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Between Master and Disciples

The Power of Vegetarianism is All Over the Planet (Part 2 of 5) Jul., 10-11, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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“All this material attachment must be cut off if you want to go somewhere. Whatever I don’t teach you, that means don’t do. Yeah? (Yes.) It’s enough that you practice what I teach you. That’s already a lot. Don’t make any of these requests - my hair, my shoes, my clothes. Or anything. Cut all that, okay? (Yes, Master.) I mean it. You don’t worship me and my body. You worship my teaching. (Yes.) You want to see me because you love me, but not because of the body. You want to see me because I am the representative of Heaven, perhaps, and because I’m the instrument to bring you more blessing power into this world. So, okay, you can come close to me, maybe you get it, it’s fine. But not hair, not nails, not toe, not nothing. Don’t touch feet, nothing.” “And then one of your disciple sisters made like a meeting or something, spreading the knowledge that meat eating is the number one cause for climate change. Because the governments had a high-ranking meeting together on how to combat the climate change. But they didn’t seem to know that meat, animal-raising, is the cause of that. So she, somehow through another channel, she came up and let them know about it. And she said now they’re aware of it. But maybe (there’s) a little problem - how to change people into a vegetarian diet. Because people are used to eating meat. Difficult, is what they think. And then one of your brothers, Irish, he said an example, like Irish people, when they introduced the non-smoking (law) - forbidden in the pub - nobody would believe that it would happen. But immediately, the first day, 100% of the people complied with that. So it’s just a point, probably he wanted to make the point that even though the Irish people, they smoke a lot and drink a lot, but even then - immediately took effect. If the law says so, they do it. Also they realized already that smoking is harmful, but if the government is already so behind it, support it, then people also like it. You see? Otherwise, if there is no law like this, and not reminding strongly like this, the young people would follow the parents and then they all smoke, smoke, smoke. So that’s really very good. And they announced that thousands of lives have been saved. It could be more, hundreds of thousands, and the next generation as well. And the health of the children of non-smokers. Healthy. And the children of the non-smokers will also be non-smokers, and then the children of the non-smoker children will be also non-smokers, and the children and children’s children. So, it’s no end to the benefit. That’s a good thing about that. And the minister, he is planning maybe to ban alcohol everywhere, as well. Oh, good luck to him. We keep fingers crossed for good boy.”
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