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Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 8 - The Grave Loss in Spirituality

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The damage caused by meat-eating goes beyond the physical aspect such as sicknesses and ill health; it can also adversely affect us spiritually. How do our diets and professions affect our spiritual merit? Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the connection in a 2010 conference with the Supreme Master Television Team. “It’s about us, that we have to be good. And some merits are spiritually helpful, because if we don’t have enough merits, our spiritual merit will be deducted and our spiritual level will be automatically lower. If we don’t earn merit, then we will keep losing merit, and then we’ll become bad inside also, not just losing it – our quality will change.” “Is there a ranking of meritorious diets?” “Of course, of course. Meat diet is no merit at all – it’s eating up our merit as well. For example, if you have like 100,000 points of spiritual merit and you are eating meat in this lifetime, and that will be deducted according to how much meat you eat, and then maybe you even have a deficit in spiritual merit. Selling meat, fish, eggs, you will lose 100 million to half a billion per year. If somebody owns a meat or fish restaurant, lose 500,000 to one billion points spiritual per year; if owns an alcohol bar, like a pub or something with alcohol, lose 100,000 to 400,000 per year;own a slaughterhouse, lose half a billion to six billion points per year; own a meat animal farm, lose one billion to three billion per year; own or working on a fishing boat, lose half a billion to three billion per year. And work as fisherman, a worker for that, for money, lose 300 million to one billion per year. My God, these people, they will never be able to go to Heaven. They keep having to reincarnate again and again because they keep losing so much spiritual merit that even if they have a lot in the store, they will lose them all.” “It's the law of the universe, that if we kill or if we harm something, we have to share our spiritual merit with that. So how many animals we eat, we share all our spiritual bank account with those animals, and then we’re depleted, we get poorer and poorer spiritually. And if you don't have spiritual merit, enough, then you have to pay with your health, your luck, or your family member’s peace. And then larger, we pay with peace in the world – we have to pay the price, for having no peace.”
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