us! And all of us will live in happiness and blessing.) (I love Master. My true Self.)”

“(Dear Master, I am 6 years old and I love being vegan. … I hope one day I can meet You and get initiation. Here is a poem I wrote for You; I love You!

Pigs are puppies dressed in pink, They are the same if you just think. Cats and cows go moo and meow. If you want to stop the wars, you must start with shopping choice now! Love a chicken, love a lamb. Eating meat must be banned! ...)”

“(…Look at your children, you love them. Everybody loves and wants to protect their babies and give them the food that is meant for them. Children, talk to your parents! Your eyes will show them how they should connect to all living creatures with love. LOVE from Julien, 7 years old From France.)”

“(Hallo, Master. Master saved us. We thank Master for saving us.)Oh! So young and talk so sweetly. (Master, my schoolmates all like vegan food very much.) Really? (Yes. They like to eat all the vegan foods from my family. They said they were delicious and kept asking me where I bought it.)Oh, that’s great! Then tell them where to buy it. (I did and they asked me to buy for them. They like them so much.)Oh, that’s wonderful! It’s great, little Bodhisattva, so nice.”

“Now I want to ask kids a question. Did you behave well? (Yes!) Another question. Did you practice spiritually? If you are initiated, have you been meditating? (Yes!) Good. If you are not yet initiated, do you want to practice meditation? (Yes!) Ah! Good kids. Why? Why do you want to practice? (Because of Master. Another reason.) Tell me. (Scared of going to hell.) Oh, scared of going to hell. That’s right! What else? Behind, there are a few. (Because I want to go back to Heaven.) Wow! Great!

Are there any (vegan) biscuits or candies left? Do you want a teddy bear? Come here. Pick one yourself. Any one. Great! (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. Great! Such a wise kid. The one who’s scared of going to hell. Come here. Pick one yourself. This one? OK! I would also pick that one. (Thank You!) You’re welcome. So polite even! Your parents have taught you well. Why did you want to practice? (To be with Master in Heaven forever.) Good, good. Come here.

Tell me. On this side. (To acquire higher wisdom and to be with Master.) Also good! Come here. Kids are better than you. I’m so proud of them. Do you still want a teddy bear? You can meditate with it. And the one in front! (To cleanse the karma.) Cleanse the karma. Come here. Good, good. Take your time, pick one yourself, if you want. There are many, pick one yourself. You really want that one? OK. (To be liberated.) To be liberated! Come here.

(So that Master will take us back to Heaven in the future.) Why go to Heaven? They have said the same. (Because I want to go Home.) Oh! Your Home is over there? (Yes.) Not here? (No, this is only the physical world.) Wow! Impressive! Come here, Come here. Pick one yourself. You should learn from the kids. Shame on you! Shame, shame!

(To go back to our true Home.) True Home? (Yes.) How do you know it’s the true Home or false home? (Our original Home is up there.) Original Home. Your Home is not here? Why not? (Here it’s maya’s world.) Maya’s world? Why do you say that? Isn’t it good here? There are (vegan) biscuits and candies, and teddy bear. Why do you say it’s no good? Tell me, I want to learn. (It’s not bad, but we can only be truly happy up there.) Are you not happy here? (I’m also happy, but I’ll be happier up there.) Oh really? Have you experienced it a little? (Yes.) You have? Wonderful. OK, come here. Pick any one. Good. Congratulations.”


“By the great power of WORDS, the Savior will soften devils of any form...”

In ancient times, the Japanese people believed that words contained spirits, and that the power of these spirits had the ability to produce results according to the words spoken. Thus, in this prophecy, “Kotomuke Yawasu” (Soften by Words) means that rather than defeating the wicked with violence, one softens the opponent’s heart by “kotodama,” the power of words. Seishi highlighted that “Kotomuke Yawasu” (Soften by Words) would be the Divine work of the Savior.

But this prophecy could also mean that the Savior will use the INNER WORD to connect with people of this physical domain. The INNER WORD (Heavenly inner Sound, Heavenly Melody) is the true powerful SECRET WORD without word, the Highest Energy in the universe, that can uplift beings to the higher Realm, without even having to say anything. The Teaching without teaching, that can soften all hearts which come into contact with IT. That is the Name without name, The Tao that can’t be explained, The Nam, The unspoken Truth, The Transmission outside of doctrine, The sudden Enlightenment through silent empowerment by an Enlightened Master for those lucky ones who sincerely seek It. Only with this “WORD” can one “soften devils of any form...” So Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi clearly indicated to our generation how to identify and look for the true Savior. Otherwise, how can anyone be able to know, to find the real Master in the vastness and confusion of this world!!!

“Rule with heart, rule with love, rule with caring, rule with genuine compassion for your people. Then, the international community will also respect you, support you, and all will be happy and have peace. …”

“I don’t really like political talk, but if it connects with people, if it hurts people in some way, and if I could say a few words that might help… Then I do it.”

If you kill children, you are really chopping your own head. (Oh, yes.) You really condemn yourself to hell and no one can help you. (Yes, Master.) That is the thing. People don’t know all this. I’m trying to teach them. I hope they listen. I hope they understand. I hope they really can listen. (I think they will.)

Actually our work does bear some fruit. It’s not as much as I want, but it does make some waves. It does stir up something. (Yes, Master.) Like last time, the thing I told you about Israel and Palestine. It’s so good that the world may be getting a little bit more in order, more enlightened, more conscientious.”

“(You have mentioned before how when your poem ‘Words of a Piglet’ aired, it changed 130,000 people to) I did? (vegetarianism (or vegan) for good.) OK. (Could You share with us the spiritual effects of Your poems, ‘Please Wake Up’ and ‘Please Don’t Go’ after they were aired?) Why so important? OK, ‘Please Wake Up,’ about 3 million; (Wow) and ‘Please Don’t Go,’ about 300,000; (Wow) but also the ‘Words of a Piglet’ and ‘Chicken’ and all that, the chain effect, it continues.”

Master’s words are full of enlightenment, wisdom, compassion, and power. Once hearing Her voice, many souls are immediately awakened, and countless hearts are softened.

“(Tonight after I heard You speaking and everything, I want to do the most hard work to make it happen again, and this time become vegan.)”

“(Really, it’s very interesting what You talk about, and I think I am going to become vegetarian right now.)”

“(… One time, by chance, I saw a video clip on the Internet, a lecture by Supreme Master Ching Hai; I felt mesmerized right away. Thanks to You, I changed to the vegan diet, and my heart has become more magnanimous and compassionate, and my life has become much more meaningful to me. …)”

“(Supreme Master Ching Hai’s message has suddenly reached me. In fact, I’m deeply moved to tears and awe. ... I’m repentant; and wholeheartedly, I’ve decided to immediately quit poultry-keeping and all sorts of animal cruelties and be vegan. Warmest regards to Supreme Master Ching Hai for this urgent universal message of SALVATION.)”


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