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Why Do Good People Suffer in This World?, Part 6 of 6, Sep. 3, 2021

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Like maybe we have some sickness, but God also sends somebody to invent some medicine to cure it. You cannot say, “Oh, I just trust in God, I don’t need this medicine.” God sent the medicine to you, sent a doctor to you. Then that is Hiers help.

The bad employees – they don’t fire them. The good ones, they misunderstood, mostly because of the media. (Right.) I blame the media.

You see the media was also the cause of Princess Diana’s death. Made the two beautiful princes orphans. And made England lose a good, good ambassador in the world, for England. And made England lose a good, good princess. (Oh, yes.) We had a big loss when Princess Diana died like that.

They planned it; it was not an accident. (Oh, wow.) It was not an accident. Because the reports say that the driver did not drink that much. (I see.) But he’s an older, seasoned driver and driving for the princess; he would never just go to the bar and keep drinking, drinking until he cannot control his car. (Yes, Master.) He’s not that stupid. (Yes.) I think somebody put something in his drink. (Oh, I see.) And also, they chased him and kind of coerced the car. That’s what they said. It could happen like that. (It could.) It was planned.

“Media Report by TLC UK Interviewee Michael Mansfield: The year before her death, Diana had confided in her solicitor indicating that she feared for her life.

Interviewee Richard Belzer: She had said that: ‘If I should die in a car accident, it will either be done by MI5 or MI6,’ the intelligence agencies of England.

It was a planned killing; it was not an accident. No. (Terrible.) No, no. There are many things that you never know. But I see that it was not an accident, no. (I see, Master.) I saw it inside with my spiritual eye. What a pity. (Wow. It is a pity.)

She was beautiful and she won the hearts of people. (Yes.) They called her “Princess of Hearts.” (Yes.) Or “the people’s princess” even. How many princesses get to get that name? (It’s rare.) Means voluntarily! Not like she goes out and campaigns like, “Vote for me,” anything. They just gave her these names because they love her. (Yes.)

And you see, good people, it’s difficult to survive in this world. (Wow, it is.) I know all that by my own personal experience. Just that I’m still lucky to escape many times, and also I keep running. (Oh, Master…) Keep running, I cannot stay in one place all the time. (Understand.) I do what I can until God calls me Home. At that time, then no matter where I hide, how I run, it won’t help. But I still do what I can, whenever I can. Because you have a physical body, you must do it in the physical way also. (Yes.) And God helps you to see the way. God helps you to know how. (Yes.) But you cannot just sit there and let God move you. That won’t happen. (Yes, Master.)

Like maybe we have some sickness, but God also sends somebody to invent some medicine to cure it. You cannot say, “Oh, I just trust in God, I don’t need this medicine.” God sent the medicine to you, sent a doctor to you. Then that is Hiers help. (Yes, Master.)

Just like the joke that I told you guys a long time ago. There’s a man who always wanted to win the one million dollar lotto. He never won. He keeps praying to God all the time. He wants to win the lotto. (Yes.) And then finally he said, “How come I’ve been praying to You all these years, just to win one time. Even if You don’t want to give me one million, you can let me win something. (Yes.) Why didn’t You?” Hes said, “Did you ever go out and buy a lotto ticket?” No, he did not. You see that? (Yes.) (Understand. Yes.)

There was one guy also, kind of almost drowning in the bad weather on the sea. And then God sent somebody to help him to go to the shore. He doesn’t want. (Right.) He said, “God will help me. Not you!” And later, there’s a boat that passed by and asked him to come up, so they can take him to the shore. “No! God will help me. Not you!” And then later a helicopter comes and wants to fish him out. He also refused to come up. And later he died and went up to Heaven and blamed God, why God did not rescue him. God said, “I sent somebody, a good swimmer, good guard, swimming guard. And then I sent a boat, and then I sent a helicopter. You didn’t take any of them! What can I do?” Even God is helpless! (Yes, Master.) That is the thing.

People are not all that smart. You just have to do what you can. God gives you the means and the way, but you have to do it. Even the best English teacher cannot teach you if you don’t learn with him, if you don’t do your homework. (Yes, yes.) And the best driving instructor also cannot help you to drive your car if you don’t learn, if you don’t listen to his instructions. And if you don’t have a car. (Yes, Master.) People blame God for anything! You have to do what you have to do. God gives you the means, the way, the instructions, the guidance, inside or outside. You must take it. Take it when the opportunity comes. (Right.) That’s it. Some people are just like that. Many people are like that. So the world is in chaos. I also ask myself, “What can I do?” If the patient is sick and doesn’t take the medicine the doctor prescribed, so how can you blame the doctor? (Yes, true.)

OK, my love, anything more? (I think that’s it, Master. And…) All right then. Yes? (I just want to say, thank God that You’re among us, Master.)

Sometimes I’m thinking I’m just so helpless here. Whatever I do is never enough. (For sure it helps.) Yeah, helps some, but I want to help the whole world, not just some. Not even just a majority. I just want to help all of them because they’re all victims of ignorance, of poisoning since time immemorial, by Satan, by the devil, by maya. (Right.) They cannot wake up. Just like somebody who drinks too much and drinks every day, until he lost his intelligence. (Yes.) And falls down on the street, or goes quarreling with somebody or fighting, and then harms himself. Because he’s under the influence. (Yes.) Like normally, he’s a good driver, but when he’s under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he could kill himself or kill others on the road. (Understand.) That is the thing. The same with humans’ situation.

They kill themselves, or/and they kill others, by being so drunk, drunk by ignorance. (Right.) Drunk by the poison of the devil, that has been influencing him all this time already, and he reincarnates again, he pledges to be clean and sober, and then when he came to the world, they try to seduce him again. Poison him again. And he could never get out of this vicious cycle. All people on the planet are poor people, very poor. Even though sometimes I blame them or criticize them, but I still think they are poor people, poor souls who have been condemned by the evil, been seduced into doing things against their will, against their intelligence, against their holy wisdom inside ‒ and then condemn them. (Yes.) That’s the work of the devil, the work of Satan. (It’s really a pity.)

And I’m in pain all the time, seeing that they are victims, but cannot reason with them, cannot wake them up. Not so easily, because they’ve been poisoned too long. Or they’ve been “drinking” too much. (Understand.) If they drink every day and drink a lot, then you cannot talk to him. He understands nothing. He doesn’t understand anything you said. And whatever he said is also incomprehensible. Anybody goes near, he would just fight or kill them also. (Yes.) Sometimes like that.

There’s some news in the internet that there was a very young father, who was shot by a guy. The father was trying to shield his baby. And then the guy just shoots him because he’s under influence. He doesn’t even know what he’s doing. He was trying to shoot the baby. (Oh! No!) And then the father shielded his child, and then this guy shot him instead. He didn’t know what he’s doing.

For many humans, they are like that also. Even though they don’t drink alcohol, but they are drunk by the evil influence. (Understand.) That’s why I’m in pain, I feel so sorry for everybody. I use different ways to wake them up, sometimes talk softly, sometimes chide them, reprimand them, sometimes yell at them, but it’s useless, scold them and all that. But sometimes nothing works and I’m very, very… it’s painful for me to watch and to know that. (Understand.)

(If there is more time, would that help for the evil influence to be minimized?)

Yeah, yeah, with time, but long, long, long time. (Long time.) Long, long time. A person who’s drunk, he doesn’t become sober so immediately, no. (Yes.) Hang over and sometimes he could lie flat out for many days, with headache and pain and all that, with hangover, (Right.) and if somebody also even put poison in it, then he cannot help. (Yes.) Even the best doctor also cannot help. Sometimes people commit suicide or something, or overdose, or overdrunk, and doctors try very hard to pump it out of his system. But sometimes it’s too late, they cannot. (Right.) It’s already too long in the system. It’s not in the stomach anymore to pump out. (Yes, Master.) It’s already in the blood, in the liver, in the heart, in lungs, everywhere already. Coursing the whole body already. So the doctor also gives up. Cannot.

But doesn’t mean the doctor is happy about it. Because his mission, his life goal is to save lives, that’s why he became a doctor. (Yes.) But then any patient he cannot heal, he cannot rescue, he cannot bring back to life, that hurts him a lot. I knew that because my ex-husband was a doctor. (Yes.) Sometimes he came home very miserable because he could not help this patient or that patient. (I see.) And I had pets before, and sometimes I went to the hospital, and I saw a vet try to heal a bird but finally could not, and he was very sad also. It’s not his bird, but he said, “I cannot help him.” He tried his best, could not. Something like that. Even just an animal died, a bird, and a doctor feels so sad like that, imagine how a doctor would feel sad with a human’s life. (Yes, Master.) Because every time he can heal somebody, that is his pride, his happiness. He lives for that, and if he cannot, then he feels like a failure, he blames himself also, even though it’s not his fault. (Yes.)

Similarly, I have this kind of pain, that I feel like, “Is there anything else I can do to wake the humans up?” It’s not easy. It’s not easy to live with it. But I have been running all these decades and talking and giving lectures and all that, and to individuals and groups, even privately also. I don’t know what else I can do. (It is a lot, what You are doing, already.)

At the moment, I can only work for Supreme Master Television and give out messages through lectures and through… to talk a little bit only, and of course doing the job that you guys are doing. Editing this and that, correcting this and that. And also other documents, for dogs, or dogs workers, and companies, companies’ workers. And Supreme Master Television new workers, and all kinds of stuff. (A lot.) Helping with other things, suggesting, thinking of ideas, what else to do for the TV. That’s all I can do for now. It’s not much else. (Thank You so much, Master, for all Your) Not much else. (hard work.)

It doesn’t pay much. Many times, I go out, lecture, many, many people come. Thousands come to listen, but only some hundreds stay for initiation. (I see.) This is a lot of work for organizing. Also karma to take in. And also finance behind it. (Yes.) And workers and all kinds of things, traveling and sickness and karma. And only a few hundred stay. And from all these few hundreds, not all of them stay on the path. (Right.) Some just come and go (Yes.) because of family influence, because of weakness, because of habit, eating meat and drinking, and cannot stop. Some are like that. (So many obstacles in this world.) That’s right. OK, my love. (OK, Master. Thank You so much.)

Thank you all of you again, Supreme Master Television workers. Thank you, all of you, for your dedication and your sacrifice and your love to help the world. May God bless you all, the inside workers and the outside workers, and all who support the Supreme Master Television. Thank you, all of you. God bless. (Thank You, Master. Thank You for Your Love and Blessing.) Love is all I have. Love is all I can give. I don’t have anything else. (It’s the most powerful.) Anything that comes out, like blessing from Supreme Master Television, it all comes from Love. And this Love comes from God. (Yes, Master.) I cannot claim any credit. It’s all God’s Love, God’s Grace that’s flowing through me. (Yes, Master.) And I’m just hoping every day that I can be a good instrument, stronger instrument to help the world, because they really need it. (Thank You, Master.) OK, my love. Thank you, all of you also. (Thank You.) God bless. (God bless, Master.) Good night. (Good night.)

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