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Appreciate the Gift of Spiritual Life (Part 3 of 6) Aug. 31, 2013

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In India, they worship the cow anyway. Even if they take milk from them, they thank them. And they touch their bodies and put (their hand) on their forehead. That means respect. How do the Indian people know? The cows really came from the Fifth Level. I guess some of the gurus told them before. That’s why many Indians, most Indians respect cows. That means it’s a sign of respect. Just like Indians, they touch the feet of the guru, and then they put it on their head. Or they put their head at the feet of the guru just to show respect. They show similar respect to the cows in India. Even they milk them, but they show respect, too. They thank them. Not the way many other countries do. Lock them up all their lives, they could not even move. And some as young as a calf already, they lock them in so that the calf doesn’t move. So that when they slaughter them, the meat is tender and white. How cruel can it be? Imagine you are locked up like that when you are a child, away from your mother, the moment you are born. And we call ourselves “civilized society.” It’s barbarous. Excuse me. I have no other words to describe it. Not only we’re cruel to each other, we’re cruel to animals as well. This is not right at all. The Africans, we call them “tribal,” when they kill an animal, they thank them. They apologize. First, they ask for permission. If they don’t say it out loud, they say it in their heart. The tribal people still do that. They say, “I have to, for my family.” And thank for their sacrifice. That’s the minimum politeness. To treat somebody who’s going to benefit your health. Or to rescue your life if you need that meat to survive. He’s saving your life. So how can you treat them so cruelly from the beginning of their birth to the end of their life, in such a manner that no hell even can understand. So, if even not for me or for Quan Yin Method, if you are vegetarian, that’s the right way. That’s the only way to live, without feeling guilty in your heart.
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