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Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 9 - Retribution in the Afterlife

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Out of Her loving concern for those involved in meat businesses and those who eat meat, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the terrifying situation awaiting them in many of Her lectures and conferences. “Eating meat is terrible! It leads one to hell and one’s flesh is cut piece by piece. It’s payback for the meat. One of our initiates is very sensitive because she practices spiritually. She buys meat for her husband to eat, because he forces her to. She practices well, but even so, when she is forced to buy meat, she is beaten up by demons every time she is in the market. every time she is in the market. She knows because she sees them. You can’t see them and wonder why you have a headache when you get home, why you keep falling down at that place, or feel drained of energy as though you’re crawling on the ground. You are beaten by demons, but you don’t know it and you can’t see them.” 
“(What are the repercussions for souls that work in butcher shops or slaughterhouses?) What’s the consequence? Oh my God. I don’t even want to think about it. Either they have to suffer a lot like the way the animals suffer in this lifetime, or they have to go to hell even, or they have to even degrade their birth into some lower level of existence in order to repay this debt, in untold suffering. I would advise everybody, please just stay away from these kinds of jobs, because it’s not worthy at all.” 
“The meat business is a bad business. It’s very bad for you. And the other four are: business in weapons, business in human trafficking, business in intoxicants, and business in poison. All these harmful businesses are bad for you, now and in the future. If you believe in the life hereafter, if you believe in Heaven and hell, you should stop the meat business immediately, like yesterday. Because nothing good awaits you in the life after if you cause suffering to others, be it human or animals. You will have multiple suffering in return, and for a long, long time. So instead, these people in the meat industry should join in the trend, which has already begun and expands hugely every day, I am happy to say. Thank you. Be veg, go green, plant organic vegetables!” 
Many enlightened Masters have advised people to refrain from meat due to its devastating effects. In fact, “Thou shall not kill” is the first and foremost commandment of many religions. This commandment is not a restriction, but rather a necessary protection for souls in the afterlife. Let us cherish and follow the precious Teachings of the great Masters and choose the vegan diet for a better life now and forever after.
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