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Why Do Good People Suffer in This World?, Part 4 of 6, Sep. 3, 2021

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Only the wise leaders, the wise people, can admit their mistakes and change. These people are great. Only courageous, wise and great people can admit they’re wrong and change. (Yes, Master.) That’s why Trump is all alone. Not many people understand what he’s doing. Even if they do, they don’t want to admit it.

McConnell, he’s just ambitious. He just wants to be recognized as a king-maker or something. But the kind of strategy he keeps using is short-lived. Sooner or later people will find out. It’s kind of a limited strategy. You cannot keep using it forever. Not for every situation, because you will lose at the end. Most people, they cannot see that way. I see very well. I can see very clearly who is doing what. People doing things sometimes look good, but they have an agenda. Their motive is not good. (I see.) Just playing mind games, psychological games. (It’s really terrible.) It is terrible, all this politics.

I just hope that the Americans’ karma is cleansed up and then they will have better leaders. Otherwise, all this is just hopeless. Hopeless. Just because somebody is senior… The senior politicians have more respect because you’re older. But older doesn’t mean wiser. (Yes.) Senior doesn’t mean always a better elder. (Yes.)

I just hope they get better politicians. (Right.) Most people don’t know who is who. So like, good people, they think are bad because like Trump, he doesn’t do like a pattern that they are used to. (Right.)

Humans are creatures of habit. Bad or good, they continue that way, they like it that way. Anybody else who comes in and shows a different way, better way, they don’t understand. They don’t want to. Even maybe inside they know it’s good, but they don’t want to admit it. Because that means they lost everything that they have been hanging on to. They lost their position, they lost their stand. (Understand.) That means admitting that they are stupid, that they’re losers, and they didn’t like that. That’s why they’re against Trump. And attack him all the time. Because they want to defend their old system, even though that system is no longer valid.

Only the wise leaders, the wise people, can admit their mistakes and change. These people are great. Only courageous, wise and great people can admit they’re wrong and change. (Yes, Master.) That’s why Trump is all alone. Not many people understand what he’s doing. Even if they do, they don’t want to admit it.

He has not been in the political arena. (Yes.) Like Biden has been there forever already. So how dare he, an outsider, just come in and then get successful, get all the peace accords with many countries, and doing this and that for his citizens with all his heart, and is successful and logical? They cannot bear it! (Understand. Yes.) And even if Trump has not been voted for, it is because people don’t want to admit they’re wrong. And according to all the newspapers also, they’re not used to it. They all write contrary to what Trump is supposed to be and supposed to do. (Yes.) He does good, but they say “no good.” Because they’re not used to it.

Creatures of habit. (Right, understand.) Just like many people married together, then don’t get on very well anymore. Each already has like an extra-marital affair but still stick together because it’s habit. (Right.) Just like people eat meat, it’s habit. People take drugs, cigarettes, it’s habit. Even though they know it’s harmful to them. It’s habit. (Yes.) Everything is habit, bad or good.

So even the media does not intentionally want to hurt Mr. Trump, but they did, any way they can, just to drag him down, to pull him down to the floor. Even though the man is good. (Right.) He did nothing wrong anyway. (Yes, he did not do anything wrong, and it’s just hard to understand all this that is happening.) Right, right, right. Of course. Now you know, OK? (Yes, Master.)

I’m not saying Trump is an enlightened Master or anything, I’m not comparing. But he has very good intelligence. High IQ. And he did things logically, and he truly meant what he’s doing for his country. (Yes, Master.) That’s why he said, “America first” and he kept his promise all the way till the end. (Yes.) And he made peace with everyone else as well, for that, also. A part of that. So he doesn’t want to waste Americans’ lives anymore, and American taxpayers’ money, in trillions and trillions, while many Americans are living under the poverty line (Right.) or are homeless because of the system. Some people are educated persons, engineers and all that, even. It’s not like they’re stupid. They just lost the job, then they lost everything and became homeless. I saw that on TV. I saw the news. (Yes.)

It’s the same like, with Jesus, He did nothing wrong, absolutely not! He doesn’t go with the trend at that time. (Yes.) He doesn’t kowtow to all these unenlightened, stupid priests, and high priests and the government, so they just killed Him. There’s no reason at all! (No, nothing.) He has never told anybody anything wrong. He hasn’t told them to go steal, or go kill or go take drugs, or gamble… In fact, He’s against all that, and that’s why they didn’t like it. He told all these people gambling in the church, He said, “How dare you do this in the house of my Father?” And He flipped the table and drove them out. Oh, they didn’t like it. And one thing they don’t like here, other people don’t like there, so they get together and persecute Him. And the government’s weak enough to go with the public. Because maybe they’re afraid people would go against them, the government. (Yes.) Just power grabbing. (Doesn’t change through the ages.) No. (No.) It’s similar everywhere, and every period of time. It just looks different. (Yes.) It just looks different.

So that’s why many Masters who came to our world, are persecuted. Mostly, They don’t fare well, They don’t live well. They always try to kill Him, or harass Him, or persecute Him through some ways that He cannot always openly teach people, without any risk. (Yes, Master.) Just because they don’t want anything new. People are just so poisoned. So poisoned, so brainwashed by Satan that they don’t understand anything. It’s very difficult for any Master to survive in this world. You can see that very well, up to Buddha, Jesus, and Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be On Him Forever. Telling you. That even the whole government was against Him, made war with Him and His disciples. Many people died (Oh, goodness.) for nothing, for doing nothing wrong. (Yes.) And while the criminals are running amok everywhere. (Unexplainable.) I know, I know. You’re right.

You’re also aghast as I am. You know, this world is so topsy-turvy, I keep telling you guys, it’s upside down. (It is, it is. It seems that something is so heavy for people to make them wake up. But once they wake up, I think it will be right away clear to them, but they just need to wake up.) It might be clear. Who knows? Might be clear soon. Let’s pray, let’s hope so. (Yes.) Otherwise, they’re just wasting their precious lives, and even though they think they believe in God, but they don’t understand anything ‒ about God’s will, about free will, about religions, truly not. (Yes.) Truly not. Just to go to the church and give donations in the box or singing psalms or… Then, it’s not it. (It is not.) It’s not it. That’s why many Masters were killed, because They say that’s not that.

You have to be enlightened inside, you have to be connected with God inside, because you are the temple of God and God dwells within you. But nobody connected with that, with that God within you. Everybody heard that, “We are children of God,” but nobody knows how to recognize the child of God within you, how to recognize the Kingdom of God within you, like the Bible said. (Yes.) Because this thing is not written in the Bible, the enlightenment, the connection with God, it’s nothing written, you cannot write anything about that.

You can read 100,000 bibles, you cannot get enlightened, cannot get in touch with God just by reading. (No.) There is a power, it has to be transmitted from a human pole chosen by God. Just like you have to plug in a socket, the right socket, the living socket, in order to get electricity. (Yes.) The dead one won’t work either. Looks like, but it doesn’t work. Same. (Yes, Master.)

Deceased Masters, ascended Masters cannot help you to get enlightened or to get in touch with God. It has to go through a living human pole, but nobody understands that. Only my disciples understand. You understand ‒ because you have the experience. (Yes.) Otherwise, nobody can. (Yes, Master.) Because these things you cannot even explain. (Exactly.) It’s just like when there’s an initiation, we just sit there quietly. (Yes.) I’m not saying anything. (No.) I don’t even have to be there, but the power can be transmitted regardless of distance, that’s why. You just have to be prepared and ready and receptive to it. That’s all there is. (Yes, Master.) Because you have it within you, just need the connection, like electricity. (Yes.) The electricity is everywhere but we need wires, live wires. Oh man, so simple is that. (It is.) This is the catch. This is what people don’t understand between the living Master and the ascended Master. (Yes.)

Because if we don’t need a living Master, then Jesus did not have to come down, (Oh, right. Yes.) Buddha did not have to incarnate. Guru Nanak did not have to transmit anything to His disciples, did not have to be on Earth either. (Yes.) And the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, did not have to be there so that the government or others will attack Him and kill His disciples like that. (Yes.) There is a big difference and the maya will know it. That’s why they always try to get somebody low level to kill or to harass the Prophet, any Prophet, any Master and His disciples. (Yes.)

In this period of time, we are more lucky than in the time of the Lord Jesus or the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be On Him Forever, and luckier than in the time of Buddha. Buddha was luckier than many other Masters. But still, some attempted murder on Him as well. Many stories, you can never finish all this. I can never finish telling, you can never finish hearing.

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