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A Butterfly’s Renunciation: Discourses from “Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)”

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“Así Hablaba Quetzalcóatl (Thus Spoke Quetzalcóatl)” is a beautiful tale that offers upliftment to all Truth seekers yearning for spiritual understanding. In this book, we follow the travels of the legendary Aztec god Quetzalcóatl, who is the story’s enlightened Master. In His offering of discourses to earnest seekers, we see that Quetzalcóatl highlights the importance of the inward journey. Transcending both time and space, this journey connects us with the inner Heavenly Light and Music. Thus, the words from “Así hablaba Quetzalcóatl” illuminate one’s spiritual endeavors with profound Truth.

“When you search, do it in yourselves, and when you want to find, go to others. But don’t go to others without knowing yourselves. When you go to others, give them your achievements and findings as a gift, and do not ask for their support, not even for their joy in return, because when you do this you walk the path, which is the path traced by the Light. Let silence be your word, and the path of your feet. Neither walk with a borrower’s mouth nor with other peoples’ feet. Nonetheless, offer your mouth and feet to whomever needs them at whatever moment.”

“Before you speak of your fellow’s path, and say aloud what your heart feels, take a look at yourselves, and put yourselves in his place. Then you will realize that you would be doing the same thing that he does. Keep silent and do not criticize him. Help him to get up from his stumbles, and learn from them in order not to stumble yourselves on the same stone later on. When you do something, let your heart throb on it, when you give something, let your vibrations melt and fly on it, because your Father is watching over you, and tears of joy will flow to His divine eyes. Your Father feels you and is within you at this moment.”

“Don’t let eyes, ears, or thoughts deceive you, thoughts which cross your mind like clouds being swung by the winds of circumstance. Do not stop being ‘yourselves,’ and discover within you those mountains that undulate in the sky, those valleys that get sleepy with the sun, those rivers that seek for themselves at every moment, those trees that are your breath, and those little birds that are your hope and joy. I come from inside of you, and my voice is the voice of Life, and my steps are all men’s steps seeking for Man. Awaken Me in you, because I am in your inner selves, even though the senses make you believe that I am still outside.” “We should only talk about what we have known. Otherwise, it would be better to keep silent. Be careful not to criticize. Be careful not to judge. The measurement of advancement in the way will be: How much peace have we shared? How much love have we given? Be sincere, be yourself.”

“Brother, don’t allow the coldness of life to defeat you, later you will be Life itself. Don’t let nightmares defeat you, because they pass away. And don’t you forget that also copper, when hammered, twists and screams, protests and cries. But later on, once molded, it turns into a beautiful and admirable object, turning to praise the hard blows it cursed before. So, go to your house, meditate over this matter, and don’t drink anymore. Life’s blows will also make a vase out of you, from which someday light may be taken.”

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