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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 167 - Prophecy of the True Savior by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (vegetarian)

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“To slaughter animals wantonly and provide them as food is a satanic act violating the rule of Heaven and laws of humanity instructed in the sacred imperial canons.”

In our previous episode, the great Japanese clairvoyant and spiritual teacher Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi gave us a dire warning: that unless meat-eating is completely eliminated, we cannot hope for world peace; the planet could even be destroyed.


In a recent phone call with a Supreme Master Television team member, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai had also revealed that ALL humans must become vegan now, or else all of Earth’s inhabitants will be subjected to unthinkable suffering.

“If humans do not change, then probably many will lose their lives, and not just that, but then the economy will collapse and many things will happen before we can see the change. Even though some already changed into a more benevolent lifestyle, like choosing vegan to reduce karma and reduce destruction for the planet. But not enough. Everyone has to change. (Yes.) And then, the tables will turn immediately. Things will get better immediately, almost. Few weeks. (Wow.) But nobody listens.”

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi astutely explained that the world faced destruction because killing goes against Heaven’s law as well as the ancient laws of humankind.

“To slaughter animals wantonly and provide them as food is a satanic act violating the rule of Heaven and laws of humanity instructed in the sacred imperial canons.”

For centuries in the past, Japan had been a unique country in that it implemented a Buddhism-inspired ban on slaughtering and eating flesh. Namely, in 675 AD, Emperor Tenmu of Japan issued “The Imperial Decree Banning Meat-eating,” applying to people of the land animal kingdom. It was perhaps the first-ever, possibly the unique, form of a vegan law in history. One year after, in 676 AD, he further issued “The Ordinance on Releasing Living Creatures,” commanding that caught fish-people and bred bird-people be freed. Then, in 737 AD, these bans were reinforced by “The Ordinance of Prohibition against Drinking Alcohol and Slaughtering,” which was issued by another ruler named Emperor Shomu.

In addition, Lord Tsunayoshi Tokugawa, who was the Shogun ruling over all of Japan in the late 17th century, was even more strict and thorough with his “policy of compassion for all living beings.” This included official prohibitions on mistreating people of the animal kingdom – most notably dog-people, as well as vulnerable humans like the sick, children and the elderly. Thanks to such bold and ethical leaders, a tradition away from eating and harming countless beings of the people from the animal kingdom lasted for nearly 1,200 years in Japan, from the 7th to the 19th century AD.

The country enjoyed relative peace during this period. Till today, this longstanding meat taboo in Japan has made such a deep impression on people’s consciousness, that it is still easily accepted as common sense. Moreover, the centuries-old practice of refraining from meat-eating is believed to have contributed to the good qualities that Japanese people are known for, such as a high sense of morality and courtesy, even in times of hardship, as well as their longevity, endurance, positive spirit, creativity, preciseness, and dislike of impurity, etc.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi also advised that government leaders, in particular, should eat “all the grains,” meaning vegetarian or vegan, so that they could cleanse their hearts, gain insights into the inner workings of Heaven and Earth, and truly understand how to govern.

“When we eat all the grains, our heart and soul will be naturally cleansed, bright, and agile, taking a long view of both the visible and invisible, gaining insights up and down, and thus we will be able to utterly know the trends of the world. Therefore, the ruler who should stand at the forefront of all people, must cleanse his heart and soul, be ready with his wisdom, and approach the world.”

“All the leaders should be vegan and stop all the animal slaughtering. Then they have more merit. They live longer. Their country will be more peaceful and prosperous. Because the leader is very important for the whole nation. So the leader should be absolutely tip-top in moral standard, compassion, loving, kindness.”

But while a veg ruler would prosper his/her nation, Seishi warned that a meat-eating ruler would only bring misfortune to the land.

“However, people who have elected such selfish and prejudiced politicians who tend to embrace meat-eating will undeniably get what they deserve, and it is the warning of the Divine world. It’s like taking a fire and burning your hand.”

How much does the fate of our world really depend on its government leaders? Supreme Master Ching Hai has answered this question clearly many times.

“We all know that meat eating is the No. 1 killer in our world. But it seems to me that mostly, some governments are trying so mightily to cover this by aiming at or diverting attention to any other subjects or activities that have very much less or zero effect.

We should ask ourselves if we want to be on humane’s side, God’s side or the killer’s side? Please answer yourselves and act on it now. Act on God’s benevolent side, or we will go down in history as murderers… Because the consequence is graver than any wars and killing up to date combined.

Oh, my kind human fellow beings, God granted you the power to take care of our world. What are you doing with it? Please act on it now and rescue our world. Simply just MAKE THE VEGAN LAW AND SIGN IT. Before it’s too late for you to decide the right thing, before it’s too late to even regret. Before more of God’s wrath descends upon us, with more severe weather, more plagues, more terror, more lives lost, more precious resources disappeared, more financial disaster.

Likewise, Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi was deeply concerned for the world, including his country of Japan.

“Ah, unless we follow the imperial ancestor’s lessons and legacies and join together to return to the beauty and morals unique to Japan as soon as possible, we cannot improve the modern anxious and dark society, and thus carry out a big mission of the Kingdom of God.”

“Only love can absorb all the negative energies. Only love can transform it. And only the loving heart, compassionate heart of the people can absorb the negative impact that we have created.”

“(Yes, that is the picture of what the world would be like if everyone turns vegan right now. We will become more enlightened as a whole society, able of more incredible inventions, thinking of better ways to conduct our governments and economic system and all other systems. There would be no more violence among humans. The word ‘war’ will soon be erased from memory, and perhaps dictionary! Can you imagine? All will be so calm and so beautiful, we will enjoy Heaven all around us.)”

One of Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi’s prophetic tales of the spiritual realm foretold that the Savior would abolish “filthy foods,” and produce grains as the proper food for the world.

The allegorical story goes like this: Soon after leaving Takamagahara, the Highest Heaven, for the sake of the world, Susanoo no Mikoto (the Savior) saw the goddess Oogetsu Hime eat Susanoo no Mikoto’s delicious food, and offer filthy excretions to Susanoo no Mikoto. Therefore, Susanoo no Mikoto had no choice but to destroy Oogetsu Hime. When this happened, seeds of rice, millet, azuki beans, barley, and soybeans were born from different parts of Oogetsu Hime’s body. These seeds were then collected for planting by Kamumusubi no Mioyano, the Progenitor God of the material world.

Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi explained the meaning of the story as follows:

“The event that Susanoo no Mikoto destroyed Oogetsu Hime means that the way of filthy food, clothing and housing, which violated the laws of the Great God, was completely abolished.”

In other words, the story foretells that the Savior will completely wipe out the filthy ways of humans, including: “filthy food” – meaning eating flesh, “filthy clothing” – which could refer to fur and leather garments made from cruelty, and “filthy housing” – that is, those slaughterhouses and abattoirs, where utter evil cruelty is measured upon the people of the animal kingdom. In short, a virtuous, vegan lifestyle would be established by the Savior as the first priority to rebuild and save the world.

“(The session will now begin. The proposed law about banning all meat types will now be submitted for a vote.)”


As prophesied in the story, since first appearing to the world, Supreme Master Ching Hai has been always promoting veganism, and urging the governments to implement benevolent vegan laws.

In the story, the proposal of Susanoo no Mikoto for a cleaner lifestyle was immediately adopted. We have hope that the wise leaders of the world will soon prioritize the Vegan Law proposed by Supreme Master Ching Hai, thus rescuing their co-citizens and bringing permanent peace and joy on Earth!

You have the power to stop all this. You have the privilege to IMPLEMENT VEGAN LAW, NO MORE ANIMAL RELATED SUFFERING BUSINESSES. Zero pain, agony for all beings. Mercy will beget mercy from Heavens. ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ And this VEGAN LAW IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SAVE OUR WORLD.

Worldwide Meat Ban An Act to ban all meat other products made from animal-people to ensure the safe and viable future of our children


(a) To urgently preserve the habitable conditions of the planet for the next generations;

(b) To stop the cruelty of killing and harming people from the animal kingdom; and

(c ) To protect the health of all citizens.


(d) It shall be unlawful for any person to consume or purchase any meat other products made from animal-people.

(e) The production of all meat and other products made from animal-people at any scale is strictly prohibited. This includes:

(f) the raising of people from the animal kingdom for their flesh, milk, skin, or other by-products.

(g) the raising of fish-people on farms or catching of fish-people from the wild.

(h) the hunting of people from the animal kingdom.

(i) The sale of all such products is also prohibited.

(j) Slaughterhouses and other related facilities are prohibited and shall be converted to vegan crop growing facilities, through redirected subsidies.


“Vegan isn't just a trend. It's a lifestyle, it's a game changer, and it's the future and it's also becoming the present. Vegan is now!” ~ Jane Velez-Mitchell (vegan)

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