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Simone Reyes (vegan) - Champion for the People of the Animal Kingdom, Part 1 of 2

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On today’s program, we are delighted to present to you Simone Reyes, an American actress, country music singer-songwriter, and passionate animal-people rights activist with a heart of gold. For over 20 years, Simone has rescued animal-people and used her vast on-camera and public speaking experience to advocate for the suffering people from the animal kingdom. For her immense efforts, PETA renamed their sanctuary in India, “Animal Rahat,” to “Simone's Place.” Simone once said: “I may be a woman, a friend, a daughter, a painter, or an executive, but I will always be an activist first.”

Simone cites the internationally acclaimed French actress and animal-people activist Brigitte Bardot as her role model. Inspired by Brigitte, Simone traveled to Japan in 2019 to campaign with famed marine life protector Sea Shepherd for the tens of thousands of dolphin-people slaughtered mercilessly in Japan each year. In June 2021, more than forty cow-friends fearing for their lives escaped from a slaughterhouse in California. Diane Warren, a renowned songwriter, together with Simone managed to negotiate with the authorities to save at least two of these members, including a pregnant cow-mother and helped settle them at the Farm Sanctuary.

Why must we protect and love our animal-people friends? Let us listen to an excerpt from a lecture by our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai from 1991 in California, USA: “Vegetarian (vegan) is just because the God inside us wants it, you understand? It doesn't mean we limit ourselves in that way, you understand? That means we expand our life to all kinds of life. Our life will be not limited in this body, but extended to the life of the animal-people, and all kinds of beings. And that makes us grander, greater, happier, and limitless.” Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Heartfully present Simone Reyes the Shining World Compassion & Courage Award with all love, appreciation, and best wishes for her noble mission. May Heavens forever bless and protect you and your loved ones.”
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