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Between Master and Disciples

Experience Downfall to Appreciate Upliftment (Part 6 of 6) Aug. 10-11, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文),Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt))
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“(Well, there was an Italian man who always came to my restaurant and worriedly said to me, ‘Don’t shut down the restaurant, okay?’ When I asked him why, he said, ‘I’ve eaten here for three months and I’ve lost thirty pounds.’ Therefore, he was concerned. He told me not to close the restaurant. He was concerned for us. And many people came and asked when there will be another restaurant in Washington, DC, when will there be another one in Maryland. They kept asking about everything.) Then train, ask initiates who are interested and we can train them to open other ones. Since any job you do is just to earn money, then you should do an honest job. Get a job that helps the world. It’s the same anyway. Instead of doing other jobs, we choose the cooking career, or wait on tables. (Since I started to meditate more, everything has changed somehow… likely due to the meditation. As I get up every morning, I feel so overjoyed inside, as if I want to sing out loud.) Understand. (I want to shout or sing out loud.) Yeah, yeah. (Yes, I didn’t feel I was in samadhi [deep meditative state] when meditating, but the entire day, I just felt like in a dream-like state, as if I were in samadhi. And I just kept following Master’s next revelation, just like following the martial arts stories by Jin Yong. I just don’t care about my level.) You just forget yourself as well. (I only care about Master’s level. It’s like following a character in a movie. I just want Master to win, to get to this point, that point.) She’s the main character, huh? (Yes, She’s the main character. And it was a great joy to follow the story. I said, ‘My God! In millions, billions of years, I can’t believe I was born in this era. And I was able to meet an enlightened Master during this time. And I was able to become a disciple of the Master whose level has reached such extreme heights in the cosmic universe.’ Truly, it made me feel like singing every day. Even while meditating, I felt like singing out for fun.) It’s nothing. It’s my Home, so I just return to it, no big deal.” “I saw other TV, they copy your style. Some of them. Like before, they never hired black girls or black boys. Now it’s all over, Chinese TV, Russian TV, and whatever TV. And they hire Chinese, also on Russian TV, they didn’t have it before. (That’s right, Master.) Before, you know. Now it’s all international everywhere. Oh, it’s exactly what I want. We don’t have to work anymore. Everybody’s working now for the planet. Really. Most of the TV I saw, they begin to talk about vegetarian and all kinds of things, showing green stuff already. Everywhere. I’m so happy. It seems like it’s good. It’s wonderful. And you guys did it. (Thank You for Your grace.) You made it. It’s good. We are a small group, but because we were very sincere. We worked just unconditionally for the planet. We didn’t work for profit or gain or anything. Truly, we paid from our own pocket. It’s good, it’s enough like that.”
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