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Between Master and Disciples

Break the Habits, Be a Real Saint, Part 1 of 5, Feb. 24, 2005

Lecture Language:English,Taiwanese Hokkien(台灣話)
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We used to be more civilized. We’re getting back there now. We are getting back. But then, if we don’t balance our knowledge with wisdom, and we don’t balance the material gain with the spiritual success, then we will destroy not only our planet, but other planets as well. Many planets have been destroyed because of this. Too much intellectual knowledge, but no spiritual wisdom, then just at war with each other.

This world had been destroyed before. This world had reached a very high level of scientific success. But then, because they knew too much, but their spiritual side didn’t develop, so they made war with other planets. Other planets made war with us, and so many things had been destroyed.

We used to be more civilized. We’re getting back there now. We are getting back. But then, if we don’t balance our knowledge with wisdom, and we don’t balance the material gain with the spiritual success, then we will destroy not only our planet, but other planets as well. Many planets have been destroyed because of this. Too much intellectual knowledge, but no spiritual wisdom, then just at war with each other.

Now the 21st century of this planet, the 21st century, that’s what we say only since the time of Jesus, but this planet exists long time already. And still making war! Can you imagine? Like barbarians! And we call ourselves human, and killing the other humans without any remorse. And we call that “civilization.” At this time, still killing each other like in the jungle or cavemen time. We call those people, cavemen, whatever, backward or primitive. At least they don’t kill each other on this scale! So, civilization materially doesn’t offer us any comfort or any peace. Just spiritual attainment, you can see that for yourself, right? (Yes.)

So now I tell the same thing anyway. If anything more interesting, I will tell you later. But it’s not much, not much in this world that I can tell you, except when you go higher, then it’s very exciting. That’s why it’s very difficult for me, apart from going to see you and offer you service, very difficult for me to leave the cave. I didn’t want to.

If you don’t feel comfortable where you sit, you go somewhere else, OK? Protect yourself, because otherwise you get sick, no? I don’t want you to get sick here. That’s why I keep you in here. Save you walking all the way to the tent and come back every time. And just because I’m here and a small group of people, I manage myself. Normally other people manage, like the residents, or whoever, because it’s too many people. But like this, it’s easier for me to manage, so I can tell them what to do, where to sit. And so, we just concentrate here, or in the trailer where it’s all warm all the time and dry, so you don’t have to go to the tent. But, unless we have more people coming, and we don’t have enough place here, then some people just have to go there. Otherwise, we just sit here, eat here, meditate here, sleep here. It’s fine. Is anybody against that? (No!) It’s good? (Yes.)

Or in the trailer, you know? I bought three, four trailers, so you can also meditate in there. The newcomers or the people who work, don’t happen to come here on time, they just sit in one trailer, it’s also fine, we have enough room. You don’t always have to… don all kinds of stuff, then go to the tent and come back in the cold again. So, this is convenient. If it’s only when it’s a small group, it’s easy. If it’s a big group, it’s not possible.

I got sick also. When people are sick everywhere, I get some of it. But I cannot take everything. Because it’s such a mass cleaning! OK, anybody else? Yeah!

(I have often like the idea that I don’t really know what I should do. So, and then, for example, I think I can just go… because I finished…) You can what? (I finished my studies, so I feel like I can do anything I want to do.) Sure, why not? (But then I don’t know when I am sincere in like how to choose, so sometimes I think I’ll just wait and see whatever comes on my path, but then I think maybe that’s too passive way of doing it.)

What did you study? (I studied international politics.) You want to be president of France? Go ahead. What do you want to do? Don’t just sit and wait. What do you want only? What would you like to do after study? After study, the students feel, oh very free, and sometimes go overboard, happy and all kinds, but you are good, you are calm, and that’s fine already. But now you know what you want?

(Well, I would like to know why I’m here on this planet, and what I should do?) Oh, I would like to know also! Why is she here? Why is she here on the planet, anybody knows? So, is that what you want to know? (Well, sometimes because I think then if I help people, but then I also think am I really helping them or am I just thinking that I’m helping them?) Oh dear God, why so complicated? Just do whatever you feel like. If somebody needs your help, then you help. Why do you think so much?

(I wonder myself why I think so much. I don’t know. It’s just something that I do.) That’s it? So, you spend all your days thinking and not doing anything? (Well, I do sort of what comes on my path, but I don’t really have the feeling that I’m doing what I…) What would you like to do in your heart? Tell me. Really in your heart, not just to everybody to listen. “Oh, that’s a good idea.” No, no. What do you want to do? Really, tell me. You don’t know? Or you do know? (I don’t think I know.) So, why you studied politics? Just happens to be on your path, right? Do you like to be in any political party? (No.) Join them? Do something for the country?

(Well, I did wonder why there were still so many problems in the world, and I was wondering why they’re still not solved, while I do believe that many people know how they could be solved. So, that’s sort of maybe…) OK, if you believe that, then you do it. If you believe in the political way can help you to help the country, then you can do that. (But I don’t believe in that, so…) So, why did you study politics? So, why did you study politics? Before, right? Now, you don’t believe anymore, that’s what you mean?

So, what do you think you would like to do now? So, what are you doing now? (I’m sort of looking for a job.) OK, what kind of job? Any job? (Well, I just wait for one job, but I don’t know if it’s really something for me.) Try it out, and then tell me. It’s confusing, huh, the world. (It’s maybe also because I don’t know when I’m fooling myself or not.) You are what? (When I’m fooling myself.) Why? Just get a job, get money. What’s fooling about that? What kind of job is that? What is the question you want to ask me, really? Because you are making me go in a maze here. I don’t know.

If you get a job, and you want me to go for it? What’s your real question? Or you tell me that… You ask me to choose a job for you? Is that what it is? It’s your job. You have to do research on the market. And you research in your heart to know what you want to do, and whether the market has that job. If not, then you take the second best, take other job. And if you don’t know what you want to do, then I also don’t know how to help you. Think about it, all right?

Next question.

(After I came back from Cambodia, I got trapped again in the world and I began to meditate less. And it was like a time where I had to fulfill all the desires that were still bound to me, but it made me go astray from the path. And the fact that I was going astray made me feel so guilty, because I knew that I had lost something so precious, you know? When I remember the time I spent with You in Hsihu and in Cambodia, it was the happiest time I had in my life, because after that it was only suffering and frustration. And it was so difficult, Master, to come back. Now, You allowed me to come back to group meditation for a year and everything’s changed again.)

It’s better now? (Oh, yeah, yeah!) Good, then it’s good! So, what’s the question? (There is nothing in this world that I really…, apart from doing Your work and being with my brothers and sisters.) Yeah, realize it? (Yes.)

(I’m asking if it will be possible to be one of Your residents again?) Maybe later. Just enjoy your free time. Enjoy your coming back, enjoy the blessing, all right? Being a resident, it’s not what you think. Some residents stay, some come and go. The residents, if they are sincere, they have a lot of blessings from me, but once they get out, they lose so much! They go “zeep” like this. (Yes, that’s why. It was really bad. Just to dedicate the rest of my life to the spiritual, because outside it’s so…)

But it’s not your destiny. (OK.) Maybe later, huh? When you overcome the destiny, maybe we can do something. Right now, just enjoy. Enjoy the normal life. Without a title, it’s the best. Yes, love? You! But I appreciate it. If you already want to come back, it’s good. Keep that inspiration. I’m not sure, because I’m here, you feel strong, and you feel confident again. Once I’m gone… Many people want to be… Just a moment, just a moment. I explain to her more, so her heart feels more open. Otherwise it will… resident, resident, resident.

Many people want to become residents every time on the retreat. Everybody wants to be on the spot. “I am in, Master, I am in!” “I’ve nothing else I want to do, please!” But I just turn my back. That’s it. Everybody goes home. The first minute, they said, “I stay here. I cook for you Master; I cook good! I do this, this!” I said, “OK, just stay for a while, then see what happens.” I just turn my back, because I have to go. That’s it! “I have to go home because I got to do the job.” “I’ve got to go home because my wife is calling.” “I’ve got to go home because my husband, he needs me.” “My girlfriend, I cannot break from her because she makes trouble for me here.” Every excuse! Gone! Everybody just runs out, just like that. And then I come back again, do retreat, “Oh, Master, You know, I’m ready all the time!” Yeah, yeah.

It’s just the power. It’s just the power of renunciation that you get from me whenever you are near. So, don’t be cheated by that. And later, you’d feel sorry. Because residents is a different kind of life, and it counters the currents of the social trends, and it will be very difficult for you to keep. I would not like you to even suffer that. Why? Just stay outside the world, be with the brothers and sisters, and go to work and enjoy, have a boyfriend, whatever. Enjoy whatever in this world, for temporary, and then when you go, you go.

There’s no need to even go to be a resident to progress. I’m telling you that. Sometimes it makes you suffer, because you like it so much - the ideal, you like it, but it’s very difficult to keep. Many of you are not residents, but some of you are Fifth Level, Fourth Level, and I’m very pleased. We have non-residents here, but we are OK, no? The brothers and sisters in Hungary, they run. They do everything I say to them and even more precisely, and more quickly and intelligently. I’m very pleased with them.

I don’t need residents around here. What I mean is you don’t have to be a resident in order to do my work or to serve other people. Just stay the way you are, help other people, and then that is a resident. The resident is the one who works with me. I do not look down upon you because you are not residents. No, no! The Hungarian people, they are not residents, but these days, they work, oh man, they work day and night! And they never counter my order, or never argue, nothing. “Yes, Master! Yes, understand!” So quick, quick, do “chak, chak, chak!” I like that!

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