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Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan) on the Harmful Effects of Meat, Part 3 - The Dire Environmental Impact

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Since the late 1980s, Supreme Master Ching Hai was already raising awareness about the fact that meat-eating depletes Earth’s vital resources and destroys our only home. “If you raise a pig or a buffalo, it takes a lot o f grains, a lot of energy, a lot of water, a lot of electricity, a lot of antibiotics, a lot of food, a lot of protein. In order to gain one kilo of beef, you waste a lot of national energy, money, water, clean and beautiful water, and then get some kind of polluted water in return due to the waste from the animals. And all kind of things. When you calculate the cost, oh, this is a loss of business. It's too much waste of natural food in order to feed our appetite.” “We began this industry of the meat diet, then everything got worse – more hospitals, more medicines, more sicknesses, more shortage of any kind, more temperature rise, and more suffering, more disasters, more hunger, more war.” “Each new scientific study finds that livestock production, this killing of animals for meat, bears increasingly more responsibility for the climate change crisis of our planet. In fact, the most recent calculations have concluded that livestock emits at least 51% of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming. And soon after this new report, researchers from NASA just announced that methane, the potent greenhouse gas whose largest human-created source is the livestock industry, traps a hundred times more heat than carbon dioxide over a 20-year period.” “The many by-products are water shortages, food crisis, water, air, and soil pollution, deforestation, desertification, ocean dead zones, and biodiversity loss. We use almost half of the world’s grain supply to pour into the meat and dairy industry; most of our water supply; almost half the global fish caught to feed chickens and pigs; and 30% of the planet’s ice-free land is used for livestock raising, animal raising, and related business. With two hectares of land, we can support either 1 meat eater or 80 healthy vegans. The good news is that if we all stop eating meat and dairy, we can regain our all-protective ecosystems, stop over 60% of biodiversity loss, save four-fifths of the economic cost to mitigate emissions within 50 years, and much, much, much more.” Catastrophic disasters related to meat-eating could also come from outer space in the form of threatening solar flares, as explained by Supreme Master Ching Hai. “So we have all this violent atmosphere, because of war, because of hatred, because of mass murdering of animals, etc., etc., and abusing the environment. We are killing too much, so we attract this kind of a flare. It’s us, the humans, who attract it, the flare.”
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