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Why Do Good People Suffer in This World?, Part 3 of 6, Sep. 3, 2021

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The government leader, the leaders of any type in a nation, cannot be arrogant. (Yes, Master.) Because you will fall, you will harm people if you are too arrogant because you are too far from reality.

He (Biden) harmed the Americans by letting the immigrants inin France, they say “n’importe qui,” means doesn’t matter who, ‒ just let them in, catch and let go, catch and let go. Catch means register, and just go. Go anywhere. (Yes, Master.) And then make the pandemic worse because they brought it from every different country. (Correct, yes.) Those countries who are not very strict with COVID regulations or vaccines. (Yes.) Those lesser countries. (Yes.) I just mean in a physical way. (Yes.) I don’t mean they are lesser beings in any way. It’s just a different country has a different status, financially or politically, or military-wise. (Yes.)

So those countries from Latin America, they just came in, anybody, and then he just let them go anywhere. (Yes.) One or two or even many of them would have had been sick, would be COVID-infected, even if maybe they don’t show it. (Yes.) Didn’t even test, just catch and let go, registered and then go, even take them anywhere they want, and make the Americans more susceptive, more vulnerable for pandemic. More people die now, even children die. (Yes, Master.)

And in Afghanistan, he just let all the troops go, and then whether people over there are rescued or not, doesn’t matter. (Yes.) Until international pressure and internal pressure, then he rush-rushed more airplanes to take them out. Still, too late. Don’t know how many are still trapped in there. (Yes, Master.)

“FOX NEWS Interview Sept. 5, 2021: The evacuation’s not over, Mr. President. There’re still Americans stuck, SIV (Special Immigrant Visa) holders, Green Card holders, that right now as we speak, veterans groups are still trying to help get out. They’re trapped at airports, in the vicinity of airports around Afghanistan. You know why? Because the State Department won’t give the proper clearances for these private charter flights to get out. And in the few instances where they have, then the Taliban won’t let them go. You know what that’s called? That’s called a hostage. (Right.) And we are heading into a mass hostage situation, where the Taliban has all the leverage to get international legitimacy, access to billions in foreign currency, and economic assistance. And we handed them that legitimacy on a silver platter in the form of hundreds of Americans that Joe Biden left behind.”

Maybe the Taliban won’t do anything to them because of fear of diplomatic problems, pray so! But still, the pressure for them over there, when everybody else is gone and they’re just left behind like that. (Yes. Unfair.) They feel very, very scared, very fearful. The psychological pressure on them is enormous. (Understand.)

“Media Report from FOX NEWS Aug. 31, 2021: A pregnant U.S. citizen is trying to escape with her husband and her father. She claims the Taliban is blocking her and even kicked her in the stomach.

She’s going to stay sheltered in place, hiding her identity, and hoping that her friends will continue to bring her food and keep her secret until frankly, we can come up with something new. We know her exact location but literally are afraid to even have a conversation about a rendezvous until we know where and when somebody could meet her. Anyone who wants to remain unknown, has to switch phones, turn them off, use all the techniques that you would use if you were in survival, escape and evasion. We also have an elderly couple, same thing: repeatedly went to the gate, waited at the gate with their blue (U.S.) passports, and did not get in. So, anyone that says that they didn’t break a promise to the American people and leave people behind, is wrong. Anyone who says that there aren’t people stranded is wrong. These people were stranded, they did everything they were supposed to do, and they simply were not a priority at the end.”

And people died at the Kabul airport, and died, also, more elsewhere because of the drone strike. So, this is very clear evidence that Mr. Biden will harm the Americans and other countries’ citizens, also the international peace. (Yes. It is.) And how many more disasters can Mr. Biden afford, can the Americans afford to let him? (Right.)

And this guy, McConnell, trying to play this game of good guy again. He can’t afford this. (No.) He’s supporting somebody who harms his co-citizens. (Yes.) That’s no good. He should retire. Or people should fire him also. (Yes, Master.) Anybody who did this kind of misjudgment, it’s not a mistake. (Yes.) Either deliberate or too stupid. (Right.) Or too much for the consolidation of his own position and power that he couldn’t care less who dies, who lives.

He’s not fit to be in the position in the government anywhere. (No, he’s not.) Not just being a leader, but being anywhere in the government, especially at the top, in the center of the government in the Capitol. (Right.) As the Senate or as the House of Representatives.

This kind of person is very harmful for the country. He gets paid to help, to protect, to promote the wellness of his country. And he did the opposite. (Yes.) The border problem, he also did not do much. And now many Americans die, obviously, in front of him, he still does nothing! He does nothing; he still supports this kind of action to harm more Americans. (Right. Yes.) That’s why this guy is no good. (I agree.)

Does he realize what he’s doing or he’s just blindly trying so hard to protect his power, his grip on his colleagues, (Yes.) and whoever works with him, to show people that he’s a tough guy, that he knows everything, and he can decide things?

To impeach Biden or not impeach Biden, it doesn’t lie in his hands alone. (Yes.) If the Senate and the House of Representatives realize the seriousness of Mr. Biden’s handling of everything, if they realize it, they couldn’t care less whether or not McConnell says what. (Yes, Master.) But it’s not for him to stand up and say, “No, Biden cannot be impeached. It won’t happen.” Can he foresee the future perhaps? Like a clairvoyant or something? Or is he so sure of his power grip on everybody that he can announce like that? (No.) It’s too arrogant. (True.)

The government leader, the leaders of any type in a nation, cannot be arrogant. (Yes, Master.) Because you will fall, you will harm people if you are too arrogant because you are too far from reality.

(Yes.) I don’t know if I am clear enough for you. You understand everything or not? (Yes, I understand, really. It’s really not fair to the American people too…) It’s not just not fair, it’s harmful! (Yes, it is truly harmful.) “Not fair” is too mild. (Yes.) He cannot afford to continue this way and supporting Biden so that he can make more trouble, can do more harm to the Americans and others, related others like maybe other international citizens, because of that. Because continue like this, it might make more war. (Yes, Master.) And many people will die because the international troops will also have to support Americans. (Yes.) They always did, because it’s a pact, it’s an alliance and NATO and all that, bringing many more people to die with. (Yes, understand.)

So, this is not a mistake. It’s a taboo. I don’t know how you say this. Either very stupid or very arrogant that he doesn’t even realize the reality or is far removed from reality, or just too power-greedy that he couldn’t care less who dies, who lives. (Yes. It is like that.) (Yes, understand.) It’s become a habit for him now, just to say things big like that. Just to exercise a grip on anybody, so that everybody has to listen to him and feel like he’s a wise person. He’s not. (Yes, Master.) Can you see he’s not? (Yes.) Either that or he’s just too power blind that he would do anything just to consolidate his position. (Right, understand.) At the cost of other people’s lives. He should be removed, together with Biden. (They should be removed, yes.) Yes. (And soon.)

It’s not because of Republican or Democrat or anything. But he just betrays anybody, and then befriends anybody, just so that everybody feels like they owe it to him. You see? Like their life depends on his judgment. (Yes.) So he can criticize or condemn them whenever he wants. And then when that person’s already down on his knees, he comes, extending his hands, and that person will forever be indebted to him. (Oh, gosh.) You see that? (Yes.) That’s a very wicked strategy. Normal situation, or not serious, OK. But this is people’s lives that he’s playing with. And I condemn that. Everybody should. (Yes, Master.)

Should remove him immediately before he makes more trouble and causes more pain and suffering to the American people, who pay him through taxes. (Yes, Master. Yes.) He should be more loyal and protective toward them, his employers – the ones who pay him. (Yes, absolutely.) The Americans are the ones who pay him. They are his employers. He should be more protective toward them. Not to any individual just so that he can control all the powers. (Yes.) Control people mentally and psychologically. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know how to express this more eloquently. I’m just telling you as it comes out. (Yes, Master. Understand.) I said just straight from my heart, and the way I see it. (It is very clear and straightforward. Yes, Master.) It’s clear? (Yes.) Good. (It is.) Any questions about that? Any doubts? I can explain to you. Like, if you’re not clear anywhere?

(Is there anyone who actually can remove Mr. McConnell? I wonder if actually someone can act on it.)

I think they can, if they want to. If he’s not doing a good job, anybody can remove him. They should. (They should.) It depends on the constitution. (Right.) But he is clearly betraying his country and his people. (Right, yes.) If that’s the strongest possible that I can use the words for you. Even though it doesn’t look like it. Looks like he always says something, just so that he can be in the position of, maybe you call it like a “hero” or something. “Good guy.” (Yes.) Trump, and then now Biden, and Cheney and whoever. If other people contradict, he would come and defend for that person. Even if the House or the Senate don’t want that person, he will come up and defend for that person. So that that person will forever be indebted to him. Even if that person loses or wins, he always counts him as a friend. So he can beat a person, he can praise a person, he can drag the person down, and he can lift him up. He does all that! (It’s vicious.) Imagine. Just to look powerful. And people will be confused, don’t know anything and thinking he’s just a very fair person. No, he’s playing. (Oh, wow.) He’s playing games, mind games, psychological games, at the cost of other people’s lives, especially his own constituents. His own compatriots. (Understand.)

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