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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 9 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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I haven’t checked whether or not the new vaccine will be valid, will be helpful to these new varieties of virus or not. Six new variants of virus discovered. In different places they keep killing many chickens, thousands or hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands of them again, and minks and ducks.

I tell you one story, quick. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), this is a true story. Long, long years ago, there was a man who made chicken soup to sell. And also sold the chicken meat, together with it. So one day, he was sick. And then, he laid there for many days. Not dead. Just not responsive. Just has still some little breathing. And the heart is still beating faintly. So, the family does not bury him yet. He stayed like that for some time.

It’s long time since I read that story. There are many stories like that in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Not just one. I read them when I was younger. I forgot. I was very interested in reincarnation and spiritual stuff when I was young already. I read many of them. And this is one of them only. But similar stuff, so, I don’t have to repeat to you. Just one story is enough. This is the latest one that I read.

And then, I remember that man. And he was just laying there for long time, but not dying, not showing a sign of death or suffering or anything. So, the family gives medicine, he still doesn’t recover. So, afterwards, they just lay him there and wait for him to be finished, and bury. Everything was already ready for a funeral. And then he came back. Because he told the story. He changed his job immediately. He said, “Free all the chickens. Free them all. Feed them and let them die naturally. Separate them so that they don’t make any more chickens. And then, the rest just feed them until they die naturally and then bury them with respect in a grave and all that. Not kill them anymore.”

And all the family, and neighbors, and doctors and friends were all very surprised. They said, “But, why, why, why? It’s your sickness that changed your brain? It damaged your brain or something? We are doing well with this business. Why suddenly after you came back from the dead, and you just say ‘We don’t do this business anymore.’”

So he said, “Oh, I’ve just been to hell.” (Oh.) “And then I have met the judge of hell. And before that, so many chickens come and peck me all over my body; the pain, I have no words to describe. They keep picking me, picking me, pecking me, pecking me. Oh, I keep begging them to stop but they don’t stop. And all the devils stand around, but they do nothing. I beg them, ‘Please, stop! All the chickens, don’t pick me, don’t peck me. Don’t hurt me.’ Nobody listened, nobody listened and then I just remembered faintly Quan Yin Boddhisatva. And I prayed to Her, ‘Please, help me.’”

Even though the Aulacese (Vietnamese) or many Asian people, they do this kind of business or they kill animals, but they still pray, because they’re mostly Buddhists. They have Boddhisatva statues, or Their picture in their house. And every day they light incense, they put fresh flowers and some food, fruits to offer. So because all his life, he did that, so he remembered Quan Yin Boddhisatva at that moment, so he prayed to Hirm.

And then, Quan Yin Boddhisatva came. She stopped all the chickens. She said, “Please, wait. We will talk, OK? You leave this person alone now.” And then, they immediately stopped. They all bowed down to Quan Yin Boddhisatva of course. And then, the person, the patient in hell, said, “Thank you” and prostrated to Quan Yin Boddhisatva and begged Quan Yin Boddhisatva to help him. He still has family to feed. And he cannot just die, and he cannot just be punished like this. And the Quan Yin Boddhisatva said, “You just eat vegetarian the first of the month, and you don’t do anything good. And you killed so many beings like this. How are you going to even go back to life again? You’re going to be punished like this forever, or at least a long, long, long, long, long, long, long time to come. And then, after you’re done, after all these souls are reincarnated, you will have to be reincarnated again as a chicken, again, again and again, to be killed, and boiled, and throat cut, and pluck your feathers out while you are still alive and kicking, keep plucking your feathers out, again, again and again and again and again, many thousand times, because that is the amount of chickens that you have killed and the suffering you have done to them like that. You have to suffer again and again and again, and multiply it.”

Oh, the person was so scared, so scared. He kept prostrating, prostrating, bowing and prostrating to Quan Yin. “Please help. Is there anything? Please help me. I will… I will change, I will change. I will do good. I will take care of the chickens. I will not do that wicked deed again. I will not. I will change my job. Even if I die, I will change it. Please, help me. Please do something. Please tell me what to do?” So the Quan Yin Boddhisatva said, “OK. We can minimize your sentence. But you have to do really good, good, good, good, as good as you can. Help as many as you can. Help people, OK? Sell your property. Keep only the minimum. Give it to the poor. And then, take care of the animals as much as you can. Keep only the minimum for yourself and your family. And then do good deeds, do charitable deeds. And go to the temple as many times as you can and recite the sutra for all the souls of the chickens that you have killed, as much as you can every day, every day, every day, every day, non-stop, day and night, whenever you can, all the time, all the time. And then, you dedicate all this merit to all the chickens that you have killed. Then you will be released also.”

So, he said he will do all that. And then he said, “Please, can I go now. I’m eager to come back to life and to do what I have promised. And so, Quan Yin Bodhisattva asked all the chickens if they agree to give the man forgiveness and a chance to redeem his sins. So the chickens said, “Whatever Bodhisattva says we obey You. We also want to be liberated, we also want to do good. It’s maybe also our karma that we have forgotten. That’s why we became chickens. So they all talked philosophically, and then the Bodhisattva said, “OK, it’s good. Now I have to ask the warden of the hell, the chief, see what he says, whether or not he’ll let go. So the warden said, “Can do, because of Bodhisattva’s interference. And we have all respect for You. But he sinned too much. He has to pay at least something before he can go. Because otherwise, it’s not fair for the whole universe to look. I am the judge, I have to do my duty.”

So even Bodhisattva cannot ask for completely free forgiveness. You see that? (Yes, Master.) So the Bodhisattva said, “OK, then what is the punishment?” He said, “He has to swallow hot iron pellets. (Wow.) Hot, red hot. Burned iron pellets, many, and then he can go.”

So, Quan Yin Bodhisattva asked the man if he agreed to that. He said, “Of course, of course. It’s very painful, but I agree to that. Please, please, if no other choice.” No choice, of course, so the devil pinned him down, made him kneel there and open his mouth. Even if he wanted to close his mouth, he cannot. It’s just opened like this. And one pellet, hot iron pellet, came in after another, until it stopped. Until it’s done.

It’s very painful, as if you are doing it with your physical body. (Yes, Master.) So don’t think that when you have an astral body, you feel no pain, you do. You feel even more pain. (Wow.) Because all things are open. All the sensations are open. Nothing protects you at all. But then he didn’t die, just feels the pain, but helpless. He cannot move, he cannot close his mouth, he cannot run, nothing. Just pure pain, that’s what he felt. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want you to even understand it, but never mind. You understand, you can imagine that. Imagine how it is like.

So, of course after that, the demons from hell, both of them took him back to his body. And then he came back to his body. Still feels pain, but not like burning, like in hell. He recovered, and then he immediately took care of that business, doesn’t kill the chickens anymore, takes care of them, and sells whatever he can. Keeps whatever’s enough for himself and his family.

That’s his story, and he wrote it in a small book, and he printed it. In the book, I remember he asked whoever can, print it, please print it more and give it to others, so that they learn the lessons. (Oh.) But is only in Aulacese (Vietnamese). For this story, people don’t make it big. It’s not like international or CNN or FOX News, or whatever. So, it’s just between them, in the village and maybe a little bit further in the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) country somewhere. Whoever believes in it, prints it and gives it away. I got one copy of that, that’s all.

And I read many similar stories before in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), I was interested. That was your question answered, by the way, right? (Yes, Master.) OK. Good. Any more questions, my love?

(I have a follow up on that COVID question, Master.) Yeah. (Master said before that the COVID viruses, their souls are smart, so they mutated.) Yeah. (With the creation of the successful vaccine with God’s grace, does that mean that these souls are appeased, and they will not mutate anymore?)

Oh no! No! They’ll continue mutating. The scientists have discovered six or seven or something more mutations, more variants of the virus. Different types now, new! Newly discovered. I just saw it in the news yesterday in the headlines, I don’t have time to read it. I think I sent it to you, your script team or something for your information in case you are interested. In case you need it to research more and write an article, or write a show or something. I sent it. I scan different places. But, I think six or eight or seven. But many anyway, at least six of them, I remember well. Different variety now. So I am not sure.

I haven’t checked whether or not the new vaccine will be valid, will be helpful to these new varieties of virus or not. Six new variants of virus discovered. In different places they keep killing many chickens, thousands or hundreds of thousands, or tens of thousands of them again, and minks and ducks. Oh, they kill them because of flu or COVID. Keep killing. What's the use of all this? Why don't they just wake up? My God. So logical what I'm saying, no? (Yes, Master.)

And we want nothing from them either. We don't even know where they live, what their name is. We don't even know their phone number, can't contact, nothing. I want nothing from anybody and you all know that, you're all my witnesses. Right? (Yes, Master.) We never ask anything from anyone, right? (No, Master.) For any reason. Just want them well, want the world well, want the planet to continue in peace, and plentiful for everyone to enjoy. (Yes.) All right. Is that the continuation? Did I answer you, or not yet? (Yes, Master.)

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