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Nan Sea Love – A Vegan Artist and Messenger of Heavenly Visions, Part 1 of 2

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Since her youth, Nan Sea Love has been an artist at heart, and has pursued a career in art through numerous fields including painting, illustration, advertising and design for CDs, billboards, books and other products. She has also been doing visionary artwork since her 29th birthday, when she experienced a vision during meditation which expanded her focus to include holistic health, the environment, and animal-people advocacy. Nan Sea Love’s inner urge for making a positive change on our planet is apparent in all her work.

At eight years old, Nan Sea Love became vegetarian when her father told her one evening over dinner how meat was produced. From that point on, she began her awakening journey to bring her actions in line with her morals and inner belief. “But going whole food plant-based, I need to almost a hundred percent give the credit to Food Revolution Network, John Robbins and Ocean Robbins’ nonprofit, just tremendously helpful. It was when I realized that our taste buds regenerate in like three weeks, I quit eating something that isn’t good for me for a short period of time.”

A turning point in her life came from her history of art class with an art professor who taught the historical function of art, which expresses the way cultures saw the world at that time in history. In the case of visionaries and visionary art, the professor explained that art had been used as an inspiration to guide others to a new way of perceiving and being. After a speech by the professor on the last day of class, which received a standing ovation, Nan Sea Love’s dreams were re-ignited.

During this time of the pandemic, Nan Sea Love, like many others, had a period of reflection and change. “I have continued to let spirit guide me and I’ve learned a term recently, ‘follow the breadcrumbs,’ and I am. And it seems almost every day, there's another guidance that comes to me on how I can open myself, expand and be more of this, of what I believe I need to be, to make a difference in the world.”
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