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Inspiring Compassion for All Beings Through Film: Allison Argo (vegan), Part 1 of 2



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We are honored to feature the extraordinary Ms. Allison Argo from the USA, a world-renowned filmmaker who, for more than two decades, has inspired understanding and compassion for animal-people through film. Her remarkable documentaries through the ArgoFilms production company have been featured on both the National Geographic and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) (PBS) channels, have won six National Emmys (11 nominations), a DuPont Columbia Award for journalism, multiple Genesis, Jackson Hole, and CINE Golden Eagle awards, and have earned more than 80 international film awards from New Zealand to Canada, Slovakia to Japan.

“There was a gorilla named Ivan, living in a shopping mall in Washington State. And it was horrible, he lived in a concrete box basically, and [a] little trailer.”“And I was just appalled. It was perfectly legal for him to be living in isolation for almost 30 years. He hadn't been outside. He hadn't seen another gorilla. I mean, his life was impoverished.”

And so, with few resources and very little knowledge, Allison started making her first film, “The Urban Gorilla,” a documentary revealing the excruciating lives of captive gorilla-people. “The Urban Gorilla” was highly successful, garnering numerous awards, including the DuPont-Columbia Award for journalism, a Genesis Award, and two Emmy nominations. However, for Allison, the most satisfying outcome was not the awards, but how the film changed Ivan’s life.

After “The Urban Gorilla,” Allison went on to produce many other highly successful documentaries featuring different animal-people, including chimpanzee-people, frog-people, elephant-people and even pig-people.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to Allison Argo for your noble work that brings our world awareness of the anguish and agony of the people from the animal kingdom, with all love, respect, and gratitude. May you enjoy ever more success and may Heaven bless you abundantly always.”
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