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Appreciate the Gift of Spiritual Life (Part 6 of 6) Aug. 31, 2013

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I was thinking the other day, because I was telling you that if you live in a smaller house, less cleaning to do. Just a car vacuum is okay, vacuum cleaning is enough, and you don’t have to have a lot of furniture, don’t have to clean the furniture a lot. Maybe you need just one TV, and a bed, and a sofa, and a coffee table, something to put your clothes in. That’s it. So even one room is enough if you are single, and if you’re husband and wife, then you have double than that, a double one, double that room. It should be okay, no? Because I feel very comfortable in a smaller space, so I don’t have to run around looking for my things, wasting my time, and also sometimes in the night, you go looking. And you’re more concentrated in a smaller room. So at home, if you don’t have a small room, you just go in your bathroom and meditate there. It’s smaller, and you feel the Sound clearer. Easier to concentrate. I was thinking the other day, how come the Japanese people are so intelligent. Maybe because they live in smaller houses. No, they do! Their houses are like matchboxes. If you go through Tokyo, if you fly over, you see all the houses, so small, small. Or if you drive by car or something, you’ll find their houses are very small because Japan is (comprised of) very small islands, and they have a lot of people, big population. And I was thinking, maybe because of that, they’ve become so smart. They can concentrate more. They’re not too distracted by space and by things. They learn to live with more simple means and to share. They share their bathrooms, share everything. Maybe it could be the reason. And very small, they are very small islands. There are not a lot of natural resources or anything much. They imported a lot of things. Even materials for cars, they have to import, too. And even for that, they can still sell it cheap and make it safe. So they must be very smart people. Thanks to all the Zen Buddhist temples that their boss sends them to. So meditation is really a must, also. And living in a small house, it helps. So don’t sell all your houses and live in a small house and blame me if you feel claustrophobic. Everyone is different. For me, I prefer a small house. I feel more concentrated in there, easy, and don’t waste time to look for things, don’t waste time to clean, and don’t have to rely on assistants to clean.
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