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Between Master and Disciples

Begin the New Year with Positive Thinking, Part 6 of 12, Dec. 31, 2005

Lecture Language:English,Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt]),Chinese (中文)
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Whoever is not up to the spiritual standard of this Golden Age, has to go. Like attracts like, understand me? (Right, yes.) So they go somewhere, and then they develop their own evolution over there. Or they work out their karma this life, and then they speed up in that way. Material discomfort is not as grave as spiritual starvation. (Yes.) Our planet, it has been a long way. It has a long way, this planet.

Anyone else? Yes. (Master, thank You very much for this day, for all the arrangements. Our family just came, especially for this day.) Where from? (From Israel.) Wow! Poor country! I have been watching the news, and it’s very sad. But as we already know, it’s a time of changing. You see, everything changes so fast. The people of the world, they get dizzy, dizzy. Suddenly everything changes. It hasn’t changed for years, or decades, then suddenly changes. But some things change for good. Sometimes it doesn’t look good, but it’s good. It ends something! It just has to finish something up. Otherwise, it will keep going on and on. And...

But in Ireland, it’s good news. They don’t fight anymore. Isn’t that nice? (Yes.) There are many good news. The people have to undergo whatever they have to undergo. A spiritual gift, it was free for everyone, but not everyone takes it. That’s the problem. Just one Christmas (vegan) pudding, and now they have peace in Ireland! Well, things are going to get better.

We have a Home to go to anyway, right? (Yes.) That’s the thing. We just sojourn here for a while. For most of us, it won’t take long. Right? (Yes.) No, you’re still young. You stay here. For you, it’s not that quick. Quick or not quick, it’s the same. It’s the same. A few years more or a few years less, then we’re done.

But we’ll leave the legacy behind us. After we leave the world, after we leave this planet, we don’t leave the physical body here, but we leave a beautiful spiritual inheritance for our next generation. That’s the best gift we give to the planet. Well, many people don’t appreciate it, but we don’t do it for appreciation. Just like we help with the physical disaster, we all ask for nothing in return. Same!

(I want to say, on one of the DVDs, You said that Your dog, Benny, two lifetimes ago, he was Your son.) Before, long ago. (Yes, You said that. And in Hebrew, “Benny” is “my son.”) Oh, really! Wow! It’s cute, (Yes, it is.) it’s cute. They all have their trace. Many of them are so, so funny. Well, I cannot begin all of that. Anyway, this is all for you, not for dog-people now. So I’ll stop. Where’s your family?

Your family, where? (I’m from Israel.) I know, I know. Where are they? (In the UK now. Keeping the children for now.) Outside? (No, in London house.) At home? (At home.) OK. Send them my love. (Thank You very much, Master.) They’re so nice; they keep the house so that you can come here. (Yes, yes. Your arrangement. Thank You.)

Yeah? Who is this? (Thank You, Master. Can I speak in Chinese?) I don’t know. (My English is not so good. Thank You very much, Master. Since I came to the UK alone five years ago, Master has been taking good care of me. Master always appears at the most critical and difficult times. Thank You so much. I’m thinking that, since I’ve been here for six years, nearly six years, living alone in London, I’d like to go back to China now. Because my son also likes Master’s teachings very much. He’s believed Master is the Most High since his childhood.) So, you’re going back to China because of him? (No. There’re also many friends and relatives there.) Well, then just go back. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Or you can go back to visit and come back. Whatever. Everywhere is the same. (I want to go home, and perhaps not come back.) You want to go back there and stay permanently? (Yes.) Then just go. (OK. Thank You.) No need to come back. (OK. Thank You, Master.) We won’t miss you, will we? (I’ll miss You. You’ll have a chance to visit China. Because now China’s leader…) I don’t know. (He’s open and wise.) Is that so? (Starting next January, tuition fees will be waived for all primary school students. It’s slowly becoming open and wise.) Yes. (I believe that Master will have a chance to visit China. It’ll definitely happen.) I don’t know. (Thank You, Master.) Don’t bind people. (Yes. Thank You.)

(Hallo, Supreme Master Ching Hai!) Hallo! (It’s a great opportunity, privilege, to have You here at this time of the year, to have Your great, great Blessings, we are all surprised to have You here. And I thank You very much for Your souvenir. And this souvenir, I’m going to frame it and write on it, “Received from Supreme Master Ching Hai.” So, I thank You very, very much for Your Blessings.) You’re welcome. (Thank You!) But I think you’d better eat it, baby. It won’t last long. Alright. (Anybody?) I think that’s it.

(Master, I just wanted to ask You, most of Europe and parts of the world are getting settled. Africa is so unsettled, and in a lot of places, people are displaced. There’s a lot of hunger and strife, and little children are dying. My family is affected because they are from Zimbabwe. And I just wanted to find out, will that country ever settle, or will that continent ever settle down? Because it’s so...) Not yet. Not yet. (No?) It’s a sad thing, but it’s OK. Everybody is working out their evolution in different ways. Every continent has a group of different affinity. (Yes.) You understand me? (Yes.) That’s why they group together as such a nation. And the African nation is a different group. (OK.) But it’s not just Africa.

You look everywhere: Whoever is not up to the spiritual standard of this Golden Age, has to go. Like attracts like, understand me? (Right, yes.) So they go somewhere, and then they develop their own evolution over there. Or they work out their karma this life, and then they speed up in that way. Material discomfort is not as grave as spiritual starvation. (Yes.) Our planet, it has been a long way. It has a long way, this planet. It’s very lucky already. So, everyone has to work out their own karma. We do the best. See what I mean? (Yes.) Yes.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (I’m very thankful to You. My whole family is initiated now.) Good. (My husband and children got initiated here. I’m very thankful that I can see You here.) It’s your meritorious rewards. (I’d like to come closer to You to thank You. May I?) Why come closer? Just thank me from there. (Please.) Come, come, come. (Thank You.) You disturb everybody. Should have come before. (Thank You.) You’re welcome. (Thank You so much.) You’re welcome. Where’s the husband and…? (Yes, my son and husband.) Ah, son (And my daughter.) And husband. (Got initiation, half initiation.) Oh good, good. (Thank You so much.) Congratulations. (Thank You.) (Thank You, Master. Thank You.) You’re welcome.

Good? Yeah, you? OK, OK. Give the microphone behind there. (Hi, Master.) Hi! (It’s so difficult... I’m a bit shy to speak, but it’s...) I know, I know. (After I got initiated, a month later or two, my mom died.) I’m sorry. (So, I went to Brazil. She called me, she said, “Come in April.” So I went, and then thank God I was... thank You, I was initiated. And I just wanted to know if she’s alright. If, I mean, if...) Of course, she’s alright, baby. She’s alright. (Good. And it’s really important to be here today.) I won’t let anything happen to her. Don’t worry. (Thank You.)

Yeah! (Hi, Master.) (I had a really beautiful, a couple of really beautiful experiences in my meditation.) What beautiful? (Experiences.) Ah! (And I wonder if it’s possible to get permission to send that to the magazine for people to read, or...) Sure, tell us! Maybe they’ll pick it up later. (Well, I wrote it down. It’s really, really beautiful.) OK, then send it. (Yes, I would like to share that with You. And the other thing is, I’m thinking of writing some of my experiences down that I’ve had, so other people who are on the spiritual path can read it like a book, of those experiences of my journey and practice of finding the truth.) So many, like a book? (Yes, actually, really!) OK, if somebody wants to read it. I don’t know. You can try. (Well, I was thinking, is that going to be good for me? Because I sent a sort of draft to the Foreign Group, and then some monks wrote to me and said, “Look, nobody’s supposed to reveal their experiences.”) Better not, not too much. (Not too much. But some little bits that are just dreams or something? I mean, I don’t mind to do it or not do it.) Do it at your own risk. (Yes, but it could be bad, right?) You keep pushing, huh?

Alright. Anyone else? Yeah, over here. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. (You gave the Center to London disciples. Thank You very much that this year You gave this Center, this Chinese New Year day. Very grateful, thank You!) I like your hair. (Thank You.)

I don’t know why you guys have any questions. There’s no need for any questions, really. Everything should come from here, and then go here, and then should be clear. But of course, your level is different.

(Thank You, Master. A couple of things: firstly, thank You for the way You actually arrange things to happen. I mean, since I’ve been initiated, I’m just completely speechless. The way I see things...) Miracles happen. (Yes.) I told you! (Miracles, and I just... While I was sitting here listening to everyone, I thought, “Where was I two years ago?” Two years ago,) Where were you? (I was on the plane, traveling to Iran, because You asked people to help there for the Bam earthquake.) Yes, yes. (And when I think about it, it was a rocky journey, in terms of the way things were being arranged.) Yeah. Of course. (And we had to be very careful, making sure that we didn’t attract any attention. But it was amazing! The key people who actually came on our way, I’d never seen them before, they just came and offered help, all the way through. And at the end, I thought, “This can only be a miracle.”) Yeah. (And I wanted to thank You for that. And also, on behalf of the Iranian initiates, whose numbers are growing: three trips, I’ve made to Iran, and I’d like to extend their warm love to You.) Thank you! Same. Same from me. (Thank You. I think they will get this message. Thank You very much, Master.) You’re welcome. (Thank You.) And thanks for going there. Thanks for helping the Iranian people. (Thank You.)

You’re really doing well in that aspect. I’m really proud and pleased! I mean, all of you around the world. Every time there’s a disaster somewhere, you don’t mind your discomfort, you don’t mind losing your time, you don’t mind danger, you just go. I’m very proud of you, really! I want to say that many times. I’m checking all your work, all the time, quietly, just like you. You do things quietly, I also do quietly. Yes, I know you are progressing very well. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

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