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In today’s news, humanitarian organizations in Iran receive support from European Union, new Japanese technologies help combat COVID-19, Swiss aviator parachutes from solar airplane, lifeguards in Australia employ drones to prevent emergencies, people in United States with limited incomes receive free vegan meals, German food manufacturer’s meat-free sales continue to grow, and momma dog nurses three kittens after losing puppies.

The European Union has contributed €8 million to aid the pandemic response in Iran.

The funds will be distributed among several United Nations agencies and Relief International. The United Nations Children’s Fund will purchase health and diagnosis equipment and enhance handwashing and infection prevention at schools. The United Nations Development Programme will obtain personal protective equipment for frontline health care workers. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS will focus on replenishing supplies of disposable gloves, hand sanitizer and face masks. Relief International will increase its public awareness and community engagement activities. The European Union is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Our loving appreciation, European Union, for your humanitarian outreach in the Middle East. May the beautiful people of Iran find protection and peace, in the reassuring safety of Allah!

Japanese inventors help fight the coronavirus.

In an altruistic effort to help save lives, Dr. Naoyuki Ishikita, at Niigata National Hospital in Japan, adapted part of an anesthesia machine to make a pneumatic ventilator for respiratory patients that can be 3D-printed. Instead of using electricity, a simple foot pump supplies the necessary air pressure. If approved by regulators, the doctor will email the blueprint for printing the device to anyone who needs it at no charge. Another visionary, Otsubo Makoto, of Asukanet Co., Ltd., created a touchless, germ-free interactive computer screen called ASKA3D. Users point to areas of the image appearing midair before them to make selections. Potential applications for this technology include ticket vending machines, Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and factories. Our delighted applause, Dr. Naoyuki Ishikita and Otsubo Makoto, for your golden age contribution to humanity’s well-being. May you be blessed with a continuous supply of inspiration and satisfaction, in Divine abundance.

Up next, Swiss aviator parachutes from solar airplane. We’ll take a moment to thank the photojournalists, who capture, edit and display images to tell visual stories that interpret current events. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more admirable news.

Hey, amazing viewers, it’s Svein the Svalbard Reindeer. As a cool vegan, I’m always full of energy and good vibes – two of the many benefits of a plant-based diet. So, go vegan today and power up! Today we have a safety tip from Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. “The metal tap always has two water choices: hot or cold. Even if the tap water can be mixed to a warm temperature, the hot side of the tap remains hot. Please do not touch it. Protect yourself at all times. God loves you kids.” Thank You so much for this caring advice, Supreme Master Ching Hai. We love You! Thank you all for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Pilot jumps from solar-powered plane over Switzerland.

Raphaël Domjan has always been fascinated by aircraft and enjoys the thrill of skydiving. Additionally, he is passionate about promoting solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels and a means to mitigate climate change. To bring attention to the viability of fully solar electric planes, he and another pilot conducted an exhibition flight in a SolarStratos two-seater. After climbing to 1,520 meters – in silence and without emitting any greenhouse gases – Raphaël flung himself out of the plane and fell freely for several hundred meters before opening his parachute. When he was back on the ground, the eco-adventurer explained, “Our aim is to demonstrate the potential of solar energy and electric mobility.” Kudos, Raphaël Domjan, and the rest of the SolarStratos team for your unprecedented achievement. We pray that green innovations will continue to upgrade the future of our planet, in God's mercy.

Drones help protect beachgoers while they are in the water.

As a means to prevent drownings and shark attacks, lifeguards for Australia’s Sunshine Coast in Queensland have started using remote-controlled aircraft for surveillance. The flying machines will be more cost-effective than helicopters and will scan the beaches more frequently. Lifeguard supervisor, Trent Robinson, said it took two years for his people to be trained as drone pilots and become familiar with flying regulations and privacy issues, but it was worth it. The number of locals heading for the coast is expected to surge in view of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Trent commented, “We’re trying to be proactive and stop rescues from happening. To do that, having eyes in the sky is a big help.” Outstanding service, Trent Robinson and all Sunshine Coast lifeguards! May the sun-blessed Australians be refreshed by happy vacations, in the security of the Providence.

Nonprofit organizations benefit community facing financial challenges.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) partnered with Community Solidarity in New York, United States, to provide disadvantaged individuals with animal-free nourishment. Community Solidarity is the largest vegetarian hunger relief program in the country and operates the Huntington Food Share on Long Island. For this occasion, PETA, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, delivered a truckload of pasta dishes and rice-based cheeses that were donated by Plant Based Foods, Inc. The entrees included tagliatelle with mushrooms, vegan ravioli with tomato and basil, and panzerotti with spinach and dairy-free cheddar. About 900 people were served dinner, boxes of fresh produce and vegan starter kits. Our loving gratefulness, PETA, Community Solidarity, Plant Based Foods and all the selfless volunteers. May we always help one another to transcend our physical limitations, completely and permanently, in Celestial splendor.

Coming up, German food manufacturer’s meat-free sales continue to grow We will take a moment to sample a performance of Azerbaijani folk music called Mugham, a UNESCO-inscribed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. More beautiful news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News - Radiant News for a Glorious World.

Food company’s meatless product now outnumber the ones containing meat.

Rügenwalder Mühle first introduced plant-based options to its product line in 2014. To satisfy consumer demand, it has launched additional vegetarian and vegan items every year since. Starting in 2018, the manufacturer experienced an upward trend in meat-free product sales that extended into 2020. During the first six months of this year, business increased another 50%, prompting the company to invest more than €5.5 million in greater output capacity and a larger workforce. The firm’s Chairman of the Executive Board, Michael Hähnel, commented on the company's success with meat alternatives, saying, “Our vision is to enable everyone to eat consciously and sustainably in an uncomplicated way, without compromising on taste and enjoyment.” We applaud your robust growth, Rügenwalder Mühle! May your plant-based trajectory stay on course to a completely Vegan World, in Heavenly delight.

Distressed canine adopts cats after losing her litter.

A dog named Georgia was living outside a gas station in Arizona, United States, when Sunshine Dog Rescue picked her up. Anita Osa, the founder of the charity, soon discovered that the Australian Shepherd mix was pregnant. Unfortunately, Georgia gave birth prematurely and none of her puppies survived. The poor pooch became frantic with grief, so Anita reached out on social media, asking for any animals that needed a lactating mom. Someone came forward and offered three kittens that had been orphaned. When Anita introduced the feline to Georgia, she accepted them and immediately calmed down. She allowed them to nurse on her and licked them clean, happy to fulfill her maternal instincts. Our hearts are warmed, Georgia, Anita Osa and all who contributed to a happy ending. May earthlings always be ready to love and care for each other, in Heaven’s radiance.

Let’s have a laugh together listening to the joke of the day entitled, “Imagination.”

“Now, class, we’re going to do a mental exercise to develop our ability to think creatively. I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are standing in the middle of a jungle, and you are surrounded by long vines. All of a sudden, you see a tiger coming toward you, and he looks very hungry. Patrick, what would you do?”

“I’d just stop imagining!”

And now we have a heartline from Muao in Korea:

Dearest Master, My life is full of joy as I got initiation and live with good fellow practitioners. After becoming vegan, I’ve become healthy enough to work 10 hours without a break. And I realized that true love, not love with the mind makes me happy and warm. I could face my worthless emotions in this sudden situation, and realized that only when I change each of these emotions into love, I can see Master as the incarnation of Love with my true eyes. I visit Loving Hut Smile often. When I’m eating food from that place, I can feel my soul is purified, divine energy flows in, and I am cut off from the mundane world’s noise. That I can eat Loving Hut food in this murky world and go out to work under Your protection, I am thankful every day to You, in tears. I pray with Master for the day when all the noble souls become heroes so that we can enjoy peace in a vegan world. Muao from Korea

Contented Muao, We were happy to read your heartline and it is certainly a pleasure to hear from you.

Master has a message for you: “Blessed Muao, I am glad to know that you have progressed on the path of inner realization. Please continue to be vigilant on your spiritual journey and pray for World Vegan and ask others to do so as well. If humanity awakens to their Divine nature soon, we will have eternal joy right away. May you and your intelligent Korean co-citizens always feel God’s loving presence and protective powers as Hes is forever by your side, in this ephemeral life and eternally.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May Celestial music soothe your heart and elevate your spirit.

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