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Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 13 - Atrocious Cruelty to Poultry

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People fortunate to have chickens as companions find these loving creatures to be very affectionate, sociable, and intelligent. It is a sad and great loss for those who view these precious birds simply as food. More than 50 billion chickens confined in extremely crowded factories are slaughtered each year. Genetically modified and force-fed all kinds of hormones, medicine, and other chemicals to promote rapid growth, factory farm chickens have a life span of only 6-7 weeks rather than their normal 7-15 years. This leads to antibiotic immunity, dangerous hormones, poisonous chemicals, and epidemic diseases that are transferred to humans when they consume the chicken meat. “We love animals, cannot eat them. For example, will you go and grab a chicken and cut its throat and eat it, if you do it? (No.) No, you can’t. Just because people do it already and make it look so nice, a little piece, you don’t even realize that it’s life, it’s real life. He was walking on the farm yesterday with his little children and then they took him and cut his throat and then put on the table and eat it. (Yes.) Can you imagine? (Too sad.) We don’t do that – too sad, too sad. Because people don’t realize it, they’re too busy. (Yes, they are too busy.) Not like they don’t have a good heart: all the people have a good heart. They just don’t know that it becomes a habit, and one generation after another generation.” The egg industry is no less cruel. The hens are raised in filthy tiny cages, exposed to unnatural light all day to force-produce the maximum amount of eggs. The male chicks are deemed useless and are killed in the most heartless way. “Eggs have also been shown to be extremely unhealthy, so there is absolutely no need to eat them anyway. One US study with 14,000 adults found that just adding one egg a day to the diet increased the risk of heart failure by 23%. Vegan products, by contrast, are completely cholesterol-free and healthy for all our internal organs, for our mind as well. A healthy body houses a clear mind. It’s better for our body, for our conscience, for our mind, and for the planet to stay away from both fish and eggs. No animal products at all; that is the best way. We should be vegan.” “Spiritually speaking – some eggs may contain life in it. You don’t know which one with and which one without. It’s all mixed in the supermarket, you never know. That’s one thing. So, two: eggs attract negative power, negative energies. So the more you eat that, the more you’ll be irritated, sometimes you’ll get even possessed and you don’t know why. You don’t get possessed for nothing; must be something in your life that’s out of balance so that your guard has been destroyed, that the guardian angel is even helpless to help you, and your bodyguard, your natural guard, has been broken somehow so that disease or unfavorable entities, bad energy can enter your body and destroy your strong will power, controlling your own destiny.”
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