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Futuro Vegan Pop: Rock for the Animal-people with Pedro Allemant (vegan)

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Currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Pedro was interviewed by our Supreme Master TV team members on December 17, 2022. Pedro told us about his early music venture with his first band. “I was very connected with what happened in my country and in society and everything related with injustice. So that is how I started singing and writing songs. It was just to express myself, and say something, and waiting or having the wish to make a change.”

Turning vegan was a natural decision for Pedro in 2003, and he started looking to express his conviction and ideas through his songs, This led to his departure from Futuro Incierto and the founding of his next band. “So I found Futuro Vegan Pop in Madrid when I was living in Spain. I met a few musicians; my friend Dani and Félix, guitarist and bass, who are vegan activists. We meld, we blend. We melded very strongly because we had principles and we had something in common. So we were really on the same path.”

Under “Futuro Vegan Pop,” Pedro created many songs with his likeminded band members. Combined with his talent for drawing, his song “I Want to Live” tells the sad story of a pig-person on his way to the slaughterhouse. Let’s listen to another song “Slaughterhouses” performed by Pedro with his vegan friends and recorded at a factory located in an industrial suburb of Madrid, Spain. With his song “Conexión,” or “Make the Connection,” Pedro invites people to see beyond the packaged meat in supermarkets and make connections with the living, breathing animal-people who are just like us.

Reflecting on the future of the planet, Pedro says: “Slowly, slowly, we are going to improve, to build a new planet, a new world where the animals, they can find their own lives, they can live their own life, without the threat of humans or feeling exploited. So for me, the future is vegan, definitely, and we are going there!”
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