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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 172 - Prophecy of the True Savior by Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi (vegetarian)

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“The Savior will illuminate and utterly destroy the society of darkness and villainy by the teachings of God and Divine power. And He will let the Light of Heavenly Sun shine in all directions.”

According to Seishi Onisaburo Deguchi, the prophesied Savior of the World would arrive to shine the Light of the Divine at our darkest hour. It is evident to us that we are in this most troubled period now, and that we also have the immense fortune of knowing who this Savior is: the Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai.

“The Savior will illuminate and utterly destroy the society of darkness and villainy by the teachings of God and Divine power. And He will let the Light of Heavenly Sun shine in all directions.”

“Our world has many sadistic groups of people or policies. Stupid, idiot, brutal, cruel, evil policies that have to be banned, have to be forbidden. Oh! So many things! It’s not just the meat diet. It’s the alcohol, it’s cigarettes, it’s the drugs, it’s the poison, it’s the war… It’s the laboratory cruelty, it’s animal cruelty everywhere, not just in the slaughterhouse. (Yes, Master.) And there is cruelty to humans, and domestic violence, and children abuse, adults abuse. There are so many evil things in this world!”

“Peace cannot come if people keep revenging each other like that. Even killing their own countrymen, their own compatriots. (Yes.) For no reason. Whatever reason, it’s not correct. It’s not according to God’s mercy and not according to any humane behavior. We’re all humans, we have to be good to each other and helping each other. Not murdering each other, anytime, anywhere at random like that, even children, elderly and women. (Yes.) The helpless, the vulnerable.”

“Everything he wants to do, this Biden, it’s to do with death, so that the demons can eat them. (Yes.) So he wants to even kill all the babies like that, so they die in agony in the woman’s womb, or get flushed out, and that’s how the demons can eat them. He’s killing your citizens! You hear that? (Yes.) And makes a devilish example for all the other countries in the world. So, many other countries also follow suit and kill more babies.

God said, ‘Thou shall not kill,’ then that is done! That’s finished. Period. You don’t kill, period. (Yes.) You don’t argue with God and the Universal Law of Creation.

We lose everything absolutely if we lose compassion and mercy in our heart. So, you try to invoke that merciful quality in other humans wherever you go, wherever you are, whenever you can by showing them the benefit of the vegan diet. Show the important clips of the harm of alcohol, of meat or fish, and those films, the gruesome, the wicked, I have no words, the evil practice, I have to say, evil, barbarous practice of animal abuse in the livestock industry. Show it all to them. Let them be ignorant no longer about what they’re eating, about how they’re harming themselves, bringing all this dead, bloody corpse, flesh into their bodies, and other harmful substances as well, which is absolutely unnecessary.

So, if they became vegan, our lives would be more comfortable. We will have more and more extraordinary high-tech. We will have less or no more disease. We will not have to mourn early the death of our relatives, friends, or loved ones. We will live happily, healthy long lives, and connected with the Divine even, because Heaven will be able to show us some expressive signs of Their love and Their connection with us.


Seishi foresaw that the Savior would wholeheartedly dedicate Herself to eliminating the various evils in our society, thus shining the Heavenly light “in all directions.” Another area that the Savior would shine Light on was the religious establishments, which Seishi warned would also become corrupted.

“The churches of the various sects in the present day have become the dens of hungry tigers and wolves.”

“(Interview by DW News - Aug. 25, 2018: I pretended to be asleep, praying and hoping that it would stop soon. I would never be the same since.)”

“(Interview by PBS - 2007: At that point, that’s where the trauma kicks in. You think, ‘I’m not here, I couldn’t possibly be here, this couldn’t possibly be happening.’) (Here I was, a product of this educational system and this religious system, taken advantage of that system, and there was nobody there to protect me.)”

“(Interview by Fusion - Feb. 18, 2016: There was one time that there were like four priests at the same time. [Four priests at the same time?] Yes, and they would come in one by one. And it didn’t stop until I became pregnant by one of them.)”

“(Philadelphia Inquirer Interview - Oct. 26, 2020: That guy made it impossible, and everybody that facilitated that guy made it impossible for me to rest in that place [church]. And I need some rest, everybody does.)”

“(Interview by Euronews - Dec. 2, 2020: As an abuse victim myself, I’m glad that it’s all out in the open. The Catholic Church knows – and they knew all the time. They could have saved lives upon lives, and the torture for families and children. Their silence has ruined more lives than you can think of.)”


The Bible warned us that, ‘Beware of those wolves in sheep’s clothing.’ (Yes.) These priests are. The pope also is. Of course. (Yes.) ‘By thy fruits so thou shalt be known.’

These priests from the Catholic Church, who harm the children, who molest them, who rape them, who torture them, who kill them, they are the criminals against humanity. And if they’re discovered again, the pope will just forgive them. (Oh my God. Oh, no.) (This is unbelievable.) You can see that. (Yes, Master.) Did nothing! So, this Vatican or all the churches that are stained with blood or with mental cruelty, should be abolished.”

“All these priests, with dirty hands that are touching children and molesting children, and go and give you this Communion wafer, will you eat it? Yuck! (No, Master.) (No.) Dirty hand, dirty mind, dirty heart. Filthy low-life. How can you go and eat this Communion wafer from their hands? Oh, please, give me a break. And even just use the hands and the mouth to tear apart the piece of chicken-people legs or chicken-people wing, and wash the mouth and go out, teach, talk about Jesus’ holy teaching. Does it have any power? Any blessing? (No, Master.) (No.) Give me a break, man. It is all fake. Falsehood. Fake. ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Ignorant to the core. The bottom of all the ignorant. Even outside laypeople, faithful, they are even more enlightened than that.”

The parents, if they want to send the children to be altar boys or girls or something, they should check out the priest from top to bottom to see if they are good, if they are vegan, if they’re pure, if they’re clean, before they entrust their children to their hands. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, they’re sending their children in harm’s way.

They are not worth being called tigers and lions even. (Yes, Master.) Because true tiger-people and lion-people, they don’t even harm their own species. They don’t eat their own children. (Yes, Master.) Nowadays, they promote killing your own children, it’s just like eating your own children. (Yes, Master.) And then they’re raping children like that. Just one normal person, if he rapes somebody, he’ll go to jail. (Yes, Master.) And all these priests, they’re raping hundreds of thousands of children, and some adults as well. And nobody does anything!”

“(Media from Euronews – 2020: According to Sipe, a pedophile inside a church abuses 250 victims during his lifetime. For the whole of Europe, it would mean 11,200 priests and 2.8 million victims.)”

“Because even the normal men, they don’t do that to children! (That’s right, Master.) Even the atheist or the one who doesn’t know anything about Jesus or the church, they won’t do this to children. (No, Master.) You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Yeah! They are criminals! They’re devil criminals. They’re hell criminals, not normal criminals.”

“(Interview by AI Jazeera - Feb. 17, 2017: It is a heinous crime, you know. And a priest at that? Violating a minor? Come on! There must be something wrong there.)”

“Many gods, Heavenly and earthly, are extremely indignant. But the churches make no attempt to correct their behavior and day after day profane the houses of God.”

“This is evil in the house of the Lord, truly like that. They kept nourishing it all this time, ignoring it, and condoning it, silently or… By being silent, it’s almost like you accept it. (Yes, Master.) Just because if they have less cardinals or less priests, that means they have less power. So they cling onto all this and to protect the church’s reputation, and they ignore the suffering of the little children who are so helpless and so frightened in that kind of situation, again and again.

All these decades, the church still continues to exist and continues to fester this kind of evil within the house of the Lord. It’s unacceptable!

“(Media Report from The New York Times - April, 1, 2014: [Former priest] John Geoghan is accused of molesting and raping boys as young as four years old over a period of 34 years. But documents uncovered by the Boston Globe suggest church officials covered up Geoghan’s crimes.) (We have the same thing in so many other countries. If we look at what is happening in Chile – victims, cover-up, abusers being protected, it’s a pattern that repeats and repeats and repeats.)”

“(Report by AI Jazeera - Aug. 15, 2018: For decades, the Vatican called us liars. They said we were telling lies, that we were fantasists, that this was an anti-Catholic agenda, that there was no cover-up. So now the pope says there was a cover-up and we’re meant to think he’s great for acknowledging the truth? That’s the minimum!)”

“It’s all open, but nobody does anything. They just shift those who are not charged, to still walk around, and even promote them to a higher position in the priesthood. (Oh my God. Terrible.) They don’t defrock them, they don’t ex-communicate them, nothing. They just change them from one church to another. (Yes, Master.) So that he has a chance to do it elsewhere, until he’s found out again.

Not all the priests are like that. There are some who are good. But these chewing dead, bloody flesh and drinking alcohol, they are nothing. They are worse than evil. (Yes, Master.) They’re surely Satan’s subordinates, manifested on Earth just to ruin the church’s name and position and purpose. And also smear and blacken the name of those good priests who truly practice the teaching of our Lord Jesus, who really fear God and love God, and believe in God. (Yes, Master.)”

“The present churches are almost without exception exploiting God. To be pitied, are they! Soon they will receive their recompense: they will be burned in the fire of hell. How disastrous!”

“See, they’re working for the devils, and they think the devil will reward them. No, they will ‘reward’ them with fire, with darts, with swords, with burning cauldron oil. (Yes, Master.) Bubbling, boiling oil in cauldrons to do whatever they do, just like the way they eat the animals who have been tortured thus. You got that? (Yes, Master.) So just because they wear that robe, they cannot fool any Heaven and Earth, and hell even. So the devil will come for them. Many of them are already in hell. Just the body is still there, dragging around, and if they don’t even repent or anything, then they will be in hell forever.”

“(Earlier on in September, Pope Francis was calling for compassion and not condemnation for Biden and for other abortion-supporting Catholic politicians.) Yeah. Maybe in the Catholic Church, the devils and angels can mix together. In Heaven, it’s not like that. (Yes, Master.) In Heaven, good is good, bad is bad. Bad cannot be there. (That’s right.)

So the only way is they go to hell. You don’t have to believe me. It’s just logical. (Yes.) The birds of the same flock fly together. Like attracts like. (Yes, Master.) Every religion will say that. If you kill, you go to hell and even supporters also will go to hell. I feel compassion for that, but there’s no way I support it. (Yes, Master.) But I feel more compassion for the poor babies.”

In order to right the wrong and defend the defenseless, Supreme Master Ching Hai risks Her own safety to speak the truth on sensitive topics, especially when most others would not dare! Master is a powerful penetrating light in a world covered by a thick fog of chaos and confusion. Understanding Heaven and Earth, as well as the past, present, and future of the entire universe, She is thus able to give the best, correct and unbiased advice on any matter in this world, as well as in Heavens!

“The Savior masters the way of clear-cut Judgment, standing on the rim of harmony between God and man…”

“For me, I am struggling every day to suppress my knowledge that this world is nothing. It’s just a shadow of the real. It’s just true illusion. And sometimes I say, ‘Why am I toiling so much like this, just for illusion?’ I just could walk away. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s all illusion anyway. Even Heaven told me, ‘Free Your life.’

Sometimes they said, ‘Be happy,’ all that. That means, ‘Just get out.’ (Yes, Master.) It’s all games. It’s all illusion anyway. It’s all like a theater, like a dream. I know all that, but tell the ordinary people suffering outside, is it a dream to them? No. (No.) And ask the animals who suffer so inhumanely, so wickedly, so cruelly, in the factory farming there. Ask them whether or not it’s a dream.

For me, it is. Even if I hurt or I work hard or I’m exhausted and everything like that, but on one hand, I know it all will end. It’s all a dream. (Yes, Master.) But for most people, they suffer deeply. I am made to suffer so that I can understand that in this dream of all dreams, they suffer. The real suffering. So, that’s why I cannot just walk away.”

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