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Between Master and Disciples

A Prayer for All Future Prophets (Part 2 of 3) Aug. 17-18, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Any other good news? (Yes. There are a few.) Tell me. (At home, my daughters have switched to the vegan diet. It’s been five years. My son is initiated. The second one was weird. He said he wanted to be vegan after he died. I don’t understand. His son asked him by throwing divination blocks if he wanted to eat meat or vegan food. He said he wanted vegan food.) After he died, he understood. While in the body, the brain was very stubborn. Sometimes he couldn’t see things clearly. After he died, everything became so clear. He realized the bad karma (retribution) of killing, which is very heavy. No one can run away from bad karma. Besides, there is no meat to eat up there. It’s better to get used to it now slowly. Otherwise, when you go up there, you won’t get any meat even if you ask. Okay? The deceased people understand better. You see? No matter if they are in Heaven, in hell, or in the Astral world, they understand very well. They see things clearly without being blocked by the brain. They can see better and know which one is blessing, and which one is (bad) karma. They know it very well. That’s why after he died, he started to go vegan.
Yes, it’s about time. Nowadays, it’s easy for people to go vegan. When you ask people to go vegan, they would listen, too. There is more power available to help them. Before, the power was weaker, and there was more negative influence. Now lots of positive power has been brought down, much, much more, so it can be balanced. It’s easier to practice spiritually. It’s easy to practice and to teach others. And it’s easy to get along with your family members. They would listen to you easily and go vegan easily together. After we die, we’d feel ashamed. We will know very well all the bad things we did when we were alive. Oh! We will feel very ashamed, but it will be too late. So if we don’t practice spiritually while we’re alive, we will feel very regretful after we die.

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