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Happy United Korea Peace Celebrations, Part 8 of 8

Language:English ,Korean(한국어)
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Now, let's welcome our Association members from Daegu, Korea. They will perform a Korean traditional dance entitled, "The Vibration of Peace and Harmony." The cheerful dance expresses the wish for a peaceful and harmonious world and they hope this wish echoes throughout the Earth and reaches to the Heavens as well! Up next is a famous song, "You Raise Me Up." It is dedicated to our beloved Supreme Master who raises us and all beings in all universes. Let's welcome Association members from all over the world to sing for us. "You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains. You raise me up to walk on stormy seas. I am strong when I am on Your shoulders. You raise me up to more than I can be." Our finale song is "One Dream, One Korea" wishing for Korea Peace and World Peace. "Let's remember once again, let's sing our song once again for the day we become one, for our heart beating dream... oh oh oh oh, one dream for one Korea... That day the morning sun will shine..." Before we close, we would like to express our utmost gratitude to our most beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. Thank God for Hiers grace for granting us such a perfect, peaceful gathering today. Thanks to the peace in the Korean peninsula, which has brought hope of peace to the world.
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