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Hope Bohanec (vegan): Guardian of Animal-People and the Environment, Part 1 of 2

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Today, we are privileged to present to our dear viewers the renowned champion of our animal-people friends and the environment, Ms. Hope Bohanec. For decades, Hope has sacrificed her personal comfort and, even safety, to advocate for the people of the animal kingdom and the planet.

As an animal-people rights activist, Ms. Bohanec has given several presentations, written various articles, and organized hundreds of vegan events. Her 2013 book “The Ultimate Betrayal: Is There Happy Meat?” is a well-received exposé of the animal-people industry’s unconscionable “humane-washing” of its cruelty-laden products.

For three and a half years, Hope Bohanec was the contact person for In Defence of Animals’ grassroots campaigns related to fur, wild horse-people, Korean meat of dog-people, and foie gras. One joint campaign with the San Francisco Vegetarian Society led to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors signing a Veg Day Resolution designating Mondays as a vegetarian day. This Resolution encourages local restaurants, grocery stores, and schools to offer a greater variety of meat-free options. Hope was also the Sonoma County Coordinator for Proposition 2, a state-wide proposition for the prevention of cruelty to animal-people raised for food that was passed in 2008.

According to data from the United Nations, chicken-people account for more than 95% of all land animal-people killed by humans for food annually. Hope says this has to stop because our feathered friends have an emotional life and are sensitive to pain just as we are: “Chickens, and birds, and turkeys, they have absolutely, scientifically, been proven to feel pain the same as we do. They have emotions, they have family life, they have personalities. They can grieve, they can rejoice, they love life just as we do, just as a cow does, just as your dog does.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gratefully presents the Shining World Compassion Award to Ms. Hope Bohanec, with sincere respect and high praises for your selfless efforts to help save our planet and its inhabitants, plus US$10,000 as a humble token of support for Compassionate Living to assist in its noble causes. May Heaven smile on you and all involved always, in God’s Benevolence.”
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