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The Songs of Kabir (vegetarian): Songs 31 – 50, Part 1 of 2

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A weaver by profession, Kabir is considered as one of the world's greatest poets and one of the most quoted authors. The Holy scripture “Guru Granth Sahib” contains over 500 verses by Kabir. Kabir’s message is universal. In the Islamic world, the name Kabir or al-Kabir means the Great One. It is also one of the names of God given in the Qur’an. Kabir’s writings highlight a synthesis between both Muslim and Hindu thought. He described himself as being, “at once the child of Allah and of Ram.” The book, “The Songs of Kabir”, illustrates the Mystic’s thoughts and emotions whose range includes ecstasy, despair, beatitude, devotion, eagerness, illuminations and intimate love of God. We would now like to invite you to be sublime in the beautiful spiritual poetry selected from “The Songs of Kabir.”

“Where is the need of words, when love has made drunken the heart? I have wrapped the diamond in my cloak; why open it again and again? When its load was light, the pan of the balance went up: now it is full, where is the need for weighing? The swan has taken its flight to the lake beyond the mountains; why should it search for the pools and ditches anymore? Your Lord dwells within you: why need your outward eyes be opened? Kabir says: ‘Listen, my brother! my Lord, who ravishes my eyes, has united Himself with me.’”

“How could the love between Thee and me sever? As the leaf of the lotus abides on the water: so thou art my Lord, and I am Thy servant. As the night-bird Chakor gazes all night at the moon: so Thou art my Lord and I am Thy servant. From the beginning until the ending of time, there is love between Thee and me; and how shall such love be extinguished? Kabir says: ‘As the river enters into the ocean, so my heart touches Thee.’”

“My body and my mind are grieved for the want of Thee; O my Beloved! come to my house. When people say I am Thy bride, I am ashamed; for I have not touched Thy heart with my heart. Then what is this love of mine? I have no taste for food, I have no sleep; my heart is ever restless within doors and without. As water is to the thirsty, so is the lover to the bride. Who is there that will carry my news to my Beloved? Kabir is restless: he is dying for sight of Him.”

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