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Why Do Good People Suffer in This World?, Part 5 of 6, Sep. 3, 2021

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And then he just wants to do good for his people. That’s a good employee of the people. (He is.) And the bad employees – they don’t fire them. The good ones, they misunderstood, mostly because of the media. (Right.) I blame the media.

Any comment? Any other question? (No. I just hope they start to consider people’s lives and act on that. I truly hope.) Yeah, you hope. The politicians, most of them don’t consider anybody except their own position, or going up on the ladder of the political promotion. They don’t care about people. Trump does care about people. (Yes, he does.) He genuinely cares.

I’m glad there is someone like that in America that I know. There are some more, I guess, but I am not very familiar with politics anywhere, except on some occasions when you guys ask me and I know from the news and from my own observations, then I tell you. Otherwise, I’m not really interested in politics. (Yes, Master.) Everywhere is similar. Very rare some people really care for their citizens. And even if they do, other people will take them astray. And sooner or later, alone you cannot fight the whole pack of wolves. (Yes, Master.) That’s that. Either you lose or you have to be with them, or they make you lose. (Yes.) They eliminate you, one way or another. Like President Trump.

FOX News Interview President Trump November 3, 2020: You deal with people that are very deceptive, but they’ll go, ‘Mr. President, tell me who’s the country that’s most difficult to deal with? Is it Russia? Is it China? Is it North Korea? Sir, is it North Korea?’ And I go, ‘No. Well, by far the most difficult country to deal with is the US. It’s not even close.’ And they all say, ‘You got to be kidding.’ And I say, ‘No, I’m actually probably not kidding.’ We have very, very deceptive people. We have some people that I think they’re sick in some ways. And we deal with them, we just deal with them. But it’s a shame, it’s a shame. But the inner workings of the US… very, very difficult. Unless you want to sit there and do nothing, or unless you want to accede to doing everything they want to do. And we don’t want to do that.”

If I were President Trump… I’m glad at least that he is still alive and well. You never know. (It’s good that there is a person like Trump still with influence in America.) Yeah, some influence. (Yes. He does.) It’s good.

I don’t know why, I just love America. I love Americans. You can see, the soldiers, they are trained to kill, to combat. But they are so soft. (Yes, they are.) So sympathetic. You can see all the photos and the clips at the Kabul airport, (Yes.) in such a heat and they have to wear so much clothes and boots, and guns and… even though a small gun, but heavy. And then their backpack, (Yes.) and hat, and all this heat on them. They’re still so nice and friendly, (Yes.) smiling and loving to the kids, (Yes.) and to the women and elderly. (Right.) So nice. (Yes, Master.) If the Americans are like that, they’re worthy of praise.

They are making a very good impression of Americans. (Yes, it’s true.) Soldiers apart. They are so nice, so loving, so kind. Even giving the kids their own water bottle, (Right.) when over there, at the moment they’re on duty, it’s so precious. (Yes.) And they are so heated in that sun, and they even think of the children, giving them water, giving them their own snacks, their own ration. I saw that. And I’m really very touched. (It is very touching.) Yeah. May be that’s why I love Americans. (Yes, I think many people love Americans for that.)

And they are the most charitable race on Earth. (Yes.) Most charitable citizens in the world. They give a lot. They give very generously out. Also, daily or commonly, they’re helping each other. Helping neighbors and all that. (Yes.) Unconditionally. And they volunteer to do a lot of work. No pay. Just volunteer to help elderly people, to help here, help there, and help animals. They’re really good. (Yes, wonderful people.) Yes, yes, wonderful.

That’s why God considered them, to reward them with a good president like Trump, so that he can take care of them. (Wow.) And save all these billions, trillions of money from the war to help the Americans, to build up a better life for them. (Yes.) Just more care, more protection. More comfortable life, instead of just paying taxes and then have nothing. (Understand, yes.)

God rewards them, but the ordinary Americans, maybe not all of them understand this. And they just listen to all the media, blowing out of proportion about Trump this, Trump that. He didn’t do anything wrong. (No.) No, they just sometimes outright lie, sometimes unproportionate, biased news, all the time. All his presidency has never been kind and good. Just only some media are really kind to him, reporting the truth. (Yes.) Many are not good to him. Many are bad for him, very, very bad. They’re killing him with pens.

“FOX News Interview Joe Concha March 7, 2018: Look, what’s troubling about this is, we’re talking not about opinion shows, we’re talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, the nightly news. It’s supposed to be non-partisan, it’s supposed to be bias-free, and remember, 24 million people on average watch those shows a night, so it still has influence. And 24 million’s a lot, that’s more than average for the World Series. But when nine out of ten stories are negative towards an administration, that’s bias in broad daylight. And before anybody says, ‘Well, that’s Media Research Center, they’re a conservative outlet,’ Pew Research did a similar study for all of 2017 and came essentially to the same conclusion.”

“FOX News Interview Maria Bartiromo October 26,2020: They refuse to cite in any way, shape or form, any of his successes, and that includes moving the needle on economic growth, the greatest jobs market we have seen arguably in our history, foreign policy is arguably even more dynamic than economic policy, creating the beginnings of the Middle Eastern peace… all of these things are not talked about at all in the press. When you take a look what President Trump has done in the face of coronavirus, he stopped all travel on January 31, that was a huge move… So I think that there is a lot of honesty that still needs to come out about this whole legacy of Trump.”

“ReasonTV Interview Glenn Greenwald (vegan) November 26, 2020: …He (President Trump) didn’t start any wars. So you go down the list, and when you look at things like the destruction of Iraq or the implementation of a torture regime, what has Donald Trump done that even remotely compares in terms of moral evil to any of that? Nothing!”

“FOX News Interview Sean Hannity July 1, 2021: I would argue, and I did argue on air, often, that you are treated – whole other standard for you. If you had sons that lied on a gun permit, threw a gun in a dumpster, smoked crack, got money from Ukraine with no experience, Kazakhstan – no experience, Russia with no experience, US$100,000 shopping spree and a US$1.5 billion deal with a bank at China with military connections, I have a funny feeling that the media would go after you; it would be unrelenting. Why does Joe Biden get a pass?”

I don’t know how that guy still stays standing and strong. If it were me, maybe I’d drop dead already. I cannot bear. I cannot stand all that untruthful reporting and name-calling. (Yes, Master.) Black-smearing, and all that stuff. It’s truly not a gentleman’s way of treating a president. Especially he’s harmless, and he’s only for peace. (Yes.) And only caring for his co-citizens.

“‘Soul Whisperer’ Psychic Elisa October. 30, 2020: And now, here, this is the (psychic) analysis of Donald Trump. Around him, I perceive a positive, humanly warm, self-confident energy. […] The pressure around him, he tries to hide completely, in order to concentrate on the essential, namely the people, and their tasks. I can feel how he really wants to do something good. That seems to be very important to him, and he keeps on doing it, even if it costs him a lot of effort at the moment. […]

‘Soul Whisperer’ Psychic Elisa October. 4, 2020: Interestingly enough, it feels like there is much acceptance and calmness for his situation, and he seems really to accept it. […] Finally, I perceived a Female close to him, a Being from the spiritual world, who supports him and whom he can perceive relatively consciously for the first time in his life, changing his perspective and relativizing the things that were normally important to him.

That is the way a President should do, first caring for his citizens. (Right. He truly loves the people and considers them.) Yeah, he does care, he does care. Also because he doesn’t need any money, or he doesn’t need to take bribes or anything. (Yes.) He’s just self-sufficient, and he’s been working to earn his place in the society. (True.) And then he just wants to do good for his people. That’s a good employee of the people. (He is.) And the bad employees – they don’t fire them. The good ones, they misunderstood, mostly because of the media. (Right.) I blame the media.

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