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Giorgia Fumanti (vegan): A Voice from the Heart

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Giorgia Fumanti is a renowned Italian-born soprano singer of operatic pop and crossover music based in Montreal, Canada. She is also a composer, musical producer, and arranger. In 2007, her album “From My Heart” reached Billboard’s Top 20 classical Crossover Chart, as well as the #1 position in Japan and South Africa. By 2010, she had sold over 1.2 million copies of her records.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Giorgia Fumanti, who shared how her faith in God led her to singing. “I was a very shy girl, very insecure, and I didn’t have a very easy childhood. And my biggest strength in the difficult times was this need to talk with God, with the angels, to receive this help that I didn’t have in the persons and humans around me.” “Through yoga and meditation and a lot of research, finally, I found the strength that I was praying God to give me, to change things, and to start to find and follow my own voice inside. I started to pray even more and to ask the universe to send me the right people to help me. God helped me to find the person that would help me.”

Giorgia Fumanti has performed for Supreme Master Ching Hai on three occasions: at the “Rejoicing in Our Green Planet and Peaceful Life” concert in 2009; in “The Love of Centuries – Love is Eternal” concert in 2011; and the “Friends of Eternity” gathering in 2019. “It was a very special day that day, and I really pray to sing again for Supreme Master Ching Hai and all Her beautiful people and nice disciples. It was a lot of love.”

“And when I met Supreme Master Ching Hai, I wanted to be more disciplined. It’s something very natural for me, this need for spiritual connection. So, I’m very touched by this experience in Taiwan (Formosa), singing for Supreme Master Ching Hai, and I feel very blessed because I was able to be so near Her.”

As a longtime vegetarian, Giorgia Fumanti became vegan after meeting Supreme Master Ching Hai in Taiwan, also known as Formosa. “I wish for the world that everybody can be strong to make peace with the human beings and the animals, just to have a world where violence is not more accepted, in any level.”
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