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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 11 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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We don’t have planet B. OK? We have but other places. Not here. We cannot replace here. I don’t want billions of people to suffer if something happens to the planet. That’s why I’m trying very hard.

Relying on sea water and a machine. It’s not always safe is it? And that whole city has to drink that kind of water. Maybe they can filter it with some special instrument, right? (Yes.) A special cup, a special jar, a jug or something, that can do it. But how long? And they have to wash in that, bathe in that. Wash vegetables and everything in that kind of water. And the sea is so big, but nowadays, not every space of sea water is clean. They dump sewage in it, they dump garbage in it, or they just flow down, by chance, by nature, and all kinds of plastic, microplastic in there and then all kinds of dirty things or sewage system, all go into the sea because they don’t have anywhere else to go, in some countries like that. (Yes.) Or sometimes typhoon or earthquake, broken, and then all the sewage system went to the sea, or rivers or lakes and then we drink that. (Oh.) Not recycled even, not purified even. Even if the water from the sewage is purified, they say can drink, but can you imagine drinking it? (No.) You just have not to know, it’s the best. (Yes.) If you’re in such and such country and you know it might happen, you just try to think maybe it’s not in my cup. It’s somewhere else. Maybe they use it just for shower, maybe they don’t use it in my water system. You bet, you hope, you pray. (Yes.) Not everyone can afford to buy the filtered water. Many people have to drink that. And I pray that they didn’t have to know. Why do I talk so much about these things?

Choose quality, select class, and offer the best to the people. Do as much as you can. It helps. It helps, some, many people, (Yes, Master.) to open their eyes, to be kind to each other, to be kind to the animals. You help to rescue millions, billions of animals in the course of time, if not quickly. It helps. There are some channels that are free. They’re also happy. Because one of your brothers, he takes care of that. He always says, “Thank You, Master. We always find good channels, help the world.” And then recently I found out that some channels did not charge us at all. Either internet channel, or some television, or cable. And I said, “No, no, no, no.”

I wrote to him. One of your sisters knows it. I told you to write it for me. (Yes, Master.) I said, “No, no. I never take money from people. We have to pay, because they, the owner of the television, the cable, has to pay. Are they that rich?” They said, “No, no. I don’t know if they are rich or not. They don’t want our money. They like our content. (Oh.) They like our television content.” I said, “They should like it. We work day and night. We sacrifice our sleep and meals for that. We work to the best of human capacity already. They should like it. And we select, we did the best. So if they like it, it’s no surprise. But we have to pay, because they have to pay.” They said, “No, they don’t want to take our money.” Some even want to pay us to air our television.

One second. Must be a lot of karma today, not yours. The world karma. Some days less, some days more. My eyes are running again, and maybe because what we are talking about, will affect a lot of people, so karma is coming to me already. I never had this eye watering until today. Because when I don’t see the disciples, nothing will happen, (Yes, Master.) less, less happens.

At the moment I think many countries don’t allow people, like even Vietnam or Âu Lạc, they don’t let foreigners to come in yet, except for some very special reason. Or their own people, come from abroad, and then have to quarantine and check before they let them out. Oh my God, what a pandemic. They make everybody become prisoners. You see that? (Yes.) It’s such a collective karma. But it has some good points. In Ireland, they release many, or maybe all prisoners because they don’t want the COVID-19 to become a cluster there. I just saw it somewhere. Maybe they don’t release them into society. It’s just like isolation somewhere, so they don’t infect each other more. That’s good for them, at least they have some more freedom and privacy. (Yes, Master).

Now. Why am I talking there? We don’t have planet B. OK? We have but other places. Not here. We cannot replace here. I don’t want billions of people to suffer if something happens to the planet. That’s why I’m trying very hard. And worst of all, something happens to their souls. Because, oh my God, it’s a huge monumental task to rescue all the billions of people from hell. All their karma will stay with them forever. Such a big number, difficult to interfere.

Be very careful, about what you give to the world, through our television. It’s worthy of your sacrifice. And I’m forever thanking you. I really thank you. You know I mean it. Right? (Yes, Master.) (We thank You, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) I thank you for sacrificing your prime of your time to stay and work with me as a team. I also thank all the brothers, sisters in the world. They also sacrifice their time, even if they have their family and work. I thank all of you. I really mean it. (Thank You, Master.) I don’t care who I am. I don’t care who you are. I thank you. In this work, we are equal. You got that? (Yes, Master.) I’m just your teammate. You got that, mate? In this work, Supreme Master Television, I’m your workmate, I mean work colleague. OK? We are friends, we are teammates, we are teamwork. That’s all. That’s why I always write to thank you. (Yes, Master.) I’m a Master. It’s a different field. But in this work we are together like a team. That’s why I always thank you.

I thank you for helping the world. I thank you for your sacrifice. I thank you for your skills, for your talent, for your goodness, for your sincerity, for your good heart. I thank you. I know. You know, right? You know many times I thank you. (Yes, Master.) Not always the same. I can. I can do that. I can just write one sentence: “Thank you for your talent, for your goodness, for your heart.” And then print it for everybody. But I wrote whatever comes to my mind. Different show, different team.

I thank all of you and the whole teamwork. Because I consider myself as your teammate. (Yes.) As equal. Because we work for the same ideal. With the same ideal, same direction and do the same thing. So we are a team. In the human standard, I’m just your team. But I’m your Master. It’s different. The Master Power, I use to help you and help the world and the universe. That’s a different thing. But when I’m doing the same thing with you, we are a team. OK? (Yes, Master.) I want you also to look at me in that way, so don’t hesitate to ask me things or tell me what’s wrong. You never did. You tell me things. Right?

Thank you very much. But you tell me this is not… and it’s good. We work together like that so we can always be better and improve. Now, then I said to your sister several times already, I think at least three times. “We go to my favorite place in the Himalayas, and there, next to the samosa stand. And we can eat more than one, or more than two.” Because at that time, I didn’t have enough money. I can afford only two, maximum that day. Then the other day I cannot. But now, I think I can, you can eat the whole stand if you want. We take turns to eat the whole stand. Right now, we have to all sacrifice these samosas that I advertise so much. That lady, if she’s still alive or no, she should give me some free samosas for this advertisement. No? Because she makes very small ones, about my wrist, like this, the samosa.

In the normal shop, they make it bigger, about this. But if they make that bigger, it will be more expensive, then I couldn’t afford even half of it. So she makes it very small. The size of my wrist, and I could only afford one every day, because I did not know how long I would stay there, and my money was running out because I gave donations everywhere, God bless. God bless that I could have given at that time. For myself at that time, when I give 10,000 German marks, that’s a lot of money for me. Considering I have nothing anymore, maybe a return ticket and some taxi money only.

That’s my retirement money that I took out early. You can do that in Europe, you can take your money out. I don’t know of any other country, but in Germany you could do that. You could take your money, the retirement money out. Because you worked, you paid for retirement and if you don’t wait until you are older or you don’t work anymore, you want the money, you can have it. That is my retirement money. Because I get it only from Germany, I didn’t get it from France or other places that I worked before, I don’t think so, it’s just Germany, I worked there. And that means I gave everything I had at that time. For me it was big. And then when I came back, somehow I came back and then I had some more money but very little, very little, not 10,000 like that.

Or maybe my former husband, he put some money in the bank without me knowing after I left or before I left that I didn’t know of. I wanted to close the bank (account), because I thought I didn’t have any money in there, what for keep it. Maybe only 10 dollars, and I don’t want to keep it in there in case I have to pay for the service. That’s what I was thinking. (Yes.) So I go to close it, and then I have maybe, 4,000 Deutsche Marks. I don’t know how much US dollars nowadays. Cannot be much more than that. You know, more and less. Doesn’t matter, it’s not a lot and I have to buy a ticket from that, and I have to survive. I have to buy my food, but I was very frugal, just chapatti and peanut butter, and some cucumber. That’s it, every day. And a samosa. Not every day also, not every day.

Now, the chapatti and cucumber and peanut butter I know is nutritious enough. I learnt that peanut butter is enough nutrition for me. I am small. And the chapatti, whole meal chapatti, that should be good enough for me. So I ate the minimum of nutrition requirements to survive. And I was very happy. Now I think about it, I was the most happy there… yes, at that time. Even though I don’t have much money and I don’t have enough good food.

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