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Victoria Featherstone Pearce (vegan) and K-9 Angels, Part 2 of 2

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In the first episode, Ms. Pearce shared with us about K-9 Angels’ re-homing project for their rescued dogs. Today, she will tell us about another of their important projects that allows for more canine lives to be saved from suffering. “I think in the beginning of the charity and like most people, when you see a dog in distress, you just want to pick them all up and get them into homes. But as you go along you start thinking with your head rather than with your heart, and you realize that if you really want to make a huge impact in the lives of dogs, the best thing you can do is sterilize them all. I’ve seen it firsthand, that puppies have been born on the streets, to die on the streets at a very, very young age.” “I believe for one un-spayed dog, they can have up to 67,000 puppies in six years. So that means their puppies and their puppies and their puppies, if they carried on having babies, would have up to 67,000 puppies in six years. So, you can imagine, just by spaying one dog, you are potentially saving so many dogs from being born on the streets.” To contribute even more with the fundraising, Ms. Pearce has taken on many challenges herself including cycling hundreds of miles, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro twice and wing walking on a bi-plane. Despite all the challenges she has to go through to alleviate the suffering of our loving, cherished canine friends, she is delighted to do so. In addition to their hands-on work, K-9 Angels is involved in activities that bring awareness and education to others. As a leader in dog welfare, it also attends the UK Parliament. “K-9 Angels have been attending Parliament now for the last, I think, six years. Now mainly, we’ve been supporting, a campaign called Lucy’s Law and Pup Aid, and it’s to stop the sale of third-party puppies being sold. We have been attending many meetings to have a law, which is now in place called ‘Lucy’s Law.’ So, now people can’t sell puppies that are third party sales.” “Yeah, I think Lucy’s law is probably the biggest success that we’ve been involved in.” Ms. Pearce reminds us how self-fulfilling it is to share love and compassion with others, including our animal companions. “My message would be that, I just feel that when we give to people, or give to others, or give to animals, we are giving to ourselves. And I think the more you are nicer to other people, and you spread love and you spread happiness, it all comes back to you.”
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