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Upgrade Yourself into a Very Noble, Selfless Being, P 2/2

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And every day you thank God for a good day. Good or bad day. Because a bad day also is a good day. Just pray that “Please, whatever is good for me, You let it happen.” Then exactly that will happen. Even if you have a little pain here and there, it’s also good for you. Why? Because you don’t meditate enough! You have to pay the bad karma (retribution) that way. Then it’s good for you. Or you’d rather be good, all well and then don’t meditate at all and then just go to the Astral Level when you die? You’d like that better? (No.) No. So accept everything, all right? Pray that you have the strength to endure it. Pray that God, Heaven arranges whatever is good for you, you will accept it. Of course, that doesn’t mean when you have pain, you don’t go to the hospital or go to the doctor. Just do whatever. Okay? Do whatever necessary.

If you want your children to love you, be a good loving parent, understanding. Be a friend, not a controlling dictator at home. Think about them, if you are them. They depend totally on you. It’s very frustrating for them, especially they’re growing up. They are somebody in front of their friends. At home, they are like weakling, always have to beg for everything. Be a good, loving, reasonable parent. I don’t mean spoil your children. But be reasonable. Think of how you would do if you were them. Don’t spoil them and don’t buy them things that are not necessary. But do not control them too much. Then they will love you. And they will stay. And if you do all that already, and they go, then okay, karma (retribution) finished. That means between two of you, there’s no more karmic connection now.

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