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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 2 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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And I heard that yesterday the dog was wounded because the wild one, she escaped from the big garden fence and then went out and then got trapped in the animal trap. (Oh.) Luckily, she escaped and came home, but she’s wounded badly. (Oh.) The leg was trapped (Oh.) and wounded badly. Don’t know how she escaped. She told me she used magic (Wow.) to escape.

Right now, I don’t have dogs. OK? Missing them. Don’t have. And I heard that yesterday the dog was wounded because the wild one, she escaped from the big garden fence and then went out and then got trapped in the animal trap. (Oh.) Luckily, she escaped and came home, but she’s wounded badly. (Oh.) The leg was trapped (Oh.) and wounded badly. Don’t know how she escaped. She told me she used magic (Wow.) to escape. Because how can you escape from the trap of the animal when your legs are completely caught in there? (Yes.) Swollen and bleeding. Luckily she escaped and came back.

Of course, I wrote to the people, told them to go and look for her at night and day. And they got her. But she’s very scared of humans, she only trusts a few. She trusted me, but she doesn’t trust many others. Even the ones who take care of her. They still have this habit to scare. So, even the ones who take care, not long, she would run away if they call her, or if come near. (Yes.) So, she was trapped again in one small hole, very difficult, but luckily they took her out and went to the doctor already. That’s what I heard, I haven’t seen her, of course.

I’ve been praying for her and looking for her, and talking to her, and she says she’s far, and then she says she’s near, and then she’s far again, she’s near again. And I knew she was trapped, (Oh.) after a while, so, I asked them to go everywhere looking whether or not she was trapped in between the fence. But she was not trapped there. She was trapped somewhere else, nearby. But not between the fence and the earth. I thought she might dig the hole and come out. (Yes.) She’s the one who escaped to come out. Normally she did not do that before. She always came back. She went all over into the forest, around it, but she never comes out. But that day, maybe she has found the hole that she can enlarge it, dig in it and come out, under the fence, somehow. And then I asked her, I say, “Oh, it’s habit, she just has to go, and then some karma pushing.” I said, “Good excuse, good excuse.”

I am not angry with her, but I say, “I’m too lazy to talk to you again. If I don’t ever see you again, you know why, huh?” I pretend to be angry. I say, “I’m angry with you, you make everybody worry, and I worry. Could not sleep the whole night, worrying about you. And looking for you, worrying, because I know you’re trapped somewhere.” But it was at night already. It’s very difficult to find those traps, you cannot get in, just animals can. (Yes.) There was no road or nothing. The people, your brothers or sisters, would not be able to see it at night. Also, there are other traps, for sure. And if I send them at night, going around there, they’ll be trapped themselves. (Oh.) Step on there. It happened before.

One of the residents, when we were in Pingtung before, he just left and went somewhere wandering into the deep mountain forest there, and then he got trapped, his leg, (Oh.) in there. And he couldn’t get out because they chain their traps together in a tree or something, nobody can take it out. And it’s very strong. They are intended to trap strong animals like boars, wild boars. So, they have to make it strong. Nobody can open it. (Oh.) Humans cannot open. (Yes, Master.) With a special instrument of course, they have to do something to open it, otherwise the hand cannot. So, he was trapped and laying there. Oh. I sent everybody to go looking for him. Finally found him. And go to doctor, of course. (Yes, Master.)

So, even if I know the place where she’s trapped, I told brothers, I said, “She’s trapped somewhere. Maybe near the fence, so go look inside the fence and outside the fence also.” But then it’s too late, they cannot find anything, and I don’t want to send them further because I’m worried they’ll get trapped as well. Afterward, I know, but then it’s too late. So, in the morning, I said, “In the morning continue finding because at night is too late.” So then they found her at last. She’s free already, she’s free already by her own magic, finally. It took long, long, long hours for her to free herself, not like you have magic and you open it just like that, it depends.

Before she used the magic to open the chain that we put around her, the chain so that she doesn’t run away? Yes. In Thailand I did that because when I first got her, she always ran away and came back whenever she wanted because of the kids inside. But I worry she comes out, eats the garbage. So I have to chain her but next to me. I mean outside of the door so that she has fresh air but we are inside the house, we can see her. Because before we used a soft collar and soft string. She bit them all. She bit them all immediately and ran. So we thought just chain while we are eating.

She doesn’t like to go in the house, so I said, “OK. You stay out here on the porch.” We have a long, long rope so she can have freedom, a little bit. And all in iron, but she used magic to open it. She didn’t bite, she cannot, you know, the chain? (Yes, yes.) They use it for dogs, like to take him for a walk. (Yes.) Not very thick one but thick enough. (Yes, Master.) People also use it to lock their door. It’s about maybe half millimeter thick. Smaller one for her size, but she used magic to open it and go. It’s not bitten, it’s not like open, but opened. And run away. Because if she runs away, she goes and eats garbage and goes out in the dirty places and comes back and makes the kids sick because they suckle her. That’s why I didn’t want her to go out again, but she always does that.

So this time, she used all her might to break it somehow and get out, and get back home. But when the girls who took care of her called her, I heard, I’m reported, I didn’t see all this, of course I’m not there. And the girl heard that and the girl saw her and called her but she ran away from her. This is the one who takes care of her but newer than the other one. Even the other one, whenever they come, they don’t go to them. Have to bring them somehow into a room first and put the harness on. And then put the leash on, then can go. They can take her out.

My God. That girl, she caused me so much, so much heartache and sorrow and worry all the time. Many times, not all the time, but many times. Whenever she tried to escape from a room or something, all the dogs warn her, bark all over, before when they were staying with me at that time. Long time ago. We were staying together and if I’m not there, she would try to bite the window and jump out and all the dogs were barking at her, telling, “No! No! No! No! No! No!” And then I heard the dogs, it’s like an alarm. (Wow.) I came back and then, the kind of expression of the face, happy but, shame. Like that. I say, “You! Again, huh!” And then I have to close that window, shut it. And leave very little air. Many windows, so we can have a little here, a little there, so they have enough fresh air, and we have aircon inside and fan, ventilator, all that for them. If I leave it all open and use the natural air only, she would bite the whole thing out. You know the iron net window? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, iron. (Yes.) She bites them, big hole, big time. (Wow!) It’s not the first time.

She demolished many like that in Thailand. She demolished the whole, the inside walls, and the windows, of one of the store rooms that I kept them in. Because that wasn’t my house. I rented it from one of your brothers in Thailand, just meanwhile, waiting for the dogs to be able to come to Taiwan (Formosa) at that time. Then, of course, I come in and out, sit with them and all that. But I cannot sit there 24/7. Whenever I’m not there, she bites one part of the wall and then completely demolishes it. (Wow.) Oh my God. Later, because the wall is all kaput, and I don’t want her to continue to bite further, I worry she’ll get sick because of the wall, the cement and all that, so I had to bring her in the house, together with her children. Even though it’s not my house. But I said I will pay for whatever damage. I did. And anyway, and she damaged other windows and got out again. She can open windows, open doors, open locks. But then she let me be near, she let me already after one week or maximum 10 days, she let me go near, feeding her and carrying her around on my shoulder and taking her out for a walk, with a harness and the leash, of course. (Yes, Master.) But if I leave her alone, she will bite everything, chain, harness, whatever, and out.

She embarrassed the doctor there, the vet. Because, when I first get her in the garage, he came in and put a neck collar on her and put the chain on her and took her out in the garden, in that Thailand house garden. And proudly told me, “You see? You have to treat the dog, talk to her like a girlfriend!” I said, “Oh, wow! You talk to the dog? And she feels like a girlfriend now?” He said, “Yes! Look at her! Look at her!” And then whoop! She walked backwards, freed herself from the collar. (Oh.) She ran backwards, then the collar just slipped to the front. (Yeah.) And she jumped two meters high by her paws. This kind of fence is like this. (Yes.) Kind of hole like this. (Yes.) She put her paws in there, and walk just like the stairs. (Oh.) (Wow.) Took one second only, not even, out. And the doctor was standing there. I said, “Huh? Your girlfriend’s gone.” And he didn’t know what to say.

And we had to find many kinds of tricks in order to take her. We used a big like garden leaves collector with holes (Yes.), the basket, big, (Yes, Master.) to swoop on her, then bring her in the room. And then, of course, I’m always inside the house, but I don’t want her to be in there, because she likes to be outside, so I let her inside that one time, and she used her magic to break the chain and went, left, just like that. (Wow.)

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