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Happy United Korea Peace Celebrations, Part 5 of 8

Language:English ,Korean(한국어)
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As you can see from the two heart-breaking performances, but beautiful, that war is no good. War is no, no. Peace is the only answer. I don’t like war. Please no more war. Just too much suffering, not just bodily, but emotional, psychological. Even people who escaped already from war, or from the imminent war, they still bear the scars all over their mind, their psyche, their emotion. They will never forget; they are traumatized forever. Please, no more. No more for the children’s sake. Please no more. We don’t need it. Just peace, peace everywhere. Not just for Korea, but everywhere in every little corner on our planet and everywhere else in the universe. Only peace, we can be human. Only in peace, we can love and develop and contribute. They came from North Korea many years ago, but they’re still so afraid, so scared. They don’t live their life completely. Something is missing because their family members are missing. Something in their heart is not right. They will never recover unless complete peace in Korea happens and then they can visit, stay with their family members. Visit their old friends, and old village, and feel like whole again. We all pray for peace. And so that these people and others they can find their own happiness. Complete again as a human, as they deserve it.
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