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Show / Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Harmful Effects of Meat

Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 4 - The High Economic Cost

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Today, we will examine some of the economic impacts of meat eating. The livestock industry is not only wasteful and unjust because of its hidden costs associated with health care and environmental issues, it also gets substantial subsidies from our hard-earned tax money. “It's a waste eating animal meat. It's a waste of energy and national treasure and money and causes world hunger. We take all the grains and the stocks to give them to the buffalo, and eat just a portion of it. How much does it cost for one kilo of beef? A piece of beefsteak costs many, many tons of grains and protein and water and electricity and medicine and doctor's money for caring for them.” “The meat costs very cheap because the government subsidizes it. So you’re eating your tax. You are eating your own money and having diseases and abnormal hormone levels in your body, and cholesterol and everything – all these poisonous antibiotics. Even if we take antibiotics, we have to take it a little bit, only when we need it. But they keep feeding the animals because they raise them in the farm industry that is very filthy and the animals easily get sick, so they give a lot of antibiotics all the time. Imagine eating all that!” Soon after the outbreak of COVID-19, Supreme Master Ching Hai sent an urgent message to all animal meat business and livestock factory owners, as well as those involved in fishing, egg, milk, fur, lab test, cosmetics and leather industries. In this message, Master listed the “crimes” the related parties have committed, including the economic consequences. “This is what hell will sentence you for: 1) You hand out a few hundred dollars and make the workers sell their conscience. They have no other work, perhaps, in your remote area, where you hide murderous sins from the world. 2) For tempting the loving parents with your cheap, subsidized, bloody flesh in disguise and reduced prices at taxpayers’ expense, so that they buy it and are forced to feed their babies, children and themselves too, mostly unaware of all the chemicals, extra poison, hormones, etc., in that piece of dead carcass. 3) For cashing in and living wealthily at the cost of hundreds of millions of humans’ and animals’ pain and suffering daily. 4) For wasting billions of hard-earned taxpayers’ money, all the time. 5) For corrupting political entities by lobbying with your cash and tactics so they could not speak-up against you, being so busy themselves. Thus, you are at liberty to maim, poison and massacre our animal co-inhabitants. Not just the animals but also your co-humans, mentally, spiritually, physically, as consequences of eating animals and using animal products.”
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