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Selections from Sikhism’s Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang 28-30, Part 1 of 2

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Born in 1469 in Punjab, India, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled far and wide by foot, making long trips from as far as Mecca to present-day Myanmar, to share His simple message: Do honest work, meditate, and share with others. The peaceful and loving path of Sikhism has appealed to many devotees around the world. In global communities, many Sikh practitioners continue their noble spiritual lineage of vegetarianism. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s wisdom and teachings, along with those of the Gurus who succeeded Him and those of other Saints and Masters, are embodied in the holy text of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib. We present today an excerpt of the magnanimous teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji from the Holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

“Those who meditate single-mindedly on the Naam, and contemplate the Teachings of the Guru – their faces are forever radiant in the Court of the True Lord. They drink in the Ambrosial Nectar forever and ever, and they love the True Name.”

“Fruitful are the lives of those who walk in harmony with the Will of the True Guru. Their families are saved; blessed are the mothers who gave birth to them. By His Will He grants His Grace; those who are so blessed, meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.”

“Those who keep the Lord enshrined within their hearts are said to be the servants of the Lord. Placing mind and body in offering before the Lord, they conquer and eradicate egotism from within. Blessed and acclaimed is that Gurmukh (spiritual beings), who shall never be defeated.”

“The Name of the Lord is the Ocean of Peace; the Gurmukhs obtain it. Meditating on the Naam, night and day, they are easily and intuitively absorbed in the Naam. Their inner beings are immersed in the True Lord; they sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.”

“The truthful ones are not stained by filth. Meditating on the Lord, their minds remain pure. The Gurmukhs (spiritual beings) realize the Word of the Shabad; they are immersed in the Ambrosial Nectar of the Lord's Name. The Guru has lit the brilliant light of spiritual wisdom, and the darkness of ignorance has been dispelled.”

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