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Between Master and Disciples

A Journey to Malaga, Part 6 of 9, Sep. 30, 2006

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So, I hate the karma, I don’t hate the person. The karma deserves beating, scolding, insulting, kicking, anything! The person deserves love, because she or he is a victim of this karma and the habit and the social infection.


I was very touched in my heart. I was thinking, “How can I make your life better? Even materially.” I was thinking, “Where can I have a best place, so everybody’s convenient and come, and it doesn’t cost so much, and can stay with me all day, all night?” The well-behaved ones. Anyway, you are all very good, it’s just your habit, it’s your karma that makes you the way you are. I’ve said it many times. So, I hate the karma, I don’t hate the person. The karma deserves beating, scolding, insulting, kicking, anything! The person deserves love, because she or he is a victim of this karma and the habit and the social infection.

What can I do for you all? Take care of yourselves, OK? Take really good care of yourselves. Maybe one day, we’ll have a place where anybody can come easily. But the thing is, if the Europeans come easily, the Chinese cannot. That’s why sometimes I have to go to Thailand. Then it’s very far for you, and costs a lot of money. But I heard that if you book in advance, two, three months, it’s cheaper - or not? I met one person in the airplane, he said to me, he books like, for every month, and he goes to Spain from England for 60 euros, back and forth. Is there such a thing? And he said if he doesn’t want to go, then he’ll loses only 60 euros. So, he just books and leaves it there. But the thing is, he has a house in Spain, and has a house in England, so he knows where he is going every day. I don’t know where I’m going, that’s the problem.

I feel very sorry that you had to drive such a long way to see me, because I also drove such a long way, almost, some longer than you, sometimes shorter than you, so I understand. It’s not easy. It’s not easy in a foreign land. If you pass through France like I did, at night all the petrol stations are locked. And you must have the special credit card even, to get it! All my credit cards are useless. And we were just short of petrol at that time. All the credit cards didn’t work. Even if you have millions of dollars, it doesn’t work. It’s a special credit card with some square of gold in the middle of it. That one works. We didn’t have any. So they asked the driver and all that, asked other people who was doing it, asked other people who was doing it, and sometimes they showed it to us. But our credit cards didn’t work. And then we wanted to use their credit card and then we paid them money, but they were so afraid, they were afraid, they didn’t want to do it there.

But at the fifth person we succeeded. A couple of young people passed by and were also tanking, and then we asked them to help, and they did help. And we paid them handsomely with tips and all that. Not that they wanted to, but I said it’s good. I know they’re young, they don’t have much money, so I give extra. And you know who it is? It’s not the native French. The girl is from somewhere, somewhere in Europe, and the boy is from Japan. His father is Japanese, his mother is French. He had no doubt. They immediately helped. And he was such a gentleman! Because his girlfriend put the credit card in, and then pumped for us, even. And after a while, he came and said: “Let me, it’s too long. Your hand must hurt.” Wow! I’d marry that guy anytime, just to pump petrol for me. It’s useful on the road! Especially if my hand is handicapped. I was very touched that he’s so young and so good mannered. You guys learn from him if you want to keep your girlfriend long.


They like it! All the beautiful lectures about Buddha Land, nobody claps. Just a little pumping like that, clapping! Women, likewise. Don’t let him pump, and his hand’s kaput! Fifty-fifty. Help each other. Then you’ll feel good in the heart. Both will feel good. Both will feel loved, will feel very treasured and feel very wanted by the other person, and feel beautiful still, that I am still beautiful for him or for her. Let’s face it, we’re all getting old quick, and then if you neglect him or her, and then if you neglect him or her, probably she or he will feel: “Oh, maybe I am old now, I’m not attractive anymore, so he doesn’t take care of me, she doesn’t pay attention to me anymore.” Love breeds love in turn.

So, now I learn two things: The man should help the woman to pump, and the credit card should have a little gold square. See, you never stop learning! In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “If you go one mile, you learn a basket of wisdom.” It’s possible. I did learn! Not a basket, but half a basket. In three days. Oh, in 36 hours.

Now, if you guys have a credit card, then you can acquire for that, with the gold in the middle. I don’t know if they have it in other countries or not. Do they? Or just in France? The gold square. Have? Why do some credit cards have, some don’t have? (Chip, Master.) (It’s a chip.) Huh? (Chip, and now You have to put in a pin, four numbers. Security.) OK, so maybe you ask for that, if it’s convenient for you, and then you can tank anywhere. Or just in France? Anywhere, right? With that thing, you can tank anywhere. Ah, wonderful! That’s the advice from dumb-dumb to dumb-dumb. Because, I also didn’t know this thing before. I never care about security credit card and all that stuff. But if it helps, you try to get it, OK? Otherwise, if we’re stranded in the middle of nowhere, and the tank (gas station) doesn’t have anybody there, and you have a credit card that doesn’t work, then what do you do? Normally, we could wait, but if you have an appointment, you have to be on time, you can’t be late. And there you are! Wow, I cover everything, the whole of Europe.

Anybody drive a long way? Yeah? From where? (Germany.) From Germany! Oh, a lot of people drove from Germany. (Yes.) They love driving, don’t they? No wonder they invent one of the best cars in the world. Just like the French invent the best perfumes, for some reason. Well, as the demand, so is the supply, no?


Time to eat. Never mind, it’s summer. We eat slowly. In the daytime if it’s too hot, or if it’s sunny, and you would like to enjoy the sun, you just do it. If it’s too hot, you can’t meditate. So... be free. But do not try to disturb other Buddhas when they want to perform their ascetic feats - sweat running all over, the sweat. That’s why I told you when you go to retreat, don’t put any makeup on. It’s useless. You will look worse after than before. Mascara running all over, like a clown in the circus. And the lipstick, melting and dripping like Dracula. All right, you are beautiful anyway, inside and outside. I see you’re more beautiful every day, the women and the men.

So if your partner is jealous, especially the non-initiate, you understand why - because you are more attractive now. Men still chase me around! I told you, I’m an old woman. Go chase people your age. Pick the one from your age. Even if I don’t look attractive, it feels attractive to people, the inside beauty. And everyone has a soul who appreciates inside beauty. So that’s why they say also correctly that love makes blind, makes people blind. So, sometimes you see a beautiful man married or staying with a less beautiful woman, you understand now. Maybe she is beautiful inside. Or vice versa. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “Virtue beats beauty.” It means your personality will beat any beauty. Your beautiful personality beats any beauty, any physical beauty.

Sometimes you also meet some people, man or woman, handsome or beautiful, but you don’t feel as comfortable as with somebody who is less beautiful or less handsome. Especially, when she or he knows that he or she is beautiful. And they smell, smell arrogant, that puts people off. So, romantics or relationships don’t only depend on how old you are, or how ugly or beautiful you look. My humble opinion. So, after practicing Quan Yin Method, you’ve been fighting with all the men and women off your back. And even your ex-husband comes back and wants to remarry you. Or ex-wife. Correct? Yes? Yes or no? Yes! Some. Some. Not all of you, of course. So, even if your husband or wife gets more jealous or something after initiation, you do understand. Or more clinging. So there’s no need to ask me for a magic potion or anything. Just meditate, and then everybody comes around.


If no questions, we’ll go have something to eat. See you later anyway, don’t worry. I’ll be around. Don’t worry. Good appetite. (Sorry, Master, I have one question, so can I ask You?) Where are you? What is the problem? (Because I want to have a retreat in a Buddhist temple. I feel there it’s more peaceful, maybe for several months. And I contacted them, they said it’s OK, they will prepare me a room. So, Master, do You think if I go there, it will be good for my practice? Or not good.) Where, where? (China. China.) China! (Yes.) You go wherever you want, and if it’s no good you come back. (So, Master, I wonder if I go there...) I cannot guarantee you! I am not a psychic! (Oh, yes, but Master, I just wonder if I go there, is it because of the force of karma?) I cannot predict your future, baby. (Oh, yes.) I don’t know how many times you want to meditate, I don’t know what you’re doing up there. The mountain doesn’t help you! It’s you. (Oh, yes. So, if I want, I can go there to have a try, right?) You have your freedom. (Oh, yes, yes, OK.) I am not your president or police. (Yes.) You go where you want, you do what you want with your life. (OK, thank You.) And don’t ask me for a sanction, and later boasting to everybody: “You know, Master told me to go there! Now I’m a Buddha, you hear? You look at me!” Understand this? (Yes.) You go anywhere you want, you do whatever you please, whatever makes you happy. And if you feel that it’s wrong or it doesn’t help, you come back. (OK, yes. I know it.) No harm. (Thank You. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. (Thank You.) Dinner, before it’s too dark. See you later! Love, love!

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