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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Courageous Work for the World, Part 10 of 12, Dec. 15, 2020

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It's not about their dying. If they die too soon, they don't have enough time to U-turn or to pray or to repent. They will go all straight to hell. (Yes, Master.) And it will be very difficult for me then to help them. (Yes, Master.) More difficult to help people from hell because it has to wait for a long time, for their sin to be minimized.

What did you ask again? Just in case I have some more things to tell. (Well, was wondering if those viruses are appeased and that they will not mutate anymore.) Yeah. When? Whenever they have finished with their vengeance, with the help of Heaven's power, with God's power. (Wow.) But we have peace already without sacrificing so many humans’ lives and souls. It's not about their dying. If they die too soon, they don't have enough time to U-turn or to pray or to repent. They will go all straight to hell. (Yes, Master.) And it will be very difficult for me then to help them. (Yes, Master.) More difficult to help people from hell because it has to wait for a long time, for their sin to be minimized. And also, I have many other things to do. (Yes.)

I cannot concentrate on that power to help them just for hell people. And it’s not fair for all other beings, not fair for the whole universe to see. (Yes, Master.) So, it is better that they live and they repent. (Yes.) And those who die already but repent also helped, helped to be free. But those who do not repent, then got to go to hell for sure if their karma has not erased, which it cannot be. Because not karma in this lifetime only. Karma from many lifetimes. (Yes, Master.) Only at the time of initiation, Master cut it, and only the karma of this lifetime left. Even then it's a lot already. You see what I'm saying? (Yes, Master.) But any disciple, if go against the Master, then that will be nullified, the Grace will be taken away, not by Master, just automatic. Because you lean on the left then you are in the left. (Yes.) If you lean on the right, then you are on the right. You cannot go south and expect yourself to be in the north. (Yes, Master.) That is the thing.

And if they go against the Master after initiation, all their karma will come back, like normal, like everybody else, without initiation, without trust and faith in the Master. Do you understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) That’s why sometimes I feel very sorry for people who are so ignorant, came in just to test me, or just for fun, or just because I am rich and famous, or whatever, and then turn around against me. They don’t know what fate awaits them. Oh, God, terrible. I’m so sorry. But I cannot use all my power or much of my power to rescue one of those persons. I don’t want to. (Yes, Master.) Because that will cost me a lot of the power that I can use to help hundreds of thousands more. (Yes, Master.) So even though I feel sorry for that soul, or that being, I cannot soften myself to use all, most all, a lot of my power to rescue one heavy-laden karma person. (Yes, Master.)

So don’t blame me or don’t think I don’t have love or compassion. I do. But I cannot sacrifice hundreds of thousands or millions of billions of people, just for one person. (Yes, Master.) Because I can only take down so much power at one time. Gradually, gradually, to help how much. If I use it for one person, it’s gone! Then I have to wait to get a new one. (Yes, Master.) And my body has to also be able to take it. This power, tremendous power, from the highest region. If I keep taking, taking, overdose, just like you take overdose medicine? You die, man. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) Even good things, you cannot take a lot. Ah, my God. This is complicated, this world. Complicated!

Even just to scan the news for you, I have to work many hours. Two, three hours. Sometimes more, it depends. Because sometimes, the headlines are good enough. Sometimes not, I have to check it to see whether or not it’s worthy for your information, in case if we need to, use the information to do research. (Yes, Master.) Because you’re busy, you cannot just see everything in the world, what’s happening. So if you know that happened, you can do research and then we can make a show, or report about it. So I also have to be careful about what I select for you, and it takes some time, my research also. Because whatever we put on our TV, it affects people. We have to bring something helpful, useful, not just to fill the time. Nowadays, nothing except something new happening or something interesting, entertaining, relax people’s minds, that’s how we should do our programs. (Yes, Master.)

Because my businesses continues. During this year, maybe the COVID-19, it’s slowed down, so I cannot give a lot of donations. I give but less more limited than before. But still can give until cannot. And now, it’s not just the gift only it’s the plaque. My writing, my praise to them, they give them blessing in their place as well. (Yes.) So it’s not just about money. If they receive it, they have blessing. They have protection, to some extent. (Yes, Master.) Of course, if they believe me, then they will be also more protected, and more free after life. Higher level after life or free completely, it depends on how much faith they have. It’s not just about money. But if I have more money, of course, I want to give more, OK? You would never give enough to support other people, the poor and the needy and the animals, never enough, no matter how much I give.

But I’m telling you, the world people need not to be poor. All the money spent on weapons and war, and election and what else? In many other useless, harmful businesses or doing, could be used to help the whole world, then nobody ever has to be poor again. No children ever have to go hungry, no family ever has to go without meals at all. And no women ever have to sell themselves on the street, or in the brothel and get sick, and get abused by that, by their business. Because not all the people who visit the brothel are kind and gentlemen and only want physical contact. (Yes, Master.) They beat them up also, they abuse them. Many die under the hands of the clients. Some pay money for that. Some sadistic clients, they pay money just to whip up the girls in the brothel. You know that, right? (Yeah.) (Yes, Master.) And some hate them, so they kill them one by one secretly also. You heard all that in the news. Some years ago also, so called serial killer, he only targeted the street girls. Like “Pretty Woman.”

So no women ever have to be forced into this kind of situation or forced to be married to somebody just because that person is rich, and abuse her. And she has to sacrifice her love to go with somebody that she doesn’t even know and doesn’t like and bad temper and bad, and bad looking and everything else is not at all to make her happy, and even abuse her, just because she has to sacrifice for her family because they are poor, they’re hungry. When people are hungry, they do anything. Because this is already implanted in humans’ physical make up, so that they have to be a slave forever. They have to work, hours on end, they have to work two, three jobs to make ends meet to feed their children, to feed their wife and their other relatives, parents.

But if the governments, the righteous governments in this world, they use the war money, their blood money just to help their own citizens, the poor, the needy, then our world becomes a paradise. No need for me to preach, to do anything, no need Supreme Master Television, no need us, no need my money. I don’t even need to do any business. (Yes, Master.) I could go breatharian.

Then war will never happen again because nobody is hungry, nobody needs to go to fight for war, for food, for economic reasons or for water, for a lack of water, because they are selling or planning to sell water, even on Wall Street. Because this becomes more and more precious nowadays. Maybe later we have to queue in front of a supermarket just to buy one liter of water. (Yes.) The rich people, they can have it all into their house, but maybe the poor people have to queue, to go to a supermarket to buy or maybe to put money in the machine to buy it, who knows?

Because water is getting more and more precious nowadays, clean water I mean. Many waters are already damage, dried out, finished, completely gone or poisoned. And many children have to drink this kind of poisonous, unclean water and get sick and die all the time in this world, all the time. Every second, children die, women die, elderly die. Vulnerable, poor people die because of the poisonous water of the meat industry, of the leather industry, of all these kinds of chemical industries. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why I tell you, you have to thank God every day for your luck, even if you think you don’t have as much as many other poor people do, you have. OK? (Yes, Master.) You have clean water. You have good food delivered to your place. (Yes.) And you have a good, secure, clean, free-of-infection place to stay. You can meditate together. You lean on each other for good energy, for friendship, for support. You’re a very lucky group. (Yes, Master.) Also your brother and sister colleagues, are also very lucky. I want all of you to know that. I really mean it. (Yes, Master.)

I count my luck also every day. So that even my dog can have doctors, can have vets to take care. Even if she’s wounded or anything, or sick, we have money. We can take her to the vet, so she doesn’t suffer. (Yes, Master.) And they get healed. And we have water to drink. People don’t have that. Even just the basics, just water, how many millions of people don’t have that. (Yes, Master.) And not just the underdeveloped countries. I read somewhere a long time ago, even like some places in America, you have to use recycled water. Is that true? Like, bathroom water, they recycle it again and make it clean, and then you have to use it. Some places don’t have enough water. (It is.) Is that? I read that somewhere. Is that correct? (Yes.) (Yes. That’s true, Master.) (They recycle the sewage water, also.) Sewage water. Oh my God. Imagine? And that’s in America. Right? I read that in America. (Singapore, also.) In Singapore also? (Yes.) How can that be? Singapore. Very, very high-class country.

Because a lot of people and don’t have enough water. (Yes, Master.) Even if they can make sea water into drinking water, also sometimes the machine is kaput. I saw that in Spain. In Jávea, one time I was there, and I went into a restaurant to eat and the crystal, the glass, normally it’s clean and transparent because they clean it well and they wipe it with tissue, and with a towel. And normally, it looks sparkling. Clean like new. But those times, every time I came, the glass is very blurred, not clean. So I asked them, “What happened? Is it a special glass? I didn’t see this before.” They said, “No, because the sea water is not filtered well during this time. (Oh.) Many weeks already, they have not been able to fix it. That’s why we don’t have the clean water. So the glass cannot look so clear like before.” Imagine that?

Relying on sea water and machines. It’s not always safe is it? And that whole city has to drink that kind of water. Maybe they can filter it with some special instrument, right? (Yes.) A special cup, a special jar, a jug or something, that can do it. But how long? And they have to wash in that, bathe in that. Wash vegetables and everything in that kind of water. And the sea is so big, but nowadays, not every space of sea water is clean. They dump sewage in it, they dump garbage in it, or they just flow down, by chance, by nature, and all kinds of plastic, microplastic all in there and then all kinds of dirty things or sewage system, all go into the sea because they don’t have anywhere else to go, in some countries like that. (Yes, Master.)

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