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Between Master and Disciples

Experience Downfall to Appreciate Upliftment (Part 4 of 6) Aug. 10-11, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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“I’m glad that everyone is helping, from the far corner of the universe to the nearby, to the Earthlings. Everybody seems to do something right. Helping somehow, in their capacity, to maybe give seminars or lectures or encouraging people to be good, to be vegetarian. Nowadays a lot, a lot, more than before. Not just ‘hallelujah,’ but really tell people down-to-earth style of life. Respecting others, and meaning all beings, meaning vegan. Okay? Very good.” “All right. I’m better now. Thank you very much. But I know my body wasn’t that well. My body is very sensitive and I had to take this kind of strong medicine, and it had terrible effects sometimes. But I had to. Everything has a price. Know that. I can’t just come see you, have a good time, everybody, and then without paying anything. It’s not possible. No matter how high I go, this is a different business. All the spiritual merit points I earn, it is stockpiled in there for using for the planet, for other souls or for the next life, whatever I use. But it’s not to use on me. I’m not… This is the deal. But I am also allowed to use a little bit if I meditate more, if I give more meditation. But very little. Just like you have two and a half hours a day and it covers you a lot of things. No, for me, it has to be at least five hours if I cover everything. And I have to cover the whole universe, not just myself. That leaves me very little bonus for me. That’s why I still got sick, but luckily only this. This is nothing really, it’s just a common cold. It’s nothing. So this, I don’t even care. So I take medicine quick so I can go to work.” “You need to distribute flyers more often. The flyers on the vegan diet. On the benefits of the vegan diet and the vegan diet has enough protein, etc. Carry some with you. Distribute whenever you can. The island is so small. How great it will be if everyone becomes vegan!”
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