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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 4 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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That’s why many of the predictions say in 2012, more or less, it’s the time that we say sayonara to this world and to our bodies. But because of the leniency of Heaven, we are still here. (Yes, Master.) Yes! But many, many disasters to warn humankind. (Yes, Master.) But just to give them the last ever chance to U-turn, to repent, to get the blessing to all be liberated.

And then you stay together in bubbles, so you don’t have to worry about how to get on the bus or car and how to get together and how long it takes to go somewhere. (Yes, Master.) Because if I have to... I don’t need the glasses now. I prepared for the books. Oh, maybe I need it. So, I can see you better, because the screen is small. My eyes are not as good as before. I do have eye drops, whatever I do, but it doesn’t work that fast. I guess I’m getting younger every day, that’s why. (Yes, Master.) I’m getting 71 soon. My God, I can compete with the President of America. You guys are American. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) Compete in age. All right. So, is that OK? Your question’s answer. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) It’s a long answer. Because you reminded me of things. You know my calendar by now. Tell me what else?

(Master, on Noteworthy News we noted that “New research discovers galaxies in the infant universe were surprisingly mature.” What is the spiritual meaning of it? Why would God speed up the maturation of galaxies?)

Why not? Why shouldn’t God do that? Everything is evolving. (Yes.) We don’t stay always in the same situation. (Yes, Master.) And the blessing of good practitioners is more nowadays than usual. Yes, and strong power that Tim Qo Tu has brought down. You forget? (No, Master.) You forget that Tim Qo Tu has brought a lot of spiritual power down? (No.) And that, of course, influences the whole universe that you can see, (Yes.) surrounding our planet. There’re many other livable planets as well that will be also blessed and evolved. Even though it’s not visible to the naked eyes. But people are evolving still spiritually. And even physically. (Wow.)

There is a news somewhere, may be in your news that babies born in the last centuries, they have different figures. (Yes.) They have a shorter face. You know that news, right? (Yes.) Where from? Noteworthy News? In our news? (Yes.) OK. And then, they have an extra meridian, extra vein, etc. There are many other transformations scientists have not yet discovered, because some are physical, but not always physical. (Yes, Master.) All right. But not as fast as I want, of course. But never mind, it can only be as fast as the humans’ ability to digest and to accept. Because the humans’ physical body, it’s not the soul. (Yes, Master.) It has the soul in it but the soul is powerful. But the physical body is not. It’s not all that powerful. So, even the blessing has to be in doses, (Yes, Master.) in small quantities.

Just like even now... Just like you take medicine. The doctor doesn’t advise you to take the whole bottle at once so that you’re cured immediately. (Yes, Master.) He told you to take two, three pills a day, (Yes, Master.) and even one day, may be two, three times. (Yes.) With a meal or after a meal or with the stomach protection medicine. Otherwise, you’re kaput. Your body will get more damaged than healed. You see that? (Yes, Master.) And even now, we found COVID-19 vaccines, but have to take it in two doses. (Yes.) For now, two doses at least. And in the space of three to four weeks. (Yes, Master.) It’s not because it’s a wonder medicine, “OK. Why not put altogether in one time and make sure you never get infected because it’s strong and powerful.” You can’t! (Yes, Master.)

Otherwise, God or the Masters would have done it long ago. No need to wait for me! And I would have just enjoyed my Heavens. My own House, my own Created Land with my good friends and whoever is elevated enough to go there. (Yes, Master.) Now, is your question answered? (Yes, Master.) We are evolving, baby. We are. Before you were born, you were so little like this, even less. (Yes.) And you grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, and then, when you come out of your mother’s condo, you grow up and grow up, grow up, up till you are so big like this. So, how can you not let the universe grow? (Yes, Master.) That’s not fair, right? (Yes.) Perhaps it’s all the blessing power, very strong nowadays. Because it’s the final judgement time. Everybody knows that. (Yes, Master.) That’s why many of the predictions say in 2012, more or less, it’s the time that we say sayonara to this world and to our bodies. But because of the leniency of Heaven, we are still here. (Yes, Master.) Yes! But many, many disasters to warn humankind. (Yes, Master.) But just to give them the last ever chance to U-turn, to repent, to get the blessing to all be liberated.

But alas, do they listen? Very limited group of people, to my disappointment. They should all be awakened. So much blessing, so much helping, so much sacrifice. But the humans are a difficult race to reason with. (Yes, Master.) Their mind’s being poisoned too long, too long. Generation after generation. And the same DNA comes back and forth, again and again. (Yes, Master.) Keeps returning, like reincarnation. Thus, people are not as easy to convert into a better, I mean a proper way of life. (Yes, Master.) The maya before makes sure that people or beings in this world have enough poison whenever they get into any body. (Oh.) They have been fed poison before they were born. (Oh, my God.) Thus, they forget everything. Only a few remember their past life. A few. Maybe they forgot to give him the poison, the forgetting potion. Or maybe that person has some leftover psychic power, can remember past life. Or those who practice well, they have this ability awakened. Or they can go into deep recesses done under hypnosis, and then they remember. But not the whole long many centuries or many eons of past lives, like the Buddha, (Yes.) or like some of His disciples.

Thus, we know that past lives exist. Still, a lot of people don’t believe and don’t understand and cannot access this Akashic record in order to read their own past life or anybody else’s past life. It’s all there in the book. The Book of Life. Book of Existence. What are other questions you have, please?

(Yes, Master. Recently, Master mentioned that She is worried for Her safety.) Yes. (Could Ihôs Kư deploy more protectors for Master? Is this allowed?) Yes! But I dispatched Them everywhere to protect people. Number one. Number two, They are not all that powerful. They are, but to a certain extent. (Yes, Master.) Because even the Lord of the Fourth Level is not that powerful. (Yes, Master.) I tell you recently, I still have leniency for the zealous demons. (Yes, Master.) And Ihôs Kư could not take these because they are the superior kind of demons. (Yes, Master.) My people, Ihôs Kư protecting Godses, cannot take them down. (Oh.) I had to do it. (Wow.) About 40 something of them.

Because They cannot handle them, so I have to bind them up altogether in two bunches, several bunches and drag around with me. (Wow.) And of course, the Ihôs Kư Godses cannot handle them. You have to know the negative power is as strong as the Buddha’s power. (Wow.) Except the love power they don’t have. (Yes.) Their power is the power of like, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” And meanwhile, they entice you to make you do bad things. Then, they can control you forever. You die, you’ll be born again. And die again, born again, die again, born again. And then do bad things again and again, against your own will even. (Yes, Master.) Before you practice, you know sometimes that you do things that you know it’s wrong, but you still did it. Remember? (Yes, Master.) Maybe some of you or outside people. Yes! It’s against your own will. You know it’s wrong, you still did! Lucky it’s not a big thing. You understand what I am saying? (Yes.) But that’s just an example.

And these (demons), I had to take care. I don’t count the number so much. I just tell you, more or less, like half of them repented, truly repented, and kneeling in there. Well, they had no choice anyway, I made them. Because the way I bind them, they cannot stand up to make trouble or to cause any more damage. (Yes, Master.) And half of them, more or less, repented, so I said, “OK, I have promised.” But I normally said long time ago, many months ago, that it’s the last time I give pardon to these evil, trouble-causers. (Yes, Master.) But still there are some who were pushed by their old boss, the maya, so they do bad things, harm people. So, they keep telling, “It’s not us, it’s not us, we did not want.” And they repented so hard, they begged so hard for forgiveness. I said, “All right then.” But still, only half of them. The rest are maybe too muddle-headed or too much poisoned, or too scared, or too much karma. Cannot repent even. If you have too much karma, you don’t even know what is it. What about God, or anything. Many hells are like that. That’s why people cannot even pray. They don’t remember anything. You understand? They don’t know what God is, they don’t know Buddha, they don’t know Jesus, nothing. Nothing is in their memory about anything that can rescue them, or forgive them. (Yes, Master.)

So, I asked Ihôs Kư, “OK, now I bind them all already, they’re powerless. You can help me to accompany them to the Fourth Level.” (Wow.) But cannot. It’s not all that easy. Now, the Lord told me that He doesn’t have enough worth anymore to accept these. Because they are still very powerful. If the Lord of the Fourth Level doesn’t have enough worth, then there could be a risk that these people cannot be converted completely, and they might turn around and resist, and make trouble for the Fourth Level world. (Oh.) (Yes, Master.)

So, the Lord cannot accept them, this batch, no more from now until He regains His worth. I have helped Them a lot, but still not enough. (Yes, Master.) Because He can only take so much as I told you by the example of medicine before. (Yes, Master.)

He can only take so much. All right. Oh, my God, for one week long I’m too busy to think of what to do. But I feel sorry for them, keep kneeling outside, prostrating outside. (Oh.) I mean, not outside physically around my garden, but they are like that. (Yes, Master.) They’re not like visible to your eyes if you were around. But they were around. I feel sorry for them also. And the ones that need to go to hell, can go already. But the ones who repented, since I promised them Heaven, I cannot rescind my words. I don’t want to. (Yes.) But I’m too busy to take care of them. There are so many other things happening in between that’s more urgent and more noteworthy, (Yes, Master.) apart from having to take care of your shows, giving you advice, corrections and do whatever I do. (Yes, Master.)

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