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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 8 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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Every day you should pray anyway, before you meditate. (Yes, Master.) To “Please, sustain my spiritual determination. Please give me blessing, all Heavens.” (Yes, Master.) “God Almighty, Cosmic Benevolent Beings, all the Godses, Powerful Godses, Mighty Godses, help me to sustain my spiritual endurance, to sustain my ideal, to help me to be strong, to continue to help others.”

Did I answer you, my love? (There is one more.) Yes, please.

(When the world is total vegan, would all those abilities, like reading auras, telepathy, etc., come back to humans?)

Oh, not all. Not all. That would be good. But it’s such a greedy bargain, don’t you think? Just to eat some vegetables, and then you get everything else? Man, I wish. Even I did not have that. I could not talk to dogs or all the animals before, until many, many, ten years of practice. (Yes, Master.) (Wow.) And you, want just to be vegan and then everything else comes to you? Or everybody else? Wow, I wish. God, did You hear that? Can You grant it? Have to be worthy, OK? (Yes, Master.) All the cows, all the oxes, all the rabbits, all the turtles, etc. They’re all vegans. They don’t have as much as you have right now. They don’t have the Quan Yin Method.

That’s the best gift you can have, ever. (Yes Master.) In any, any eon that you pass through, you are lucky if you have the Quan Yin Method to practice because that guarantees your freedom forever. Liberation forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Many people, monks and nuns and priests, practice all their life, doing all kinds of penance and denying all kinds of comfort: sleep on the rough ground or eating once a day, or eating once every two, three days, or eating coarse food, or eating nothing much, sleep on nail bed, hanging one leg on the tree, or standing on one leg, all the time, whenever, and burning the fire in front of them, underneath the summer midday sun for I don’t know how long, and they get nothing, of what you get. Got that? (Yes Master.)

Because if you continue to practice, that’s where your liberation guarantee lies. No one in this world has what you have. Not just to eat vegetarian or vegan, then you have it. No, that would be too, too, too good. Then all the monkeys would have everything. Or the fruitarians even would… vegans, they don’t. They don’t have that. OK? They might have blessing. They would have peace of mind. They have protection, if their karma from a previous life or the first half of their lives allows that, even. Or the fixed karma of this life allows that.

Because anyone who comes to this world has to have fixed karma. You have to undergo this, this, this, this. But you can change, because you practice the Quan Yin Method. Then you have a strong will, if you wanted that. (Yes, Master.) But if you don’t practice, of course, then you have to undergo whatever you undergo. You practice, your karma will be minimized. And together with your strong ideal. Your ideal is your guideline. You have to have strong ideals, that, “People suffer so much. Animals are tortured so much. I cannot think of myself. I must do this to help them, whatever way I can. Whatever way I can, even if I die, I do it.” That is how you have to lead your own way to go. (Yes, Master.)

I teach you all these decades already. You know what’s right, what’s wrong. I’m not preaching to you anymore. I don’t want to. You know already. You are your leader. You are your master. You do it. So anyone who left, as your question asked before, they’re weak, OK? (Yes, Master.) They maybe don’t practice strong enough or don’t have enough idealism, idealistic spirit. (Yes, Master.)

Of course, these people who left, I understand. I understand that they are swayed. OK? They lost the battle and all that. I forgive, all the time. Forgiving is better than holding a grudge, because it’s lighter. It makes your heart feel better. (Yes.) I never liked not to forgive. Forgiving is easier than punishing. OK? (Yes, Master.)

All right. Have I answered your question somehow? (Yes, Master.) Did I miss anything? Or, is there something else that you think I should elaborate? (Very good and complete answer, Master. Thank You.) OK, my love.

(Master, since you mentioned about prayers a little bit earlier,) Yes. (and contracts earlier,) Yes? (how does the power of prayer work? Is it because of the contract, Heaven can’t help people? So we need to pray so that Heaven has a reason to intervene?)

Yes. Because we are humans together. Or just say relatives or humans together, we all have connection, we all have affinity to be in one world together, or in one country together. That is affinity we had from former lives. That’s why we are born together in the same place, like Âu Lạc (Vietnam) or in China, or in Germany, or in America. So, we can pray. Because when we pray, we are more connected to Heaven. (Yes, Master.) So, the Heaven power can be connected to you and flow into you, and since you are having affinity with other humans, that power can be transmitted, because she/he did not have, doesn’t have, or doesn’t have at that moment. Weak, (Yes, Master.) plagued by karma or by the contrast. So, with your extra power now, you can share. Otherwise, you don’t have enough extra power.

Like if you don’t have money, even if you want to help your friend, you can’t. You must have some extra money in order to give. (Yes, Master.) Yes. In order to have that, either you have it in your savings or you go to the bank. You connect with the bank, get the money through a credit card, through whatever. That is the prayer meaning. Physically speaking like that. Do you understand? (Yes, Master.) Is it clear? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) All right. So, if you don’t go to the bank, if you don’t work, if you don’t have savings, then you cannot help anyone that you like. OK? (Yes.) Just like if you don’t pray, then you don’t have extra power to give that person.

Or a prayer is just like you make a GoFundMe activity or you make a fund or an organization or make a foundation, for example, and ask others to help you financially. They will donate to that fund, or GoFundMe account, then you can use that to help others because you don’t have enough money yourself to help all the ones you wanted to help, be it humans or animals. Is that more clear to you. (Yes, Master.)

Every day you should pray anyway, before you meditate. (Yes, Master.) To “Please, sustain my spiritual determination. Please give me blessing, all Heavens.” (Yes, Master.) “God Almighty, Cosmic Benevolent Beings, all the Godses, Powerful Godses, Mighty Godses, help me to sustain my spiritual endurance, to sustain my ideal, to help me to be strong, to continue to help others.” (Yes, Master.) Like that. That is a prayer before. And after that you say, “Thank You, for all the help.”

After meditation, or any time. I’m thanking all the time, not just in meditation. But in this physical body, I need help. Whenever They cannot, then I have to do it, of course. And it costs me also something. But never mind, I have to do what I do and it’s OK. It’s OK. I like to. I cannot let all these strong devils hanging around and making more harm to other people. They work through humans. And whoever in more power, they try to work on that. So, normally one devil would try to plague one person, but in a case of a big leader, they send more. (Yes, Master.) Three, four, five. Lucky I took many of them, most of them down already. Otherwise, there’ll be more chaos. (Yes, Master.)

Ah, right. Now… What was it that he asked? (It was just about prayer, but thank You. You answered me, Master.) Your meditation power is enough to… if you meditate just the way I told you. Three times a day at least. And meditate before you sleep. You sit on your bed or your couch and then meditate. Make sure you sit next to the wall and not next to the edge. Don’t think you have enough samadhi power to keep you straight and not falling. I am worried about your floor. It might crack. Your meditation daily is enough to cover you. And also, because of your working for Supreme Master TV you have some extra merit to cover you. (Yes, Master.) But if you want to help others, anybody that you think you should pray for, pray extra. (Yes, Master.) Pray extra that God would help that person, to turn things right for him, because he’s just and fine, he’s good for us, for the world.

(Master, if a person who is sick and infected with the COVID-19 virus sincerely asks the animals’ souls, which are in the virus, for forgiveness, would that somehow help the animals’ souls and the infected person?)

It depends. You see, all these viruses, from the slaughtered animals before, long time already... not present time, doesn’t have to be present time, (Yes.) they could have been going through different incarnations already. Then this time, because it’s the final time of judgement, also, Heaven allows that. This is also the contract with the maya before. (Yes, Master.) That they are allowed to revenge. (Oh. Yes, OK.)

And the people who are infected are normally already depleted in merit and worth, and… whatever, you name it, so their life should be suffering like that. So, they have nothing to offer to this virus in exchange. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Because this time of our planet, it’s the final judgement time that has come upon humankind already.

I’ve been warning over these decades, but no one, not a lot listen. If they could have U-turned, then, they would, we would have been able to avoid this. Or suffer very much less. So these people, they are the karma-ladened, heavy already. Their time is like that. They have nothing to offer. If they have something to offer, then, of course they can. If they know, if they believe in karma, of course they can also pray. They can also pray. But it’s not that easy. You cannot just negotiate directly with these souls. It has to be some intervention from some higher spiritual person, higher accomplished person, even past or present Masters, (Yes, Master.) to intervene, to witness the promise. This person can say it inside, even though he doesn’t see the virus’ soul, he can say that “Please, if I have done you harm, if I have killed you or tortured you before because of my ignorance, please forgive me. If I can live, I will turn around. I can help. I’ll try to help animals instead. And then, I will somehow earn merit by following some righteous way, some Master, and whatever merit I have, I will share with you. And you will be liberated from this lowly existence.” Then, they can do it. Then they can be released. You understand? (Yes, Master.)

Heaven has, Master power has intervened a lot, a lot, a lot already. Unless his time or her time is up. Then, they have to go. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) If still can have some time to live, then, the Master will not let them die; intervene, and negotiate. You got what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) With the soul of that person, if they repent in their heart. Then, it would be somehow helped. But if that person comes back and does the same thing again and being ignorant again, saying, “Oh, nothing happened to me,” just because his soul understands, but his mind doesn’t. He thinks, “Oh, he can come back, do the same thing, what happened is just a piece of cake. I am sick only a few days, or one week, two weeks, one month and I am OK now.” Then, they forget their vow. They forget their promise. Then, they will get sick again. Or something will happen to them. Then, they will suffer again. So, it has to be sincere because Heaven knows.

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