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Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 6 - The Cause of Humanity's Degradation

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It has been widely known that meat is harmful to our health and the environment. However, not many people are aware that meat can also subtly and negatively influence humans’ mental state and behavior. In fact, researchers have found that animal abuse and human abuses are closely linked. Meat consumption is the real culprit behind many regretful offenses, fights, and even crimes. 
“If you eat meat, maybe you also become less of the human quality, and more of some of the animals’ instincts, and then it’s difficult for you to even control your sexual appetite. And then maybe you could even commit adultery or sexual misconduct, due to the animals’ influence of meat. It’s not just the meat. It’s not just the animals’ instincts, it is the hormones, the antibiotics and all kinds of harmful substances that went into the meat, before they’re killed. And after they’re killed even, all the preservatives and all the deadly bacteria that inhabit that piece of meat. And all kinds of things that drive your hormones even more crazy. And it’s easier for you to be un-loyal to your partner. Or to commit even some sexual offense. And the last one is intoxicants. Meat makes you addicted, it is another kind of drug, another kind of addiction, and they also put all kinds of things in there, that make you addicted as well.” 
“Meat-eating not only is detrimental to our health, it is the cause, for us, that we cannot get in touch with our true Self also. That’s why most people, sometimes they’re good, sometimes they are bad; they don’t know why.” “(How far does eating meat take us away from God?) Wow! Too far, too far. Much too far. We are eating ourselves up bit by bit until we become smaller and smaller in spiritual evolution. And then we might regress very far, go back lower into the evolutionary scale. And after leaving the body, we will realize all these mistakes: by eating other beings as if we are eating ourselves. So we will return to the physical again and again and again to redo our past misunderstandings. But we will be overwhelmed again by new situations and the pressure of this world again and then we fail again etc., etc., and each time we fail, the obstacles will be even bigger than the last. Meat is a no-no for anybody at all, even not a practitioner. You know very well it doesn’t bring physical wellness even, not to talk about spiritual progress. Not to talk about being closer to God.”
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