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Appreciate the Gift of Spiritual Life (Part 4 of 6) Aug. 31, 2013

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Of course, because I’m single and I have more time to do meditation, so I can reach higher. If I were married, maybe I can’t do this much. Maybe. So, in a way, I feel I’m very lucky to be single, to be alone. But in a way, sometimes in some of my lonely moments, nobody’s there. Marriage is not an obstacle to your meditation or your spiritual progress at all, but if you’re lucky, meet a really good partner who understands you and who goes the same way with you or who supports the way you’re going with your life, then, you have more time and maybe more balance. But still, still you would have also some time for family. That’s normal. If I was still married or had a boyfriend, whatever, I wouldn’t be able to go this high. Honestly, like that. It is like that. But I don’t mean that you all go home and quit your husband and wife. You don’t need, okay? You don’t need because you don’t need! You don’t need to go higher than the Fifth plane. And you have a marriage, husband or wife, you still can go to the Fifth plane. If you balance your life between family and meditation, you can still go. Some people still can do it, so don’t worry about that. Some of the Indian saints, masters, they are married, too. In fact, most of the Sant Mat saints I know, that I know, the ones that also taught the Light and Sound, they were all married. And they still could reach, some reached the Fifth Level. Like Master Baba Sawan Singh, he was in Fifth Level. For example like that, and others after. I know many of you go through difficulties to come here. And as much as you appreciate me, I also appreciate you, that you did all this to come here. It’s good for you. You bathe in powerful blessing, if you can see it. Or one of you saw it, one of you, yesterday, the day before, she saw it. So powerful that it washed away many of your “stuff.” You know, stuff. And it, more or less, somehow would help you elevate one way or another, a little or a lot. None of you come home like empty-handed. Any.
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